Sacred Servants a Lack of Faith may or will Lead to your Demise

The Book of Truth


Written July 15


   As you sweat sacred servants in silence or words heard by deaf ears over the new changes that have come to the “Church”, many of you are fearful with good reason, as the world does not yet know your secret. You ponder, why, is there a new truth as you now stumble to read it in front of the faithful. When Christ taught us the Truth is etched in stone and has been revealed in the Bible as the New Testament, which will never change, only man’s interpretation. These subtle changes invoke a sense of concern by design in very small steps for now masked with kind words addressing the human plight. Be careful as more will be added as you accept further changes bringing you to a new lows. Know when to get out.

   Thoughts will wander rapidly through your minds, as for the first time in your mature lives, there is doubt as less emphasis is placed on taking care of the soul. I am retired or near it, should I be worried? I have no savings as I took the vow of poverty. How will I survive, on the charity of others I use to preside over during Mass? Am I to be humbled as an outcast as humanism views turn what was my Parish against me? The Church is the only home I know. How will I live? Where will I get money to feed and clothe myself if I go against the new doctrines to include others under new doctrines building the rights of self? Who am I to challenge the Vatican and pope?

   Few will question the one world religion as it befalls the earth into a dark cloud that suffocates the Word of God, which Christ delivered to this world over 2000 years ago. This is now in place only to eventually only to remove Him as foretold? These new changes seem to respect the rights of others; they care for the poor, address the inequalities of wealth created by capitalism, the offer of immigration to those who served this country with their sweat and backbreaking work to do what Americans would not do. Immigrants serve in our armed forces to protect this country while the children of the rich hid behind privilege. Know this; never look past who are the true cowards. There is truth in what is said and these problems need to be addressed by the world, but as a path of the new church is to remove that which is God while all look as they try and solve the problems of the world. It is greed that taints the system, instead of offering every one a chance to make it. How is this so bad, humanism? God would not allow His Church to go astray. I am sooo..  confused.

   As the church changes, retirement will be the least of your concerns. Are you going to sell out the new changes in order to live your last years, which are not guaranteed due to the earth changes? When you lie with the enemy of God, then you die with them in body and soul. There are only two sides in this battle.

   When you entered the Church you gave up everything that was material for the love of Christ and savings, if you had, was not a concern. Now that the church is shifting where you feel to stay, will betray your devotion to God, or you will now worry about savings most of you never had that is just paper, shortly is of no worth? The Almighty will provide for His sacred servants whom serve His Son without question. You have read this in the Bible, the Word of God and now you have doubts as the battle begins. Your concern is to deliver souls, and not to worry about savings when this will be taken care of as new doors open and those you left, closed. This is faith, when it should be no doubt.

   As events in the world change shortly at rate that will astound you, humility as to your position will place you equal to the faithful and this will disturb many of you as you have delivered the Word of God. Not that you ever thought you were above those you serve, but know this. Jesus served mankind, as so shall you? All know your sacrifices and all would be proud to offer that helping hand in order to get the sacraments that will shortly be removed by the “church”. You have nothing to fear, but a loss of pride, which is a sin.

   The present plans of the new world religion is to change the Word of God to where the world worships the beast hidden within words of love care, peace among the people of the world as we become the community of man by design. When the changes are complete within the Church, which shall betray Jesus, all will honor God in your eyes, but it will be a deception. When presented, he will be polished, a world leader, conveyer of peace, a master of diplomacy and language is presented to the world, and almost all will think he is the Second Coming of Christ. Most opponents will be crushed, but on this earth and he will rise to the heavens on the last day. This is backwards to the prophecies foretold in the Holy Scriptures. All who follow will be caste aside as prophesied.

   All of you will feel a sense of loss as the Church you revere in the now takes baby steps towards darkness. There is no loss, for it is in your mind as the Church you knew is the body and blood & soul and divinity of your Savior, Jesus. This does not change, but man’s version does. You cannot control this, but God, the Father Almighty can.

   You ask as the world changes, war, death an absence of God are present, how will I live among the persecution of the Christians and Jews, the two witnesses? It is here you must leave your lives in the hands of God. He created the universe. He decides life and death of your physical body. He has a plan. Mankind controls nothing, but he is allowed a choice. Choose wisely.

