Has the Elite Learned Anything?


Updated March 21

   As 2010 ended it seems the elite have not learned. You the American public has been informed that it was middle men under Bush that has looted your 401s through illegal short sales and financial packages. They have put you in the streets after losing your homes. They have caused you to lose your jobs as the economy has shrunk due to theft and abuse serving the few. You have been delicately tipped 911 is not all of what is presented in the media. You have seen a tea party candidate with a below average yearly income run for US Senate. This leads to the question who backed them and why. We know the why, now you can consider the who.

   Suddenly where have the nasty demonstrations gone? Has anything changed besides the faces representing the same old politics? Fever pitched, grass roots movements it is what America wants. No, in the majority, key elements were staged to inspire others to follow and now you know. America needed help for the middle class destroyed by the fraud perpetrated by a select group in the mortgage and banking industries with a supporting nod from the Bush Administration as long as the bubble and lax regulation enforcement was supported under Republican leadership. The white collar workers, the core of the American dream is being called lazy as they depended upon unemployment benefits. How quickly the tide turns on one who was part of the crowd.

   Plenty of money for tax breaks, which means cuts in services that eventually the common man will have to pay. Garbage collection cut, average citizens pay. Senior subsidies and centers, average citizens pay and they close. Bridge, highway maintenance and snow removal cut, average citizens pay. Car repairs, lost wages and higher tolls. All for the promise that tax dollars will spur investment in times of uncertainty. I thought when you go into business, the journey was uncertain, if you have a good product you thrive, if not, you lose your investment. Now the rich want a guarantee. Does your job come with a guarantee? No, but if a better work force offer is negotiated overseas, you are just another line on the balance sheet.

   This last election showed the World how hate, division, just plain old lies work with the right media and money push. Tea partiers thought they were going to ride a wave into power, but that all changed after the election as they found out, most were used. Some are still in denial. Did you think financial backing for many who had little to nothing going on in their lives, then offered an opportunity are not expected to pay the piper? Financial responsibility out the window with the tax cuts, welcome to the status quo. Behind closed doors the Republican leadership let the newly elected pups know show time is over, the people and covert media hype is what got you here and it is corporate and their lobbyist goals that will keep you here and this is not up for negotiation, (term limits).

   The Corporations are sitting on extreme amounts of cash waiting for the goals presented by their lobbyists to be enacted. They have achieved a point where the workers should be happy to have a job. Depressed wages will allow some operations to return to the US, but the factories in China and India will be reopen as soon as the worker attitude and demands return. This agenda has already been negotiated with Republicans and a select group of long time Democrats who hope to be covertly part of the big picture. They need economic spurt to solidify goals for 2012 and corporations need the back door open. It is a game and just when are the pawns of society going to recognized this? Has the media taken the ability of America to think? So sad.

   Now that the 7 of 10 events has started as witnessed by the low profile events of Australian residents told they cannot return to their homes for weeks or more in desert country. So called experts like Kaku who do not have a clue as to why there is going to be a up tick in severe Earthquakes except what they have been brief on from Zetatalk, are now one of go to experts in the media. His field of study is physics, not geology, but he is on the government payroll to explain the technical side of science and more important, a trusted credible source of information spoon fed from the elite when the disasters occur to be delivered to the public. If the man cannot provide a correct theory in astrophysics no matter how many shows are produced with his name, his words are mute. Explain gravity to the world in your own words, please. Solve the unified field theory, can't, sorry. So just what do you know, from what I can see, little to none. Take comfort, your peers are no better.

   This was not meant to embarrass a brilliant man like Kaku who has spent a lifetime studying for the most part, a set of theories and concepts that is all wrong, but to state the truth. It is time for you, Kaku to stop being used as an establishment pawn. Be true to yourself. Walk away now, before out is not an option. Someone up there likes you, heed the advice.

   Now enough of the lecture as you have heard it before, but all in power are hoping things don't change. Your opinion behind closed doors, which I know, is the misunderstood target date for 7 of 10 was missed and no matter the explanation offered as in 2003, this has given you hope to doubt the total outcome and this will be the start of your downfall. You know that an outside race like the Zetas cannot affect change events on Earth, but so much, as a balance must be maintained, although I can, backed by the grace of the Almighty. Due to your inaction towards the needs of humanity, greed and the outright misery mankind has and will suffer as hope of collusion among the elite will hold. No one will change things and you will inherit the Earth. All of you only care about your safety and comfort. All of you think you are so gifted as you are the only ones that can control and provide order to this world. Look around, are proud you of what you have built? Oh, my mistake, it is about acquiring wealth and you are successful there. But, I am not impressed, as I have seen the standard of living decrease in the United States and Earth. Compared to other worlds is just another self created cesspool with great potential as you pat each other on the backs with your false sense of achievements.

