As the level of Fear and Hate Increases

The Book of Truth




Written Mar 13


   In this world few understand the true agenda behind the battle of the souls. This has left the faithful unprepared for the changes to come. Sacred Servants if you are afraid of mentioning the existence of hell, then those you preach to will believe it does not exist. When faced with turmoil and injustice that is real some how faith takes a back seat in their actions. This is what you must see. Look at yourself, sacred servants when you took your vows you given a task, bring the faithful home. Now you will be asked to deliver and hold on to souls when most abandon the faith and see you adhering to the old ways. Are you going to stand by God or the dark one as there is only one side? Where do you stand?

   The goal is to divide as the dark one, influences the weak soul to the power of suggestion and desire. How many times, has an opportunity you know is wrong is explained as right or validated by what seems like another voice in your head. This is not you, but as you weaken you give in and sin is committed. This is where you must not waver. As the faithful fall due to fear and people die in conflicts or disasters, faith will for many goes out the window as these trials rips at their core.

   How would God allow this to happen? Again you state it is a loving God that lets the good die, know the source of those words as doubt and mistrust is seeded. Yet it is the gift of free will given to man without the interference of God that atrocities are levied against each other. This is the Truth. Only now as hate, lust and murder escalates in what you call the civilized world are seeing what happens in the rest of the world. Hate will rise as the populations of earth divides. Now you need to listen here. Hate is only from one source, just like love comes only from God. When person or group engages you it is to covertly infest your soul as anger and hate rises within you, the goal, with this you grant access to its source, just walk away. Your fight is not against them, but influences (veil of deceit), that fogs their minds. This is where you need to pray the Rosary and Crusade Prayers for without the protection Jesus and Mary all of us would fail in this mission.

   You say, “How are we wrong when another destroys our way of life”. Have you considered walking in another’s shoes? “We have a right to be angry”. So let’s look deeper. Some of you live in a town where life was good as there was plenty, then a down turn in the economy changes all that you know. You don’t know the true cause in many cases as only what you are told through the media and bias opinions of others put in place by the elite of your world. Businesses imploded due to over saturation of and industry or way life, greed. Then when the bubble bursts you the worker laid off are the first to pay the price for the mistakes and lack of insight of those who employed and governed you.

   This leads to closures and now you have an excess inventory of buildings, so what do those with money do to stabilize loses in some cases? Convert what is a total loss to section 8 housing. A steady stream of income from the government, yet from their mouths they say it is destroying the US while they line their pockets with your tax dollars, what hypocrisy. But with this sell out there comes an influx of welfare recipients looking to escape the inner cities to give their children a better chance, can you blame them? The resultant is that bad habits following some cases, but the majority who want to do was is right is only by the few that exploit the situation then all are seen as one, as it takes time and money to assimilate, property values start to slowly drop at first.

   Many with few resources have little to support local businesses and on a small part theft closes them. Small Bogotas (corner stores) move in over time to exploit the food stamp program with inflated prices or 50 cents on the dollar. The landscape changes motels pop up with prostitution and drugs. The property values of the locals that have invested their lives see values dip to 50 cents or lower on the dollar and tensions rise. This division was engineered, but few remember the beginning of greedy landowners who sold them out decades ago, but all now look at the people that what they say invaded their neighborhood as the cause of their pain.

   The people where put there due to greed and profits only you in time look to those with hate as the cause of your problem, but it is a lie. This is only one example of greed, then division, the hate. Think if the rich flee for better investments, your fire and police departments shrink when crime sky rockets. Fear and hate is what the Republican Party preaches subtly, but few gain and many lose. Now, I am not saying the Democratic Party are angels, they are not as they have the same scandals as some steal in the name of helping others. Party affiliation does mean they are for the people. Judge each person no matter party affiliation by their fruits of their actions. This is the test. There are traitors to this nation and God in both the Republican and Democratic parties look to those who stagnates your government for the people and you will see the Truth.

   There many examples of engineered hate and anger. And again, it does come not come from the voices of your neighbors, but there is an influence. Know this; mankind has an enemy carefully cloaked in all that seems good for the rights of others. The twist, all that is evil as responsibility for the actions of sin are forgiven by man from the seat of peter in Rome, not God.

   What you do not know about the supernatural is that God is enhanced by the power of love as to connect with His children. For He, the Almighty is all powerful, and this has been since what you think is the dawn of time. The Almighty is time itself. As it has always existed and will always exist. He is the Alpha (the beginning) and the Omega (the end), but the Father has told you, unique children of God, you shall live forever if you trust in His Son’s Mercy. Take when offered and you will never look back. Only God can protect you from what is coming, heed this.

   The dark one expands power over earth on the strength of fear, lust, anger, hate despondency as when a soul agrees the power is his top exploit. In this spiritual war few understand the scope of influence. Few see this as a threat to their existence as it seems unreal, the body dies, but the soul lives forever; know the difference!  


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