The Manipulation of Mankind going into the Pole Shift



Written Oct. 3 2010

   Humanity again is allowing a natural disaster, the Pole Shift and its precursors to shape them, instead of we as a race of one rising up to take on this challenge for the betterment of all. Your politicians have prepared what seems a safe haven for them to survive with your money, every rat for themselves and if you survive they have a job for you, in reality, it might as well be a slave camp. Has history taught not one of you, we do not need to follow the same path our predecessors took in the days of Noah. Look around and step back and observe the whole picture. You will see that you have been manipulated, but best of all by those pulling the strings, it has been by your choice. How pathetic, as all you know someone whose life has been devastated, yet a good number of you, think this is some type political game. The game being played here was on you. This going to end here and start now as that which is based on hate and fear will be removed from the this country along with the rest of the world.

   Certain Politicians, state, some our nations problems are due to the illegal aliens that are here, as they race bait, incite hate between groups of people as if they are totally responsible for these problems. Yes indirectly, but it is these same politicians the let cross the border with little friction as they were the exploited and needed work force of the corporations. Why open plants overseas when we have cheap labor south of the border. Although presently, over the latter part of 20th century focus on undocumented workers has made the choice to move jobs overseas the choice of industry. The managers did not care, it was their job to lower costs to their business and pass social costs to government, where liberals with their soft hearts would step in and be blamed in tight economic times for the social costs. Look in their homes for domestic help, who attends their gardens, who does their handy work and it is these same Politicians and there corporate friends that pay them a sub standard wage to where they have no choice, but to leech off of your tax dollars. The finger needs to point to the source the problem, not all at the resultant immigrant looking for a better life. Events now occurring in the news is not an isolated case, but a way of life among the privilege.

   All of you that flip from one side to another are blinded as you see only the short term picture presented to you. You are in one of the deepest recessions just above depression, yet they say fool me once, fool me twice, but. Your previous administration spent a trillion dollars on a war, that few Democrats challenged, where were those who pledged to stand up for what is right in America, and after all that, did you win? Did you even provide basic services and protection? Was there a true threat or motivation through a set of events, some of which were false flag events backed by the same hoping to go to war. During the days of the Cold War if there was a strike on American Soil from those aligned with the Former USSR, they would expect a full retaliatory strike from the US. Do you really think a band of militants would dare risk the lost of all nations harboring them to carry out a rouge strike? Do you think the Middle Eastern elite would dare protect the extreme with the loss of all. This nation has the ultimate might on Earth and its use, is a deterrent of the threat from any nation without spending a dime or by occupying their land, but you did.  Not  afraid of the Bear, but a group of desert militants gets you to spend a trillion dollars. Has anything changed, no.

   So where did your money go? Oh, you know, in the pockets of the crafty, that wanted this war to be perpetuated for the almighty dollar. Were you complaining then, no. Over a million Iraqis died in collateral damage, thousands of our friends, family and the many uncounted veterans that died once off the land of Iraq, resident aliens who volunteered hoping for citizenship and this country had nothing to do with the trigger event or harbored WMD. Where is the accountability for this mistake or are you telling the world innocent Muslims who are of no threat mostly elderly, women and children, they do not count. Did you protest? No.

  Satellites scanning Afghanistan and Pakistan using infrared during the night are well aware of covert movements and supply lines. Even cave people must eat. Republicans with there deep connections will make sure that no superstar is caught under a Democratic president. Maybe its time you assign your trusted staff to monitor the transmissions at the source, if there is nothing to hide, then its just a larger party.

   You support a certain group as if they want financial responsibility brought back to this nation as they and their policies have changed. Yet they slap you in your face and say the rich deserve a tax cut. In essence they think you think a tax cut is a cut, but it is a transfer of your money from your pockets to the rich. A short fall in taxes means you make up the difference one way or another by less services or a greater share of your income by nickel and dime'ing you. They have write offs, do you? So you are that well off where you can give away 700 billion dollars over the next decade and you think they are going to invest it so jobs that will created. No job will created unless there is a profit in it for them, this is not charity, this is business. It is about being a winner, unfortunately there is a great number of losers. Do you need to hear the word?

   Politics has changed, where media spin is the focus. Avoid the tough questions, incite division and blame a group, person or policy for the present dilemma. No considers how the problem starts and by whom, bait and switch. Over 99.9999% Muslims are not responsible for the attacks in America and the few that were had strange bed fellows. It is time to stop the hate when it comes to influential political voices in America and it up to you to remove these voices, they help no one, but cloud the decisions of the uninformed who follow the trend. If you continue to exploit the events to push people in fear towards your base, then be prepared to take the consequences of exposure of false flag events that will change the way all see you. Stop now, for the choice is yours. Ultimately it you be that is removed instead of a political gain or power.

