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Written Feb 3


   Jesus Speaks, “Many have always known that I your Lord and Savior has told you that you are the children of My Father. You ask, if I am the Son of God and you are His children how are we different? We are all connected by the spirit of My Father. You know, it as the breath of life, which is infused into your physical flesh. But this is only part of what is called life. Father breathed life into all living beings with varying degrees of the spiritual essence which resides in the universe. You on earth His children Has an actual part of His spirit. There is no being in the physical from within in this universe that can make this claim. This is why mankind is the only being created in the image of God. What does it matter the physical body and its differences for this is only flesh and is a test. That which is eternal which you and I share is the spirit of Father, the Almighty. When Father created Me His Son, I was one with the Father, consequential, Light from Light.

   You are His creation as I, are you’re Lord and Savior as and are part of the Trinity of God. This is the difference. Make no mistake, as to My part in the Divinity of which is God. You My little ones are His creation where each of you has the spirit of God infused in your soul. Your life on earth pits you against satan who wants your soul. You are in school, do you learn and expand on what God has given you by challenging all that is wrong or let your soul wither and die through your desires of wealth, power and lust?

   All of you on earth see your differences with others on this earth as if you are truly different and have your families. You marry; procreate where there is love and hate and a family line is forged. Your family multiplies and you rejoice at gathering assuming your genetic code is what binds you. How little you know. It is the soul, a piece of the Almighty that binds you in this universe for out of all the civilizations That My Father created none is greater and more cherish than yon, the children of God.

   Rise above your preconceived opinions and embrace that all who has a soul is connected with each other and Father. This is why I say love your brother, because in spirit that lasts for an eternity and not your physical body which shall be discarded at the Second coming for that which is perfect, you My children are one. Your body is flesh that dies and turns to dust. Oh yes the genetic code and the common link the flesh dies. The soul endures. It is time to realize when you hurt another, you hurt your family. This is about ascending”.


Bible Reference:


Genesis 1:27

Genesis 2:7


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