Jesus Asks!


Written Jan 26


   Jesus speaks, I ask you My faithful, why would it be required that you study the Holy Scriptures when you have the Bible for a Holy reference in your lives? I tell you this, the answer is two fold. First, reading the Scriptures starts a dialog between you, I and Father. You have so many questions when dealing with your day to day lives and it is here that you will find that refuge of hope and love, for My Father is the only source of that which you continually seek. I hear your prayers and more important I share your suffering. They will be answered if it is the will of the Almighty, your Father who knows best. You say, that we your faithful were taught, you answer all prayers. Yes this is true, but it is answered in a way for the best interest of the soul. Remove your pride, greed and anger and then come to Me and ask, did I let you down or did you let Me down? Did you search for all options and rise above the challenge or call out in prayer without even trying because you know I Am here? Life is a test. Never expect to cheat by asking for the answers when they are within you.

   You My children are in the End Times and I need everyone of you that truly believes in Me to prepare for this mission. When My light and My physical Word, the Bible is removed from many areas of earth, it will be your memorized words that will keep the light of God shining as you preach My Word and draw millions to My Sacred Heart.  Many will be against you. Many will hate you. Friends will turn against you, but not I your Savior. Are you up to this task? If yes, than go forth My children and let you become the beacon of light this dark world the lost and confused will look for.

   Time is short and all need to rise and read the scriptures for soon after the Warning, for many this is only how the Word of God will be heard on this earth. As the antichrist, will remove not only the Bible, the Eucharist, the Holy Sacraments, reference to your Saints and Blessed Mother of Salvation, but will also do away with Me, your Lord and Savior. Prepare!


Bible Reference:


Revelations 13: 1- 9


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