During this Lenten season there are many gifts of life we should be thankful for. Life was given to you; it was not your right. You were put here to improve upon Human conditions as opposed to exploiting it. Although, thru mankind, you were taught survival of the fittest, the educated and privilege shall rule, but are you working to bring all up with your God given talents or in your superior position conspiring to keep all in material bondage covertly under the cover of leadership for the people presenting the illusion of the “good life”? This applies to all levels of society, because for the many on the bottom there are many on top though the numbers decrease as you move closer to the elite. During these upcoming years of tribulation, God is going to educate all to where they are responsible for their direction in life. From the rich to the poor the lessons will be the same. The tentacles of money reach far and wide, it clouds true judgment, pressures decisions where the best interests of their people come second. Honestly, this is the way of the world.

   The upcoming disasters will change this, because we are all one in spite of our diversity. Your own words have quoted this, “variety is the spice of life” would this not be true for God’s greatest creation on Earth, man?  All will depend upon another as the Earth is leveled slowly. New friendships forged from unlikely sources while some other established ones surprisingly broken during stress. We will survive, yes, but with a price. After each disaster, we will be given a choice, help others in the face of fear and death or exploit the situation for self centered reasons. Even with this warning, all involved will experience dire situations, so choices will have to be made reflecting your true soul, and some will live with decisions made for eternity what ever your belief are of the aftertime. The next several years is judgment time and it is now during these challenging times you should reflect on the direction your life should take. Seek a source of enlightenment, whatever it is as long as its main theme is based upon a firm belief in God, unwavering in times of peril. The time to start is now so when most are caught unprepared, you will be a source of comfort and guidance.

Remember "Who" died for you so that you would receive the Christian message.

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