   The new world religion is about destroying all those who are faithful to the Christ who walked the earth over 2,000 years ago. You sacred servants will be or have been forced to sign a document condoning the new changes in what was the Church of our Lord. Rights of man will be place above the Laws of God. This is your clue and a commandment presented to the world by Moses. Nothing is to put before God, including the rights of humans with a self serving purpose. With your small minds like children, you seem to think you have mankind’s best interests. Yet you destroy your world and hoard resources among the few as if they can save the world. Self-serving never care, only to provide hope of change if you part with your wealth through taxes, low wages and lack of health care, but polarize in hate you don’t see this. God saves the world and all of you will see this in your lifetime. Except nothing from them, but run. Know this. They prey on indecision, weakness, lack of knowledge, pride and fear. Where are the heroes who will stand up for God and Lord Jesus or as I shout to inspire, I only hear my echo?

   You ask, if I stand up for injustice, God is on my side. This is true. But remember brave ones; the End Times is the reign of the antichrist. So except for God’s chosen or prophets, your efforts in direct confrontation will not change the course of history, but prayers will, be careful and low keyed. No human on earth should look in the eye of the antichrist. He is supernatural from the dawn of time and no mortal created on earth will pose a direct challenge, but there are other avenues. The false prophet will hide behind the rights of the common man. The false prophet will push peace in a world plagued by war. The false prophet will offer a solution when hope is dim. This is the plan. Those who oppose as Christians will be made second class citizens like the Jews of WW2.

   There is a cleaver plan to fool humanity, honed over the ages. It will speak of caring for the poor as if you have not heard that before. Capitalism will be eventually replaced by Communism in Europe first as we care for the “common man”, though you will not perceive the transition. They will present man needs opportunity to move ahead, not greed which favors only the few. The rich can be rich, but level the playing field, we will hear. This is the Truth.

   Resources provided for show in the media for the world to see, but the true problem, hidden remains. Harmony now presides as all come together to escape war that was created by the same source to the disbelief of the world. This was foretold. We will respect the rights of all who go against the Laws of God. You will see millions brought to the church especially the Moslems and Hindus as a sign of divine intervention and love. All will welcome this, but this was a plan. As it is being revealed here first, beware.

   Sadly, covertly new morals will break apart what were some strong families. Children will be separated from their parents by design. The world will descend into strange illnesses, but the inoculations will be tainted for a slow death in certain areas. Famine in a third of the world will kill millions as resources are withheld.

   So many of you are confused. You analyze the plight of mankind, in which your intelligence and knowledge of the human existence seems to control the destiny of this race and the planet on which human life exists. When all that will be, is in the hands of God. God gave humanity the gift of free will. No race in this universe has this total privilege, only the children of God. Free will means the Almighty allows you to choose right from wrong, ethics, instead of playing the game in politics to get ahead.

   Know this, evil is an act from man influenced by the poisonous thoughts injected by satan into your minds, but is allowed to happen, as you have free will, to where God does not interfere in your decision to love or hate your brothers and sisters. Only God creates life and promotes love; satan destroys life and promotes hate and anger. Know the true source of what scourges this earth.

   You will rationalize as vague thoughts shifting sporadically about your head as you contemplate the rights of others spurred by words from the pope and support of the faithful. Are human rights now to prevail now over the Laws of God? How can love between two same-sex people be wrong? If we change certain things in the Mass, to bring all together to worship the one, would not Jesus want this? The Bible says what is bound on earth is bound in Heaven, is this not true you will think? The media portrays the Church in denial. Holding on to cover the past sins of flesh as if any group of men is not guilty of the same crimes, but just have not been exposed yet. You have been given the task to gather the sheep and deliver the souls of this world to Jesus when he comes again to judge the living and the dead. Are you living up to this mission in the most important period of time since Christ walked this earth?

   All of you should know that all love comes from God and anything that replaces His Laws comes from another, period. Again you can make a choice love another of the same as this is a temptation, which will never fulfill your true wants in love, something will always be missing. The goal, you lose your soul for an eternity masked in the name of lust. Nothing in this life of the flesh on this earth is worth your soul, nothing. Wake up call, you do get old, now roll that dice.

