Laws Against Christianity

The Book of Truth



Written Aug 6


   Over the past decades, laws have been passed to preserve the rights of the few. This nation was built on immigrants escaping the religious persecution of Europe and that which they ran from is haunting them again, during our present time only to get worse. If a prayer is being said in a public place, those who object may be excused as their choice, but their will shall not be forced upon another in compliance. As a free people, we have a right to pray or abstain, and neither shall control the other.

   The truth here is that the dark side shutters in pain with the sounds of prayer so their influence of suggestion into the minds of humans who have free will to accept the idea as their own was to remove it from public schools as a right of others. What is seen as tolerance of others has achieved a different purpose. What you need to realize is that the dark side always presents a need to accept tolerance as a right of those suppressed only to achieve a darker more sinister purpose.

   There are laws to remove the word Christ, as in Jesus Christ from the word Christmas in order to observe religious tolerance. To the chosen have you ever considered, that your ancestors may have hid the truth to cover their mistakes? Thousands of years later, generations have been led astray; all of you, who have maintained this, will face your Messiah. What do you say? You say nothing, remain humble and love Him as you should have the first time and more important pray for your ancestors as they are responsible the many lost souls within your chosen race. Those that believe shall not force their opinion upon another as if it was law. Yes it is Godís law, but He wants all of his children to choose Him freely with their heart, anything else does not count.

   The influence of the dark one has infested many upon this earth and presented his suggestions as rights of others. We kill unborn children, because in a drunken moment we have sex and a life of taking care of a baby from a man who was nothing but a quick lay is not acceptable, although you thought different that night. You made the mistake in lust of the moment and now that you are pregnant you have rights to kill an independent human life form that is dependent upon your body to provide growth and protection?

    What you need to know, is because someone or group back a belief of Christianity does not make them your friend or a political choice. In the world you were told there would be many wolves in sheepís clothing. You have seen republicans preach about right to life, although they sleep around. Letsí not talk too loudly about the republicans caught waving to men to join them in the stall. This is the truth.

   That which is evil has even infested the sacred servants witnessed by the endless line child victims. But remember, a man made wrong choice and his selfish actions does not reflect the Church itself, which is the body of Christ. You need to separate the two.

   In the book of Revelations we were told and still can read the words in your Bible that the church would be persecuted during the end times. Few would believe in God and many that due have conditions of acceptance.

   The laws against Christianity that the heavens are concerned with are yet to come and it will be up to you to recognize the signs that will bring change. You will be presented with new set of doctrines, on the surface that promotes love, but look closer. After 2000 years, why is there now a change? Is the church adapting to man and the acceptance of what is sin or adhering the laws of God and the teachings of Jesus, which do not change over time? There will be a challenge to the concept of the Trinity, which is beyond the comprehension of mankind; although the Almighty will allow you, this glimpse into the greatness of God.

      The Father is the spiritual essence and force that controls all levels of the Universe. That which is love, forces seen and unseen, matter and the spark of life created and destroyed by His will, this is the Almighty. It is only His life force and few chosen souls that do not contain any balance to counter the good. He allowed part of His spirit to separate where it is independent in its actions, but still the free will was bound to the Almighty. His Son Jesus was another part of His spirit once broken became independent and was incarnated through the Holy Spirit into human form, born as a Child of Mary. Again the will of Father and the Son are fused, but work as one as with the Holy Spirit. Each is independent in their actions, but it is their free will that is linked as one. Thus the Trinity God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit independent, but are linked as one spiritual mind. This is the truth. This is the word of God.

    Another law to be passed will be the elimination celebrating the Eucharist and the removal of Jesus Christ as Savior of this world. This is why I am telling you sacred servants who choose not to fight, but hide, be prepared to save what is left of Jesusí Roman Catholic Church. Can you do this sacred servant on faith? Yes there is glory in being a martyr in His holy name, but some of you need to live and fight another day. So letís examine some examples.

   You the faithful will be told love yourselves before you can love another. This is the basis of the new religions. Those words have conditions. It is where you must establish self first, are these words that Jesus would say? No; therefore they are not from God. That which is evil preys on those who think they are doing good.

   In your mind a thought comes, you have seen violence from drinking so you demand the faithful abstain in the name of Jesus. Wrong, the actions of some do not dictate policy for the whole, did not Jesus drink wine and is this not part of the Mass?

   You wander the neighborhood looking to convert souls for Jesus. You approach and state you will go to hell if you do repent and join this church? You have now chased away a soul in your zeal. Look at the big picture, Jesus speaks, it is not your job to deliver for the preacher; you are to deliver for Me, Jesus. I ask you to move people subtly, where they choose Me as a best choice, not forced if you donít your damned. I told you when you preach and they do not listen, move on and wipe the townís dust from your feet.

   We all know the consequences of prejudice in the church that honors, Me. If you reject one of My children, then you slap Me, Jesus in the face and I am Lord.

   The choice we face in the future will determine if billions are saved instead of millions, you need to be an example of Christ in your actions first and let not the pride of manís words move from that straight and narrow path.  


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