   As the disasters destroy at first Muslim countries like Pakistan by floods & droughts and Indonesia as their islands sink below the wave and volcanoes explode, the extremism will be replaced by basic human need of help. Boat people will the new coin phrase to describe the survivors a horrific event. We are all one as you observe events think of yourself, because all will suffer the same fate if no one helps. The elite have written have you off, depending upon nature and the surprise of the event as all rumors are currently suppressed as crazy talk. The hope is, that efficiency of the Pole Shift to eliminate the useless population will be increased by surprise of the event lack of preparation, and hopelessness as most just give up as those elected to protect, look out for themselves while in hiding.

   With the disasters and the great loss of life, there will be a move towards God, faith and hope, overall, this mindset is a great thing, but it is those who take advantage of events that will again be removed. No man, woman or Religion can promise you salvation, this is a direct result of your decisions and actions towards others. Do they base being saved on fear, do they promise a lift from destruction, when they know they can not save themselves, but your donations will go a long way as some run? Is acceptance based on submission of free will? Are there a set of rigid rules where these actions create an adverse environment or are outdated due to the needs of the past, if yes to any of these questions, move on. We do not need masses gathered in Churches praying when a strong hand of assistance is needed in the field. Leave prayers to those who can not contribute due to health, age, or injury. It is about building a shelter, rescuing a person in need, changing what would be death for some into a new life of hope. It is actions that change events on Earth, not passive repetitive phrases lip sync while your mind wanders as if this is going to do the work to help others in need. Now prayer is great, but pick up broom and sweep while reciting. The key here again when listing and considering the words of people of faith, judge them by their actions, not by the robes or facade they wear or present. No figure on Earth is above this rule, not even the Pope, who is a man. Men appointed him, the same group that overlooked abuse of children that were entrusted to their care and some acted surprised it existed. All were briefed, all knew the facts as church attendance and revenues were affected and this choice will be between them and God.

   Mankind is a the tipping point where division, the extreme transfer of wealth and waffling between parties has and almost consumed society. Now is the time for you to change for you alternative is where few survive, and most would rather die than carry out the actions needed for survival in a lawless or dictatorial environment. How could you allow this country to be deceive by short term empty promises. They did not work in the past and will not work in the future as times become more severe. The long term goal if you step back and observe is a slow erosion of rights and services. If services cannot be maintain on the local level due to loss of revenue, who pays the difference? You do. Government services needed by the rich is a fraction of income and if stopped and the cost passed to the citizen. The ratio taxes not to absorbing the cost of lost services is far greater for the common man. In this game, you are the loser.

   The rules of the universe dictate free will or choice and both have been given to both sides of the coin. Humanity on the whole has chosen the same path repeated many times when a decision is needed. Fear, divide and protect the few, what is so sad this strategy has never worked as civilization after civilization has failed, eventually conquered and their stature as a supreme world power lost. Look at your history books, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Spain, England, U.S.S.R., do we need to follow the same path? As billions look for leadership, little will be found among the political leaders essentially weak as money is their source of wisdom, when under pressure, powerful and greedy use their connections built or bought. As the primary concern for them is to ensure safety for themselves while the facade of caring for those who elected them carries on, free will.

   On Earth, it is key to covertly create the problem while transferring the wealth of those affected by choice. So how can this be accomplished with most none the wiser? The free enterprise system is the system by how a product or idea is rewarded by the market place. This basic principle, presently the best system in place on Earth, but long term this can and is being manipulated by those in power. In business for example, there is no end to the number patents submitted, then delayed and then passed to the competitor during the industrial revolution and days later they were rewarded the patent. The courts bribed as money changed hands and some of Earth's past well known inventors were no more than thieves with the right money, connections and timing.

   The 1st step is control of the nation's banks where a group is given the power to lend a government its own money at a variable interest rate (Fed Funds, Fed Discount Rate), which is their managing fee based on monitory and economic conditions. It becomes very effective when augmented with a cause all the people stand behind, war. Fear, conflict subjugates all on one path as the freedom of the nation is at stake. On the world banking platform, the goal was to covertly fund both sides, first and most important a general equalization of both sides in order to draw out the term of engagement increasing the debt on both sides, ultimately, the bankers win. This was done in WW2 as the Rothschild's banking empire funded both sides and wannabe Prescott Bush sold out this nation as did his grandson later with a planned 2nd Iraqi war.

