Jesus Asks!


Written Jan 20


   Jesus speaks, “I ask you, when a Christian comes to you and says, why would a loving God send His children, mankind to a hell that is horrific in suffering for an eternity? I say this, yes, I am a loving God and will do anything to save a soul, but you must reach out for My Mercy and Forgiveness of sin with remorse and atonement. But when a man despite his position among nations, despite his holy title that seems to be from Me tells you there is no suffering for dismissal of the Commandments, then they are lying about the Truth. I died for your sins on the cross, crucified to save mankind and now some want to dismiss sin. I gave you the sacrament of Baptism as I was baptized by My prophet John, for you, this sacrament removes Original Sin. All of this you will not accept if proposed by the Church for this action comes from another.

   Again I ask you, what would you do if a family member that steals, rapes or even murders one of the family without remorse? Yes many family members would forgive another if they truly regretted their actions. As head of the clan, you have to make a choice for the safety of the family as the offender is purged.  On a greater scale My Father, your Father banishes the soul to hell to live with and exist with the same one that presented the ideas of hate and crime. All are given a fair chance to repent, due to free will if you choose another than God your Father, then not even I can save your soul. Your only hope will be the prayers of the faithful, which will save some.

   I tell you this; My Church has changed as those recently appointed to the top of the Vatican no longer respect My Word. There will be talk, that sin is to be discounted and that the Laws of God are no longer relevant, as long as you live a good life. You will be told that the rights of men come before the laws of God, but the commandments states clearly you shall put nothing before your God. Now because the Church will endorse this in the short future you will believe it?

   You were told you cannot judge yourself or others, as this is My right only when I come again. I left you the Word to guide your lives and it is perfect. All that comes from God will not be changed for any reason or by any person including a man, sacred servant, bishop, prophet or the pope as they do not have the right to change the Word. This is blasphemy, not the shallow words they will accuse others because they will not follow the doctrine engineered in secret by the antichrist. Heed this; for the words in the Bible are etched in stone. So when My Church tells sin will be forgiven without penance and atonement and hell may not exist, know it is a lie.

   Who are they that do not know the spiritual world as they have not died yet to say hell is a fantasy? As the world gets fooled, two camps of belief will evolve those on the side of God and the other. The Bible has pressed the importance of sin, its forgiveness and the result of those who do not follow a guide the Bible. The result is a spiritual hell, which no soul has been caste to can warn you. Let no one tell you it is insignificant or does not exist.”

   We are faced with terrible times as evil will spread about your earth unabated as again few believe in the influence of evil as almost all of you attribute the heinous actions to the human. This must pass as few believe unless again faced with death. It is that important, the salvation of your souls. You will ask is there a God, and the answer is yes, but still most will convey doubts to the few that believe. What is sad, when your life is on the line, only now you call His Name in fear of death? Reflect and think of that family member that never visits, calls or initiates a relationship until they need money. Do you see a parallel or are you that blind to the Truth?

   As the dark side solidifies its power within the Church and expands its political power about the world, you as children of God have a lot to think about. Again you ask, how would all in this world give up national sovereignty and embrace a unified religion in a short amount of time?

   The answer is the announcement. You have been told it is for the earth to prepare, but 90 percent will be lost. You have been told almost all of who think they are service to other and helping another are only fooling themselves. You have been told this is spiritual transformation, but you look and accept and any words of other worldly insight but the Truth. The announcement when made shall be due to due destruction as the world demands an answer, not as preparation without definitive proof as they are cowards will create greed, hate and self preservation as those pushing preservation of this world thinks it will help mankind. Yet it is these same actions that will invoke its destruction. Exactly how as you wait for conformation of events so you do not get sued. Again you prepare America for the physical, yet you realize there is no spiritual mention of God. This is not self enlighten or “connecting”. Just what are you connecting to as the universe is balanced good vs. bad?

   Rise above the words coming from so called "holy" sources and consider does this align with the Truth, the Word of God.


Bible Reference:


Luke 16: 19 - 31


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