Jesus Asks!


Written Mar 24


   Jesus speaks, “Why are you afraid to give Me your free will? So many of you hesitate when I request this when you become a vessel of Mine as this is a requirement. I your Savior, your guide only have your best interests. Free will allows equal access from the dark side which even I cannot control, thus the statement free will between that which is evil and good can affect your human mind. All who does the work of God must give up their free will as to prevent obstacles in this mission. Free will allows doubt, where when under Me, I shall eliminate decisions that freeze critical decisions. I allow courage in My faithful where doubt would be interjected by what you absorb with your senses. Your free will shall be controlled I your Jesus so I can guide you to victory and protect you. With all that you have given by My Father you could not prevail against the evil to come without Me.

   You fear the release of power to control decisions, but in truth, it is I that filters the lies that may lead you astray. I will eliminate most of the influence of the dark one, which you cannot for you are human, weak spiritually and not God. I will guide you through the thorns on your path of life. I will be your guiding light in a dark world of despair, but there is hope. I will bring you home and also you will accomplish your mission for your Father. Without Me, against the dark one you will succumb to failure, no matter how accomplished you are, as you cannot defeat a dark angel of God from the beginning of time, unless you have the power of Arch Angel Michael.

   Giving in does mean you lose your personality the right to choose who you love, but blocks that influences harm to others. This is what you must understand.  Free will again is to choose the dark side or the light as this is your God given right, which extremely few creations of God in this universe have. By giving your free will to Me, Jesus I protect you from the dark one as long as you keep your eyes on Me, remember Peter when he walked on water.”

   I have given my free will to Jesus and it took a few years after asking. I am human and have wants, do I really want to give up all of my earthly wants in the name of Jesus even though I know he has my best interests at heart? Fear confused me as the dark one influenced me with thoughts I thought were my own.  You say I will never experience love the same. No don’t look at beauty for this will corrupt you. The surprise none of this was correct.

   God created the beauty of a woman to be admired, but when you commit through the sacrament of marriage you stand by your wife. You repeated the oath in front of God and now it does not count as you are angry? The children depend on you. Any diversion to corrupt a sacrament of God has consequences and comes from another source. Great beauty, a seemly great sex life all to move you to abandon that you pledged to in the eyes of God. Yet in the bliss in fades quickly in time, have I made a mistake? You state you I have invested too much so you see it through knowing the strong love was replaced by a false façade as beauty and influence fade over time, now what? Thank God, I have not walked that path with all its temptations.

   All of us are sinners. All of us make mistakes in the moment of passion or hate. When you lose your free will bad decisions are eliminated. This is what you must know as I have live through it. So when Jesus asks you that He needs you to guide His flock and you must give up your free will, fear not and make that decision in days instead of years as you have a guide.


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