Lies and the Consequence of Bearing False Witness

The Book of Truth



Written Sept 4


   Mankind has always found a way to justify an action taken when in the eyes of others was not justified; so in order to preserve a false sense of pride, they lie. This sin is one that just seems to cascade the soul in most cases helplessly into further darkness. So let’s address a grave part of this sin as it affects others, bearing false witness.

    In law enforcement and our justice system, some use lies to convict others of a crime they are not guilty of. The justification is they have not been caught on their many injustices and this may be true. The problem comes when the truly innocent are caught up in your web of deceit. It is only then when pressured by those to do what is right in the annals of justice when you realize that your lies has sent an innocent man to jail or worse. Then there is the choice, preserve the status quo or tell the truth and for many, you refuse to change as it is your job on the line, your family disgrace and others that will fall. You rationalize the decision; he is guilty, but you were told never to judge another human being or so you shall be judged. When you face Jesus you cannot lie for He knows all, then what?

    If the accused is executed, you have violated thou shall not kill as it was your testimony that you swore as the truth on the Bible as to his guilt. This is why you must not bear false witness no matter what the pressures that comes from others. Think about it? You may lose your job and another opportunity will open, while the other will lose their life either in jail or by penalty of death. You need to place yourself in their shoes for once and then you will scream for justice when your life is on the line and the family unit destroyed, but few will listen.

   These same principles apply to the common citizen as you cannot lie for another to forsake the innocent. You cannot lie for a friend or family member to cover their misdeeds when it affects others. This injustice has killed thousands by unsolved revenge killings in America, which has affected the poor, the weak and minorities. It is here that so many of you have turned a blind eye. Where wealth is at stake, patents and ideas are stolen as they lied the idea was theirs stepping on those that trusted their words, another lie, just look at Edison and dig as the truth will surface.

   The cheating husband lies to give him more time to prep before he leaves the family. Many politicians lie and defame others to get your vote by deflecting the truth to empower the interest of others that finance them. They lie to those who voted them in, by creating laws that take away rights of others and present them as a need for safety or freedom. This is the history and current events of earth, repeated again and again in varying degrees through out the nations on this world.

   Lies cascade into division and then hate, all of this is inspired by thoughts implanted by the dark one. He offers you the reward that if you get away with it. The catch is upon success, how important is your soul to accelerate the corruption of others? As long as you deliver for satan, “the father of all lies” more souls than the earthly gifts he bestows upon the physical, your soul is not taken. When you are of no longer of use, your fame and money will disappear, spurring you on to do all sorts of evil to maintain your earthly status, but with every new effort is meet with failure. This is the plan and in your depression you are glad escape only to come him unknowing through suicide or death, the payoff.

   Lies spur hate and revenge against another for some that is not of there causing. Lies deflect the true blame of another towards those who may be innocent. Lies are used to steal money and love by presenting a false façade. Lies inspire a person to commit adultery and destroy families for a love that did not exist, but was just lust. This can lead to murder out of anger planted there through your actions and these sins fall on your shoulders. So when the Almighty states if you break one commandment, you have broke them all, know this, as your actions sets in motion a cascading set of events affecting many others. This is what you need to realize. This is the word of God.


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