Jesus Asks!




Written Feb 4


   Jesus speaks, “When I walked the earth and My apostles wrote their accounts of My life, there was one common thread throughout the Gospels sanction by Father, that is the Truth. I came to gather the lost, the sinners. You ask, Lord why the sinners? They do not believe in you or your ways, but cause you pain. They only persecute us and now in the End Times they want to destroy us. In My time My sacred servants, the Pharisees did not recognize Me, as the dark one influenced their minds with a Messiah of splendor and pomp. Traits associated with the earth instead of that which is God and the Heavens whom has all power chose to remain humble and suffer at the hands of men, as I did not need to show it. It that what your rich of true power do to remain low keyed? As those trying to ascend in wealth and power flaunt it just like My sacred servants of My time.

   My children, oh how you try to put reason to that which is God. If the soul is eternal then what you perceive as great is not what it seems. How many times have I said, "to save your life is to lose it"? So many of you think, you will give up a part of your humanity. This is furthest from the Truth for you do not know. Again I ask you, look back over time in the past. Is there anything they had that you would throw away your morals for? Now think, hundreds of years from now if this system still existed, all of you, what do you see? Your perceived beauties and wants is just another passing phase.

   I come to gather the wretched,  the sinners,  the immoral, those who detest Me for they are lost and it will be through your prayers and suffering that I will be able to snatch these souls back from the dark one. I need you My faithful children to help Me gather the lost and My chosen ones will watch over them until I come again.”

   Jesus needs your help. Do not walk away when every one starts to turn on the Truth. Remember how alone He felt in the Garden when His apostles abandoned Him when confronted by the Pharisees and Romans? How many times have you said to yourself, if I was there during that time I would stayed by His side. Now is the time to prove your love. Never deny the Truth. Never deny the Eucharist. Never deny your Lord and Savior Jesus. This is your mission as you gather the lost. Now rise and stand up for Father, the Almighty and the Word that never changes for any man or pope.


Bible Reference:


1 Peter 2:25



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