   I have requested to systematically remove all solid service to self entities from Earth in a prioritized and timely fashion and this decision has been accepted, effective immediately. All will be given a choice, change your criminal ways and stay, if not you will be placed in a position where you are faced with a decision and have to choose your future. It is humanity that counts, not your selfish needs.

   I will not tolerate the extreme suffering of a world in the hands of  a few. I will not stand by in apathy when simple steps of preparation would relieve he suffering of many. I will not stand aside as those in power bicker and point fingers as most to almost all of you are guilty of putting your interests before those of the people who elected you. Your idea of salvation is the ruthless, the best at manipulating, lying, cheating, theft and in some cases the elimination of human life to remove an obstacle are what we need to save in the bunkers. Of course you will recruit and control the best of the minds of the meek to maintain your perch in life. And this is Earth's future, not on my watch.

   The rules are being changed as this is the start of the transformation period and as this world has now been declared a service to other planet. My vote, which carries great weight, will shorten the transition period. As death of a solid service to self was to occur by natural causes and accidents, this has been changed to ASAP by any and all means. For some and you know who you are, will have a new home while in your present form where death by self infliction is not an option and your new home will be tailored to fit your crimes to humanity. Who makes the decision, God, as judgment day comes early for some. As accidents, disappearances and disasters occur most will be none the wiser, but all that have crossed the line, will know fear. Empathy will be the goal and there is an out. Call His name in true forgiveness. The choice is yours.

   For those who may think this is unfair, consider this. An earthquake occurs in your area after resources from other disasters are stretched. The nearby prison is breached they escape, now they are outside of your home. You walk for miles after witnessing many injustices to arrive at what you think is a safe haven only to be taken advantage of then dispose of. Are these some of the choices you want to face in a world with few controls? The disaster movies presented show you their version with little hope for the meek, there will be another option.

   I have given you the blueprints to free energy. A plan to help protect this nation. Uncertainty and firm belief no change will be allowed to the public has prevented the many from being helped, this will also change. There still is time. I am making a personal request to the small countries that provide oil resources to the United States, specifically the Northeast. I am asking one of you Venezuela, Nigeria, UAE cut your wholesale price so a refined 87 gasoline to 1.90 a gallon with similar cuts in diesel and heating oil is delivered and this price reflected at the pumps and oil heating distribution companies. It will be a win-win scenario, as big oil will think you won't do it. When you do, all customers will shift with loyalty. Any threats, planned disruption in services preventing free trade and commerce due others will be dealt severely as the organizer and sub planners will be removed.

  So what in it for the countries, respect of the US public, a huge influx of financial resources due to volume sales to help your people in the upcoming time of need. It is the right thing to do, you will gain market share as the followers remain loyal. For others it will be, too little too late. You will have lines at your gas stations while the others go begging. You will command world attention, so the others like BP, Shell and Exxon Mobil will have to follow. Control and corruption will be dealt with. Now you are asking about insurgencies whether personal causes or initiated from outside sources will disrupt local governments. Do what is right for the people of your country and the problem will go away. When all benefit, you benefit. It is better to have 20 million in a year and be loved, then 500 million and be hated and living in fear of your next replacement.

  How will the Republican Party respond? Of course with distain underneath a smiling facade, as almost all have big oil connections. Will they be able or want to get the oil companies to follow your lead? No, as those who consider this action will be silenced under a voice of one. Cries of publicity stunt or enemy of the state, but it will be American public that choose, savings in their wallet with no strings attached or more babbling from Mitch and Boehner. Your job is to be low keyed about the business take away anything that can be used against you for a good deed. Spin only goes so far, are you providing? Yes, and at an increased profit overall, can they, no. This is the action moves the public, not shallow words and broken promises. The point is, it will be this deed that frees money that would have been spent on energy now goes into the economy. Strict controls within a selected area, the Northeast, the change quickly, improvement will be documented as businesses boom while other areas fall behind.

