Love thy Neighbor: What is behind this Iconic Words from Jesus

The Book of Truth



Written Dec 4


  These three words have been written in the Scriptures to inspire all of us and show us another way. These words encompassed how Jesus led His life to inspire all of us to follow as a guide thousands of years ago and shall not be changed. Know this, only Jesus is perfect who walked this earth and it was His example that the narrow road leads to salvation that few of you are willing to take. Yes mankind is not perfect nor will ever be on this present earth. But, being human and knowing the evil that exists in this world, living by this code was adhered to by only the faithful or what seemed to be saint like that may have lived a protected life. In todayís world, these principles are looked upon as impossible, but letís reveal clues to why many Christians and new converts that will not abandon Christ during the End Times.

   This concept was meant to be on a spiritual level as opposed to a physical level on earth. Few Disciples of Christ would live to see another day if in the physical realm they took no precautions or gave away all to sustain them as a life and its lessons are precious. You need to look deeper as to what Christ our Savior was trying to teach us.

   The dark one preys on anger, hate, and pride when another who is infested attacks you. When you respond on a spiritual level and get this straight, not a physical level to protect your lives as you feed in to what the dark one wants a shift to where your soul darkens. It is this, anger, blind rage, hate, the lack of concern for other in the passion of the moment that strengthens him to seduce others. As evil increases it becomes self fulfilling building upon itself. Ok, I know this is confusing so letís shed some light.

   As parents, when your children go astray, even curse you, are you not there even if there is a glimmer of hope? All of you are children of God, but divisions created by men and the influence of evil separates us from that which is God. Look out upon the world and you will see your brothers and sisters, but this knowledge has been withheld from you by the dark one. It does not matter what one does to you in ignorance, but you who are enlightened needs to look past their sins or as you see it, crimes against you on a spiritual level. All are learning and make mistakes as all of you and I did. To the many, are you and I sin free, no, as we trampled on others and thought nothing about it when it occurred. Letís not use personal examples here to let the Truth ring home.

   The point is that love is the destroyer of lust, hate, pride and anger. When an action is taken against you, turn the other cheek which means look past the event and have love for the soul as if you were a parent. Have love out of compassion. Have love because you are above their indifference and errors in a humble way as when they are saved, no one will focus on the past.

   All of us are pushed by influences, yet few know that, all that is evil comes from the dark one camouflaged as your own thoughts. As rage, hate and revenge builds towards those who commit horrific crimes and some state it was not me, it was the voices. There is truth to the statement and until you accept this, you are vulnerable. With free will, good and evil have equal access to your minds. This is a fact, which few of you will acknowledge. It is your job to spiritual to forgive all who offended you, as this is a test. You were enslaved financially. You were treated differently where your life was held back. Some scared when they encountered violence or raped by those raging in lust by those that once were acquaintances. Yes it was wrong, but a soul is at stake, not your present physical body and this is most important. Not your earthly body or pride as when it is all over will matter when transformed. You will not shed a tear for your past as this has been written.

   Many of you ask, why would a loving and forgiving God, who is all powerful allow His children to be hurt? It is not God that did this, but an act of man who had free will influenced by the dark one. With free will there comes a responsibility for your actions. As a parent you can raise, love, and shelter your child, but if he or she chooses another path, you cannot stop injustice or violence against another human being. It is up to each and every individual to choose their own path, God or the dark side.

  Original Sin was committed by the parents of the human race, Adam and Eve as they were the first. Yes Adam and Eve did exist and were punished by exiled, what is sad few on earth believe this. Again, you ask, legends point to an advanced race improving mankind. This is true to a point, but you do have all of the facts as there is confusion between what seems like early man and differentiating the human race itself. Have your scientists found a missing link? No! Nor, shall they ever find a link.

   Those races that have came or resided on this planet for millions of years especially the Annunaki over the past 500,000 years have tinkered with early mankind, but this was not the human race. The human race was placed here by an act of God and the other races died out and the Annunaki removed, but as they saw it by choice a little over 5000 years ago. Look to the cities under your oceans thousands of feet deep over 20 thousand years old. Not one of you can explain this except, that your governments that had this knowledge for decades left you out of the loop until, they are forced to admit the truth and that time is now.

   When an environment threatens life more than what could be gained, you have a choice. This is why humans in the Bible existed thousands of years, yet the earth is billions of years old. You are using human logic and looking for science to answer your questions. But, know this, all science and the secrets of the universe come from one source, God the Almighty.

   The world will suffer, all to bring mankind together. For many, this is the only time you invoke the name of Jesus your Savior and God. When you suffer for another, this is true love which only emanates from God. The dark one gains power through human souls excising hate, anger, murder, rape, theft, lies, lust and most important pride. This is why humility is preached. This is why the chastisements of mankind are brought upon you to humble your soul. This is the only plan that will break the dark oneís influence on your souls in order to save all, but the harden. Few of you believe there is a God, like the Egyptians in the time of Moses and it will be the chastisements that will bring the Human race to their knees humbly before God. Your science is flawed. Your wealth is controlled by the few. Your true compassion for mankind is only superficial. Now is the time for the Truth to be heard. Your world will never be the same after the awaking, the warning.

    Those that suffer will save others who cannot help themselves. The prayers you recite will offer atonement for the sins of others. The spiritual persecution you endure because you stand by Jesus will be the only light for some souls to be guided by. It is not for you to try and grasp Godís plan, but deliver by faith what is needed to turn this world around. Now you say how a can few can the world. David did, Gandhi did, and Mandela did as men. Jesus did as the Son of God, can you?

 Now turn that cheek and forgive another spiritually. This is what Jesus would do. This is who you are supposed to emulate in life. This is your mission on earth, now deliver.


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