The Life Force vs. Abortion



Written Sept 4


   Some of you have been asking about the creation of life as there are trains of thought. Does life begin at conception or life is sparked after exiting the womb? If the latter is true than a woman has a right to terminate a pregnancy as this version is floated in society today. So letís shed some light since so many are confused.

   You have been given many clues as to what the life force is, but this force cannot be seen or measured by scientists and for the mad men, created. That which is referred in the Bible as the soul is a supernatural representation of life and part of the creator as one. This is why you hear man is created in the image of God who is spirit. This is why all humans have a piece of the Almighty within him or her. It is what you refer to as the Holy Spirit that allows this life force to be infused with  new human cells creating intelligent life you see as man and woman in its completed form. Once the male and female components join, the life force is sent and infuses as one, just as the biological components become one. The life force or as many know, the soul is not dependent on size of the host or its cellular maturity. This is your folly. It starts as a cell with the entire DNA structure to become a human.

   You overlook the simple, the bond between mother and child. How can this be if the soul is in place after birth? The souls of the mother and child co-mingle and love during the gestation period creating a strong bond. A child knows its mother and the comfort and warmth of her soul. As the body grows with all organs in place the soul migrates and attaches to the brain stem and surrounds the heart. Thus there is a symbolic relationship between human flesh and the soul and you see it as a living independent being. This is Truth.

   When you abort what you call an undeveloped fetus, you kill a full living soul implanted by the Holy Spirit into a cell. Forcing the spirit to break from living tissue returning to the Almighty and not experiencing the trails of life on earth. You see as a group of undeveloped cells, but God knows the individual that has yet to experience life. This is why abortion is murder. This is why it is a sin. This is why it is unacceptable in the eyes of the Creator. For you have no clue to the essence of life for you listen to another. All will be held accountable for their actions and acceptance. Although, you still have time to change? Heed this.


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