Written May 27 6:45pm EST


   Mankind has always wondered when life begins and scientists confused as there are still do not have a clue. Today, when you take your first breath of life, it is considered as literal start of the life of a baby. Yet it moves within the womb and builds a connection with the mother forged over the 9 months of conception. Does not the baby respond to a touch? Why do you play music if the soul is not there? This is your contradiction and lack of knowledge of what is conscience life.

   The soul, the essence of life is not understood by mankind and is a matter of faith, because first it cannot be measured, seen except as remnants of ghosts that have lost their physical bodies. As scientists you cannot create sentient life in your laboratories. This can only be done by God who created the heavens and the earth. All advanced life forms have told you there is a God, but still you refuse to believe as you listen to other.

   Life does not start because the baby switches from a transfer of dissolve oxygen from the motherís separated blood stream to the use of its own lungs and it cries. Life started at conception and the soul beyond human understanding, which is your baby personality, thoughts and challenges are infused as soon as the egg is fertilized. As the soul adheres to the undeveloped biological matter that will eventually form into your son or daughter. The soul is always there, but the baby develops physically until it is ready to be on its own.

   The soul does not have control the physical body until it attaches to the brain stem, but resides within the physical host until that time. The mother is a host, the protection for a new life to develop. This is why life is so sacred. As a human, few can understand this process except through the gift of life being explained now that the human minds can comprehend. This again is why you are being educated as to the source of life rather than scientists who have little understanding of the gift of life.

   No man or woman has the right to terminate a life as God has a plan for all souls once conceived. When you cut short a life, most of you only see an undeveloped fetus, but God sees a soul aborted from its undeveloped physical body. The soul is fully conscience with all its needs to challenge life; it is only the physical body that is catching up.

   When you are faced with the potential of death in child birth, it is your time to go if needed. But to take another on a maybe, because God is the only one who calls you home, not your primitive doctors. You have killed someone who is alive to preserve your own. You have made a choice. If your child was walking the earth would you do the same? This is your lack of understanding life. Heed this warning as time is short.


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