A Message for the Jewish Race in Israel

Written: March 2011

   And now a message for the Jewish Race from the Almighty, "You were and still are my chosen race since the beginning of mankind. Your elders and Rabbis have told you, my followers over the last two millennia, I have not spoken to them. I have always tried to speak, but my words are considered mere noise by the descendents of the Pharisees, Sadducees and  Scribes. Over 2 thousand years ago I sent the prophet John the Baptist and after my Son incarnated in human form. All was foretold, all fulfilled your ancient scriptures, your elders and self righteous opinions have there version of the Son of God, as secretly they knew it would be a baby born of their separate sect. Man does not choose, I do, your God Almighty. I have seen you suffer with great sorrow over the years and during the holocaust. Your elders, did they call My name in forgiveness to help all? I have always been there for you and I will forgive for the past, but your heart must ask. Do not harden your hearts against your neighbors in response to how the world has treated you. They are all my children and though they also occupy the land I have given you, why do you try and take more outside of the laws of your God? There are no exceptions for men and that was a test. Were you satisfied with the original borders or did you as a nation use any excuse to expand, even now your elders covet more. For this the Earth changes will afflict your land and these change will continue until all my children bond as one. My golden rule was, treat thy neighbor as thyself in Israel there is much room for improvement. If you want a dialog with Me then ask as an individual, I will always be there for you."  End of message.

   So what is the plan, that has been in place for over a decade. Early after the loss of the 2000 election, there was an agreement made between the Bush Administration and Israeli government for safe haven in the United States as a peace offering for the election fraud in Florida carried out under the orders of George Herbert, executed by his son Jeb as key ballots were tossed into the swamps. One only has to remember the missing time for some votes transported to reach their destination while being escorted by the state police that were lost. At first this was a just in case for high ranking officials, business leaders and the religious elite. This has expanded to almost all, but the poor of the country. As this information was on a need to know basis. Well now that those who made this agreement have to make good, explain Lieberman, Mitch, Boehner and Cantor why the President is out of the loop? Oh, as you consider him a loser in 2012 and are so sure of the American vote, he does not need to know. Well now he knows. The agreement backed secretly by the Republicans, Lieberman and those Democrats still loyal to him is to move almost all of the population to America. Now a massive effort to save a nation when faced with death and no neighbors that would offer havens, this is a noble effort. But when you, the Republican party prepare for another nation without even a warning given to those who elected you, how does this look? Exactly as we see it, influence shapes your decisions. As the C- 5 & 17 transports of the US Air Force land in the dark of the night in the deserts of Nevada and Utah with millions, all paid for by taxing the backs of the US middle class. Where does this stand in your plan for America to cut spending? Millions of dependents that cannot be entered into the work force for that will truly be taking jobs. Food and housing will be short in the near future, but you hoped the Earth changes would be a short event with no need to explain why to the nation. In the near future you will have to explain your motives to the American public, I hope you have answers, as they already know the lies.

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