A Lifeline for NASA



Written Aug 12


   All of you know the truth, but few in the cooler debates of the future know which side to stand behind. What you donít realize is that life as you know it will be shortly over. Not Dec. 2012 as many prophecies predicted, as this is the start of the point of change, but a few short years after. There will be normalcy in selected areas of the earth, although 1/3 of it shall not be fit for habitation. Death will be rampant as you will fear that which is God. The science you study is not the same the scientists in the black projects have access to. You know this is the truth as you have read the Grant Chronicles and you know this site is monitored by intelligence agencies and buy elite members of NASA. Letís cut to the chase, I have an offer for all of you to consider. You know my mission is to save all including some of you who wish I was not around.

   If you wait for the government to offer protection, know this, you would have to be reeducated with the true knowledge of gravitational and particle movement. They already have that group, which has been hidden for decades, so you are expendable.

   There will be a need to provide a scapegoat especially if the republicans win and your agency is it. The first personal to be sacrificed will be middle management, the workers and a leader. This means the promised protection, which they would have never delivered on, shall be withdrawn along with your jobs. No one will hire you, but if you resign some of you will have great new jobs and a chance to protect your family. You need to face the truth.

   NASA many of you set out to change the world and now I am offering you that opportunity. Your science is flawed, but I promise, if you join us and will be able to explain the universe. Mysteries solved beyond your comprehension, with a catch. All I ask for you just consider there is a God, I emphasize consider.  That is it, no strings.

    Watch as your world changes and the same old games from the elite and puppet bosses discard those who worked hard to maintain the reputation of NASA. They will not stand up for you and in your heart you know it. You stood up for NASA, now I ask you to stand up for yourselves. If not, I will, backed by the power of the Almighty, only if you are ready to accept true change.  No nation or entity will change this. When you are ready, come home to open arms.


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