Jesus Asks!


Written Jan 20


   Jesus speaks, “I see the pain of the world, but this must spread in order for that which is evil to love Me or deny Me. Jews I am your Messiah as I sit at the right Hand of your Father, the Almighty. I ask why have you forsaken Me? Are you afraid to talk to Father as some of you have realized your ancestors crucified His Son?”

   The Almighty speaks, “You are My chosen and no matter what your ancestors have done in the past, I pine for you. Come home and rejoice My Son has forgiven your past as this is not your doing, but you must accept Him as your Lord and Savior. I sent the prophets to foretell the Truth. He was born in Bethlehem according to the Scriptures. Now more than two thousand years later, you still do not realize the Truth? For once He comes from the clouds and in your stubbornness you do not accept His hand of Mercy, I may lose you to the abyss. I am your Father, God of Abraham seek Me out in quiet prayer. I will be there to answer all that concerns you as your Father.”

   All you no matter what you see in this world, all was and all to be shall be created is by Him, God the Almighty. No man, no pope, no politician can save you, only His Son. For you are mortal and this physical body aligned with earth shall return to dust. Shortly, many words shall be spoken and you will not know what or whom to believe. Believe in this, the Word given to you by the Almighty and His Son. This never changes as it is the Truth. Let the New Testament it be your guide as your Torah is the Old Testament in the Bible. Let it be your only beacon of light in darkness to succumb this earth. Let it be your only hope as you as nation need to rise above this.


Bible Reference:


Zechariah 1: 3 – 4


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