Jesus Asks!


Written Jan 29


   Jesus speaks, “You my children will or may be overcome with fear as events unfold. Without these changes, so many would be lost to the deceit of the world as so few are listening. I know your concerns. I know your weaknesses. I know your love for Me. There will doubts as your ear hears others of human voice. I ask you, do they have the power to crush your fear? Do they have the power to change your destiny? Do they have the power to change the world? I do, your Lord and Savior. I will give the courage of a lion to face anything as those around you cower in fear. Remember and recite the prayer below and the Holy Spirit will replace the fear from the dark side with the courage of the Lord. Rise, My children and recite this crusade prayer in My name, Jesus and fear nothing on this earth like a Lion.”

   Everyone has fears and all of us will be tested to the brink. You will not falter. You will not waver. No matter what you see. Nothing shall change your faith especially shallow words that come from Rome only to deceive for this is your eternal salvation. As a tool of God, it is up to you to put on card and hand it to your faithful. Where they put in they wallets or purses for when fear comes, let these words bring peace and hope.


Gift of Graces

O dearest Jesus, my beloved Savior,

Fill me with Your Love.

Fill me with Your Strength.

Fill me with Your Wisdom.

Fill me with Your Perseverance.

Fill me with Your Humility.

Fill me with Your Courage.

Fill me with Your Passion.


Bible reference:

Palms 23

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