   If choice is made to provide low cost fuel, will there be an attempt to down play the numbers? Yes, as this is business as usual, but now will fall under the same rules of deception, removal for those who engage as they are free to reduce their price by choice. There will be noise coming from the leaders of the Republican party and certain Democrats as they know a success in a selected region will derail their plans for 2012. Their choice is will be to present in the media that the White House does not want all of America to share in the gain. Again deceit and division, they do not care if you get relief, they want to dilute the economic infusion from being shown to the American public. No politician can direct how a business decides where or how it will reduce their price. The American people will win, more important what you want for your people wins.

   The Earth changes can be delayed and this is in the hands of the Almighty, He needs a reason. In the end America wins and we are thankful in advance.  If we are to get through the disasters there must be areas of strength. Your tip, use it or lose it, if helping humanity is a true choice, the rate of oil disruption due to natural events may be lessened in your area, but no guarantees. This is your choice as a leader, you know what you must do. Start it now or time is short if no action is taken.

   As events unfold slowly there will the usual finger pointing, but never the true source behind what has occurred. Consider NASA, they do not lead, but follow orders without question like the sheep that they are. We are to believe, they are still like the heroes from their past, but they have sold out humanity, more important America as their only hope is to make it to the bunkers, cowards. When the guilt falls upon them, look to whom is pulling the strings hidden behind many layers, only then you will find the source, the bankers.

   When guilt gets deflected under national security, it may seem that many of you will get away with all that has been done to the American people and then the world. As you energetically run your investigations, beware as the Earth changes become a conscience reality for most, this will solidify as a motive for crimes committed by some in the highest halls of power and will show a reason for intent. All in the media looking to further their careers will dig, all will look back, all will question. When pressured the weak talk, and that they will as all can not be disposed of quick enough especially when they know their fate in some cases is death if you talk and the same as they are considered a risk. So they roll the dice.

   You will have the explain the false flag events that cost lives of men and women in service, which lead to a war. You will have to explain the contractor no bid contracts that provide a hidden personal profit. You have to explain the hidden goal to control middle east oil resources as the predicted shift of 2003 was suppose to hide. Collusion among top members of Congress as a solid group gains it all. And it continues today ask them about the bunkers. Ask them to tell you why the American public could not handle the truth, but at the same time they and the bankers looted. Look at the losses in the stock market and the greatest transfer of wealth with corporate profits at an all time high, yet many Americans lost their homes, jobs, retirement savings and in some cases the wife and family. This was the plan, this was criminal. National security will not provide a cover or excuse here. By 2012 some of the guilty will be hiding or missing and the world banged up, but it will still be here. Now why don't you start your investigations as it will be a small prelude to the real fireworks.

   When are we going to come together as Nation first, and then as humanity on Earth. We have only one leader that will pull us through no matter what promise is made to you by a man and that is God. You can call on Him now or wish you had on your death bed, buried under rubble or water, but remember a true calling is always answered no matter when. What we face is beyond the achievements of men on Earth. This is what you must consider going forward. Let the brave stand up, for freedom, for humanity, for God in whom we trust.


Added Jan. 18 2011

   Presently, the covert backing of hate and anger has backfired within the Republican agenda as the polls are going in the wrong direction. What they did not understand, is that words meant to inspire thought is now being delivered by action and what you started has taken on a life of its own beyond the controls originally set in those smoke filled back rooms. Certain politicians feel self empowered as if they really are going to solve the nations problems. Trouble reining them in? So what are Boehner and Cantor up to?

   It has been agreed that Cantor will be a voice of some compromise while the Speaker holds firm. If things go south, Boehner can retire and the finger of blame and connection to the Bush administration die with him. Cantor can assume control as the sensible choice with the same agenda. Smoke and mirrors friends, and this game is already in operation as the Republicans have retreated to play both sides of the coin.

   As for the countries offered a chance to provide oil to the Northeast US, time is getting short. A decision needs to made soon. Also, it has been noticed that a leader has considered returning some powers back to people. This is a step in the right direction. A leader moves their population to do their best for each other, the country and finally God. This is how you manage, by improving what you have and coordinating all to move as one. It is only fear that drives a man to control of everything. A wise man teaches all, so that the burden of redundant leadership is spread among the talent and true changes of great stature can be considered.  For if what is being done is for the good of all, no group or entity will displace this action on present day Earth. This is what I need you to consider. Now who is going to step up to the plate?

