Like a Thief in the Night

Always be Prepared: the Book of Truth



Written May 1



   We need all of you to now focus on this mission, as millions of souls are at stake with so little time. You are the example. It is you, which shall walk that path like Jesus. It is you and your actions that represent the Word that will be scrutinized with favor as a blessing to mankind or looked at with disdain as your faith is shallow.

   At all times before you act or say a word, reflect, would Jesus approve my actions and then ask Him. The straight and narrow is just a path that few can walk, but can you? All of us still sin in our minds; Remnant Army as many has removed almost all physical temptation. Hone your skills as you represent Jesus and walk His path. This is what is meant by carrying your cross, as He is not going to walk on this Earth in the flesh before the Second Coming.

   In this spiritual war you will not only be shunned for believing in the crucifixion and the sacrament of the Eucharist, but also the Trinity. For when you least expect it in the depths of your despair where hope is a flicker about to go out, the Second Coming will occur to claim all of Godís children. It is about faith for it shall be tested, but you will never be abandoned, stay strong, Jesus strong. It is your job to keep the faithful prepared, as all must be in a state of grace. Every day ask yourself, if your actions would be acceptable to Jesus if judged now? It is not about the past as you have made a choice of absolution and penance. Never be complacent as life given is taken away by the Almighty. Now some of you think, I will just confess after a life of sin and be forgiven. Do you not think the Almighty and Jesus know your thoughts and shallow intentions? It is here that life is cut short as your remorse was a thoughtful strategic move. Donít try it.

   This spiritual war shall intensify and all the faith which you have stood by, shall be tested. Do not waver as you know Jesus is here to hold your hand. Your life with all of its trials has been training for these days. For what you will face, you have been prepared. Accept your task. Now get out there and letís kick some of that satanís spiritual ass in the name of Jesus, oohrah!


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