   With the end days now upon us, satan has a time line to complete his mission on earth is short as you need to prepare as if it is tomorrow, but the date of the Second Coming is only known to the Father. The changes will be subtle as to not alarm the faithful, but will escalate. Again, the theme is to replace of words in the present Mass. All will seem to bring to together as a community of man and reduce the emphasis on sin. Jesus died for sins and they will try and discount this. All of this is the plan to bring others together in the name of God, but what god? Words of praise will be vague. With sin once accepted is the downfall of mankind. Do you not learn these same twisted words deceived Adam and Eve and you are about to repeat the same lesson, fools.

   The seat of Peter is where the true popes of Jesus binds the Word of God on earth as it is in heaven, this has been taken away for the pope as he answers to another. The false prophet who will not publicly decree that he has no link to the dark one or is a black mason will fool the world with kind gestures that address the concerns of the weak. He will championed there cause, because as few in the Catholic Church have addressed these concerns in the past. They are proud and arrogant and they think know one will ask or dig. If they do and have no alliance to God they will be eliminated.

   I am speaking to you sacred servants, not with my voice as I am only a learning humble soul with much to learn, a tool, but this is the voice of God. Recognize it for what it is, as this is your only salvation. Heed these words, my followers for many of you are considering or have strayed from the straight and narrow path. I your Jesus have set in the scriptures, I inspired to guide you. I have told you, that I take care of the birds, yet your faith is weak in modern times that you shall be left to wither and die. My Church has been infiltrated with deceit to where most of the world will not notice. Were you not told of these times, but you doubt these are the end times. In My Church I put you in charge. In My Church, I told you to gather My sheep, but many of you exploited them. I taught you, the Truth never changes, but now you have doubts. I as your Savior, I have forgiven your sins, but I Jesus can not believe some of you are falling for the same trap satan used to seduce the Jewish priests of My time when I walked the earth. How many times have you professed, if I Christ had been your apostle, I would have never betrayed you, really?

   Yet many of you knowing or suspecting these are the end times, you signed an agreement to abide by changes in the church. Are you that blind to world events or just hiding your head in a hole as to not see anything? You will be shown to care for the poor. Rights for others, humanism, but slowly and quietly preparation of the soul will be ignored. This is the trap. Changes now in place will seem harmless and will promote harmony among men and many will celebrate. Small changes to the Homily as to not alarm the faithful all to cause betrayal of Jesus over time, but allow fear to build preventing most from leaving. At first you will hear you are the seed to spread, love one another, promote peace, speaks of the family of man. The Eucharist still in place will have its meaning morphed from the true body and blood of Jesus to a celebration of the last supper to where all came together. Our Lord will be used more as to not hear the name of Jesus. When God is mentioned, know who you are worshiping and do not assume. When the changes are complete some will realized the god they worship is not the Holy Trinity, but the one foretold that which will fool the world. Almost of the faithful will trust your words and wisdom when they ask if these changes are good for the church. All of you who lead My faithful astray, will pay dearly as you will cause Me to lost precious souls as you fail to stand up for Me.

    Know this; once you cross over I cannot protect your life for you have given your soul to another by your free will. He will hold on to his gains your souls at all costs. Although, your minds can not comprehend the layers of deceit that number in thousands of events, all to trap you in and eventual hell. So what does this mean if you realize the Truth and cross back in fear? It is here that the loss of life and persecution of the faithful will be seen by the world. With death facing you many of you will beg for lives, but pray quietly to me, I will save you if you call even as the clouds close when I return to the heavens. Some of you will deny Christ and it is here you will be killed in ways to invoke fear in others as to not follow the same path. Not only have your lost your life, but your soul also. Agents of satan will execute all seen as cowards as they flip sides in fear. This is guaranteed.

   In this war you can only choose two sides. Either you stand with Me your Jesus and God the Father and stand with the imposter the world will see as Me, the antichrist. All who make no decision will perish in the chastisements in order to save your souls. Alive you can be seduced with fear and lust. Dead I get to keep your soul. This is your free choice, but I will intervene to save all. Choose wisely.


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