Updated Feb. 2 2011

   Uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia have let the world see the inside world of politics. As those in power have agreements in place among the elite in their respective countries all based around mutual financial gains and absolute control. When quickly forced out they loot the banks of the people's money. In a more controlled situation the goal is to stall at all costs. With all watching, funds are carefully transferred under transition. Moles are placed in key positions as to affect the elite in a minimum fashion. All as the regime changes, but the underlying status quo and its policies remains. This is the current goal. The incoming leaders are offered some changes to appease the population that backed them, but are given a set of guidelines if they are to remain in power or worse. The collective conscience of the world is changing and events like these are just the beginning to repeated again and again. The events and the countries will not be the same, but the goal where every citizen is given a fair chance will be achieved. Now for the elite is your move.

Updated Feb. 23 2011

   As the purging of the elites escalates, words of defiance comes from leaders like Gadhafi, I will die as a martyr. No, if you die, you will be executed by those you abused, the people that trusted you to have the country's best interest. It is becoming very clear, support of these regimes spent the money of the people in extreme excess in order to maintain oil contracts and other business relationships as with Egypt and Tunisia. This is one primary reason for terrorist, as they are pushed to the radical view from the population and have nothing to lose. They see the Western world giving all of its wealth to brutal leaders and they project the blame on us. Just how to you think Mubarak acquired 70 to 100 billion dollars in wealth, business savvy? No, it was your hard earned tax dollars, happy with the way it was spent? The oil companies consider this loss of life and suppression of a population as an acceptable part of business, a strong man provides stability, it is not our problem how they treat each other, but you the citizen of the West pay the price. Attacks, pat downs at the airport and a lower standard of living due to protective measures that make more money than protect. The offshoot, you the citizen want security at any price, so extreme profits from the military complex to keep all in line is excepted until bankruptcy. Look at the revolutionary leaders, they are willing to kill their own to protect the status quo, and you though they were all on the page, hate America. The people are fighting for their country, they are fighting for their freedom, and they fighting with risk to their lives. This is what they want, freedom just like America.

Updated Mar. 07 2011

   Currently in North Africa events are at an impasse, as forces loyal to Gadhafi are holding off the will of the people. So what has changed? The elite of the world seeing the handwriting on the wall, have chosen to make a stand here. To not only break the will of the people, but more so to send a message to other countries involved in over throwing their appointed dictators. You will not succeed. Quietly, arms and advisors are smuggled in from interested parties like BP to prop up Gadhafi as if he is only responsible. British special forces and secret service did not drop in during the dead of night for a friendly meeting with the rebels. As this allegiance born out of a common agenda, maintain the status quo and flow of profits to the corporations and banks of the western world. NATO may slow the air war, but the true source of fear is created on the ground as many injustices are hidden under darkness and what is seen in the light of day is meant to be seen by the world to send a message. I am in control, this my country and I do with my people as I please. As the secret agreements with the west is considered more dangerous if exposed, the elite have chosen to close a blind eye to the loss of life occurring there now as an acceptable cost of doing business.

Updated Mar. 21 2011

   In the United States, the Republicans and a few others from the other party are pushing a new agenda in the wake of the events that occurred in Indonesia and Japan. Reduce spending for the National Weather Service, US Geological Survey, and Tsunami warning systems. The plan among a few in the ranks, but not the consensus of all, is to maximize casualties in unprepared cities though the lack of preparation. This is the goal of the elite. As they see the general population of the United Stated as a problem with few resources when keep unaware, instead of a solution if all prepare. The persuasive legislators will site, cut wasteful operations as they are not needed when the money can be used to reduce the deficit. The insidious behind closed doors have proposed an even more sinister idea learned from events in Japan. The test, allow Indian Point to melt down during the New York Earthquake. Most Republicans when told of the plan were appalled, but remained status quo as to not reveal their true intentions to those that pull the strings. Align with words and then bail when comes to actions, standard protocol in politics.

   Here, a particular class of population if they choose to move north will die of radiation poisoning with no hospitals. The elite will either take to their boats to safer Connecticut and Rhode Island shores or fly off Long Island in helicopters or military craft that don't need runways. What is left, the tsunamis will take out. Now why allow radiation to poison the land? They know the pole shift will clean all lands of nuclear and general pollution. It is here they can eliminate 25 million undesirables under guise of natural events. Compromised are some of the plant operators and technicians who have been promised wealth if they carry out these actions, but they will never spend it. This is much more efficient than poisonous contrails and the finger of blame points to Mother Nature.

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