The Mission: Rescue of the Lost Souls




Written Sept 4

Update Oct 02


   The Almighty has granted mankind a gift of His mercy, which will be one of the greatest miracles for the end times. With this comes a great responsibility, as all of who believe in and love Father, He asks only that you to pray for all of those who have passed before you. For those of mankind who have create atrocities against mankind in our present time. That family member or friend, who you are almost so sure, but not not judge, that they may be in hell. It is your duty to pray for their souls and request immunity. Past dictators, war lords, kings, queens and barons lets pull them from the grips of the abyss. This is about saving all souls as this is the source evil that affects the human mind by suggestion.

   You say that you believe, now is the time to stand up with your prayers, sacrifices and fasting, no bystanders here or apathy. It is not about praying so that others can hear you or know your intent. It is to be done a different way, by reciting the words in your mind, and the Almighty will consider all requests that love Him as Father. I need you to pray for those who left this earth after doing unspeakable crimes as they did not know or ignored the truth. You are here to bring home those lost children of the Father and you can start by reciting this prayer. When you say the Hail Mary, I want you to visualize in your minds Mary, Jesus and God as you say their names.

    For the Jews you can pray for the Pharisees who lived when Jesus walked this earth. The Germans it is your duty to pray for Hitler and the SS as they slaughtered millions. The Russians you can help Lenin, Stalin and all the communists atheists, they too were responsible for the deaths of millions. The Chinese you can pray for Mao and the ruthless remnants still left in your country hiding as capitalists even more important, pray for your ancestors. For the Mexicans and Columbians, the cartels need your help. In Italy it is the mafia and the lost souls that have fallen in the Vatican as they have paved the way for the false prophet. France needs to save Napoleon and those that raped countries that you have made colonies. England needs to pray hard for the Rothschilds, who financially enslaves the world and those that built your fallen empire. America itís the gangs, slave owners, past prisoners and the Klan just to name a few that needs saving. Spain needs to pray Columbus who discovered the New World and other conquistadors that stole the gold of the indigenous population of the Americas, which was responsible for the death of millions, 3rd world countries for their death and rape squads. This is just the start.

   On this mission, you will leave no soul behind; this is the wish of the Lord and the hope of the Almighty. This is a call from the Heavens and all of you need to step up and answer. There is no division with age, race or status as all are one united in a common cause, to save the children who were lost.  I need you to deliver for Father. I need you to lessen the burden on Jesus. I need you to say a prayer for another as this will break down that dark veil that surrounds this earth presently clouding the judgments of its people.

   Now I am asking for the spiritually brave, no fear or hesitation, for this mission, sanction by the Almighty has never occurred before. Join me in this dangerous mission as I do need help on this one, but if there are no volunteers, will go it alone. I know there are the few, the brave, the spiritual solid who will go where no human has gone before as Jesus is God went as an example to us. Step up. All those souls that will be saved by your prayers, need to be rescued by earthís bravest in the Almightyís eyes. He will choose among the many I hope will volunteer in your prayers.

   So letís brief the world on this most important mission to save our ancestors and many presently living today as the veil will break down due the raids. Several months ago it was proposed to the Almighty to bring home His lost children by raiding the souls left unattended by the dark angels who are here on earth prepping the way for satanís incarnation into his final human form. Fear was used to keep the lost souls in line while they are away. As most captured by the dark side, are truly cowards, but still all are Godís children and options in hell are non existent. So all are obeying fearing raft upon his return. This is the weakness. He is here to gather souls during the harvest, but we will take that which was taken for granted.

   Over 2 thousand years ago, Jesus descended into the pits of hell after His Crucifixion as the Holy Word was given to you in the Apostles Creed told. While down there, He connected with all the lost souls that was never shown the truth and He left a promise and a spark, that He would not forget them and even their dark souls had a small glimmer of God's  light flickering within their dark souls. He promised all would see him again on judgment day and there was hope and over time this has faded. We are here to fulfill the promise of Jesus to those lost souls, and we will deliver them just as the Jews were delivered from what seemed to be the invincible Pharaoh. Know this; what ever it takes to succeed, that power will be given in the form of graces to achieve this victory.

    Now everyone of are saying why should we save those in hell. I say this, without the warning and the words of guidance given to you by a few sanctioned websites and books, many of you would be in their company.

   All of the major players for the dark side are on earth and cannot not return until satan is caste back into to hell and this is where there is and opportunity as this request had to come from and executed by a man in their spiritual form with the protection of God or as I know Him, Father.

    Those that volunteer can not and will not shutter in fear. Most souls when gathered will not even look human, be prepared. They will smell, be vile, and disgust even the strongest stomachs. Their howls will feel like your skin is crawling, but you have none on this mission for you are of spirit. The vision of the lake of fire on approach will bring doubts, did I really volunteer for this? Fear is for the weak. It is time for the spiritual strong to take their responsibility to save your brethren. When given the potential and the power, I expect you to act for those who cannot act for themselves. No excuses.

   You will experience the burning pains of hell and all that was and is evil will enter your mind as you gather the souls by the millions. It is here that your mental block must not break down or you will be pulled down into the abyss. This is the risk. This will be a spiritual assault on hell where we will strip it of many millions of souls while unguarded.

   All of damned will be amazed as the light approaches and the dark souls are snatched from the depths of hell. They will experience hope and love as some are passed over. This will weaken the dark side roaming the earth as the pressure of evil thoughts needed to cloud the many leaders and dark souls on earth will lack the base support. Those gathered will be placed in Purgatory for cleansing and each soul saved will know who prayed for them, thanking you when you meet.

  The secondary strategy is to place doubt in the dark ones roaming earth moving them to a point to where they thing about hope as they know of others rescued from the depths of hell and the prize will be if a few of the dark angels that may choose to return and beg for forgiveness knowing their fate with satan upon failure, but that is a decision of mercy in the hands of the Almighty as man cannot affect the destiny of the dark angels. All of this is needed to mitigate the affects of the antichrist on humanity.

   Satan never expected a human of free will would choose to go to his home, the lake of fire known as hell and rescue the souls of the children of God who were counted as lost. This is the mission. This is what we must do for the Almighty. This is what we must do to bring a smile to Jesusí face. This is a mission sanctioned by the Almighty and will succeed as nothing is impossible. This is why we need your prayers. Do it for your lost loved ones. Do it for humanity. Do it for Jesus and this will please the Almighty.


Update Oct 2


    When this mission started few were on board, but now many have responded. With this comes a responsibility to your fellow man, a responsibility to Jesus. I need know where you stand. Are you going to abandon Him in His time of need like some did in the Garden or when facing the crowds? You wonít as you are stronger than that. He needs your help to salvage 2 billions souls who refuse to be saved. I do not want to hear the whine of this number is too great or this is impossible, when you know the Almighty states all is possible. I need you to stand up in the name of Jesus not with words, but with your actions. Now I am no asking you to join me in the mission to rescue souls out hell, but we need your prayers to maximize success. The Almighty wants all of His children saved and I am not one to let Him down. Everyday, this needs to be recited with your decades of the Hail Mary. This is what we need from you to pull all from the depths of hell in this mission. This is what I know you can do. This is what Jesus wants you to do. It is not about can you get this done, but will you get it done. Here is the prayer, now letís all act on this today.



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