Warning for Jews (the Chosen People) and Catholics

The Book of Truth


Written Dec 17

Updated Dec 21


   As the antichrist is shortly (remember this is a 6 to 18 months approx.) to take the world stage, what would give the astute clues to this deception? To the Jews, you have refused to believe that Jesus was the Messiah and now this mistake will be taken advantage of. The antichrist will take the world by storm with all the pomp, prestige, wealth, looks, intelligence, and most important spiritual knowledge you were looking for at first. Fluent in many languages, but not the one associated with the Lord, Latin. Humility was not a trait, in your vision (Pharisees) of the Messiah should have had. You say, He is God and above all and so should exalt himself above man instead of serving him, but this is not true love in its pure form.

   With this knowledge will come what the Bible has prophesied and even in your Torah. Watch as he the antichrist solves the world’s conflicts in the Middle East as a peace maker. Watch as his social skills impress the world bring all together as he is the master of division and hate using the sin of pride. Watch as he cares for the poor with money that seems unlimited (materialism or humanism), because it is and the media praises him. The world facing increasing chastisements will see their nations collapsing and the need for a new leader who can help everyone, as all are affected cutting across the national border lines.

   You ask; how so many will dismiss Jesus when he died on the cross for our sins and after 3 days resurrected?  Many will look with confusion as the media will present a new prospective, one of weakness where only the women and His disciples verified Jesus in a transformed state and tales of the guards bribed unconfirmed from the Jews. The beast, the antichrist will be shown to have a death blow in front of all on earth. It is here, he will rise, conquering death for all to see. This is how he will convince the world he is the Christ, and most will believe what they see without a clue to the powers of the underworld.

   All will see as Jesus who died for your sins and saved mankind, is crucified again. If the antichrist is the savior of mankind and through his miracles, knowledge of the scriptures will lead mankind through the chastisements, and then billions will believe he is the Christ. It is this; they will use to discredit Jesus as false. For if the antichrist is the Messiah in the flesh finally to come to earth, and then all that was Jesus will be discredited. This is the plan. This is how the false prophet will invalidate the celebration of the Eucharist during Mass.

   He, the false prophet will be careful as to not tip his hand. It is the appearance to help the needy where few will go. Look deep into the words I say to see the Truth. The Catholic Church in the past used the Crusades to bring faith to mankind, but killed millions. This is not love. This is not the way of God. This is murder, own it. As the Catholic Church morphs by design into the faith for all, the basic foundation will be discarded for the popularity of humanism. This shift will focus on acts of charity to help the physical wellbeing of mankind. This is itself is not wrong as this will hook the world. What the deception is that the focus will be to place the material and physical well being of the person without addressing the soul to the Laws of God.

   Listen sacred servants; never forsake your Holy vows. Never forsake your Jesus who died for the sins of mankind. Never let a man change what God has ingrained into your soul. Has faith gone away with the words of a man when you were told many will be deceived? Are you prepared for the thief in the night? If the pope tells you of a change and it goes against the New Testament with a new understanding of the Eucharist, remember the Word never changes, only mankind’s interpretation of it. Again I say this; in this world we do not need more Judas due to doubt. Faith is firm in its understanding and now you waver as the scriptures state the Truth?

   This is it. This is when the chafe gets separated from the faithful, where will you stand? It will be said that God is all forgiving and He is love and wants all of children including the sinners to be included in paradise. The new world religion will exploit this, stating sin is natural and will be forgiven. This will change how mankind views his life. Abortion will be seen as a right of woman. Same sex marriage as a choice of love, pleasures of the flesh in adultery as it is consensual all are against the Laws of God. All these actions will be forgiven and the new church will teach tolerance of the rights of others. This is what Jesus would want at first. Really, Jesus said do unto others as you would do to yourself.

   Ask yourself, how would you react if your life was aborted? Ask yourself, if children imitate their parents and both are the same, will this affect their free choice on loving another? Hesitation in your answers says it all! Yes love will be true from the parents whether the same or hetero, but the greater picture designed by God was to create. You say there are many to adopt, but where love truly exists, no child will be unloved in the Kingdom of God, now what?

   The Truth is you must believe Jesus is your Savior and ask for forgiveness with true repentance. Consider how you as a Jew, Catholic, Christian or believer will address this? There will be many pressures from outside sources, just know many will not know the Truth, but follow the pack. As this battle intensifies, confrontations that start as discussions will turn ugly. You will say, I know this person, why is there anger and you will know where it is coming from. Your friend is conveying a message from another and is being used. Look at the greater picture as this is to incite anger and hate within you. If you act on it, then he has won. This is the Truth.

   You God’s chosen, are you going discard your Torah? The antichrist will be physically what you dreamed the true Messiah should have been, but these are your humanistic views, flawed as you are of the flesh. You were told the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem; Jesus was, but not the antichrist to come. So how does this fulfill the Holy Scriptures?

   What you will not hear, is the voice of God pointing to the antichrist as His Son, again silence. As God’s chosen ask the Almighty for guidance for He is there to help you. Come humble and in quiet prayer, ask. He would never forsake His chosen Jews as He loves each and every one of you despite your sins. It is you that has built up the walls, drop them and let His love flow.

   Billions will be fooled, I hope not you. Look beyond the façade to his actions. The meek and the just were never elevated, in the Bible and this process now changes. Know this, when the secular world embraces him or the false prophet, it is evil. Not one, who hates God, for they answer to another, would switch sides in months unless, that who shows the world he is the Messiah is the antichrist.

   This cannot be changed. As the prophesies, must play out, to separate the wheat from the chafe, but if the few with no warning is increased to more after the warning, the exponential conversion will be dramatically increased. Billions will be saved when many more could have been lost with no effort. It is your job to step back and watch instead of being caught up in the euphoria of acceptance of the times. Exercise caution, as what seems to be too good for the people will be proven over time as false in many instances. Wait 18 plus months, when he comes, then weigh in your mind the Truth.

   As people of faith where there is no spiritual preparation or atonement for sin, something is wrong. As people of faith when Jesus is removed for a man in the flesh and you have been told this in the scriptures, then something is wrong. As people of faith, when the seat of Peter changes, what are beliefs instilled to mankind by Jesus to accept others change the core of the Gospels, then we have turn our backs on Jesus Christ our Savior. He died for us. His love is unlimited. And now we look to another? Not me, and I hope not you.


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