   The free enterprise system has many covert mechanisms to strip the general wealth of the public by free will. Where the goal is to promote greed on a subtle level, as if it is ingenuity, knowledge, financial backing and basic luck on a level are the true causes. Consumption promoted by advertising, stars, movies and commercials implants a message, the success of your life is measured by what you have acquired by any means. The market is free as it does allow the masses to buy and sell, and due diligence does have its rewards, but what is the theme? You are shown that over time, maintaining your position versus timing the market is a superior market strategy. This was true, but look beyond the a normal 30 year term investment goals of a normal life time and expand the economic cycles over a century and the truth surfaces. By a controlled manipulation through the Fed dictating the flow of capital by over extending money it is easy to target certain industries and positions to accelerate potential bubbles. Profits that feeds the general public with the illusion they can lift their general life style. How many times are you going to travel the same path? If the game is the same and the scene changes do you really think the end result for most will change? For the few that make it, a greater number fail as the profits have to be balanced by losses. The gamble for most is more than their financial backing can absorb, so they fold by the millions.  Wisdom and investments dictated by due diligence are replaced by quick profits. The ultimate supplier of money, makes a decision and enters the free market with increasing proxy short positions, this is dictated by the public's greed. Then at a pre-selected optimal time, the money supply is contracted and the top has formed. The clueless are still buying as the private members of the Fed are increasing the short positions. The funds dry up, buying ceases and the market falls and panic selling ensues. The books written by them warned of this thus, the public sees this as a natural decline due to market conditions. The goal is to allow the loss to drop to the predetermined level where the public after a bottom, will be still willing to invest as this is the only game in town. So collusion among all involved in the hidden private ownership of the Fed, dictates and agreed point to close out short positions and the combined gain shared equally among the private members of the Fed. The public none the wiser, just had a percentage of their wealth transferred due to free will, but market conditions and a plan guaranteed a slice market capitalization. With the new gains, investments into the best companies are bought at a fraction of their worth. Covertly, through many proxy shells where true ownership of the most successful corporations are hidden.

   Now lets address the deficit and just who is this money owed to, if most nations are in debt who is profiting, the Fed, which is controlled by the Rothschilds. No one in Congress dares audit them or reverse what Wilson passed swiftly and among the few. One president has tried and he is dead, the message sent keeps all in line. All of you are so concerned with the so called Antichrist and one world government. You are looking there for great deception, although the long term agenda shaving of wealth from the stock market and increasing the deficit is the true goal. Not one of you ever considered this is the plan, where all will serve one, the Bank. This is how blind even the best of you are. What most don't know is that the Bush Administration assisted in the last bubble, housing. By creating a regulatory environment that encouraged abuse and theft. He won as the economy hummed along under a Ponzi scheme. Greed became rampant as all thought the shift was coming during his reign. Who cared as no one expected to be caught, but now you see the results. Remember most of who supported this agenda are still in Congress and all among the top of Republicans know what's coming, all were expecting to rule you after the disaster, except with an iron fist of greed as they knew there would be no checks and balances when all are hungry.

  This is no game, it is your life that they cared not about. Again they expect most of you to die and with their silence give you a little push to speed up the process. I want you to look at the Indonesians and Malaysians when the great quakes destroy their countries. If apathy is path your fate will follow theirs. When you vote, look towards those help and their past actions will be proof. It is not about a party, a liberal or conservative view, it is about who will undo what has been done to America. Anyone can cut taxes, but who will stop the fraud. Anyone can surge in the polls with enough money and samples. But we need to elect the anyone who will change America. It is up to you, first to vote, then ponder the choice from your soul and this time your choice may have your life depending upon it.

   Many are beginning to realize the Republican party only backs the elite, but the surprise is that there are self centered Democrats with an approach that appeals to the common man, can also be an important part of the same politics. Many within the many long term political arena, Democratic senators and representatives have been compromised long ago. All were promised a place in the future of Earth under one organization avoiding the pearls of the Pole Shift. This is why some change direction, waffle in their support, where the true motive is persevering their position by a careful dance of votes legislature that seems to support those that put them in, but behind the veil a hidden gain for corporate supporters. This comes in many forms the backing of a war under patriotism, passing a health care bill, but allowing loop holes to exist. Although this process usually is a compromise when a new bill is passed, but in this case many provisions were placed in order that the insurance policies would still profit. This was the compromise between Republicans and certain Democrats.

   Sometimes politicians reflect back on bad decisions and associations all of which are a lesson for the individual, so lets look at Rahm. What he thought was a slam dunk decision, has totally backfired. You were never truly part of that crowd, expendable when caught. All know of your intent, few in the Executive Branch now stand behind you, as most are glad you were purged. The facade will continue as many question why would he run for a job that few would want and you were not in the top three in the polls and how will you qualify for residency. So this move was planned, really. It was a gracious way out, when most agreed, you should have been kicked to the curb. Would he, if given a second chance, now take a different path? Yes, but that is hindsight. So Rahm, take that look of concern off of your face seen in photos and use your time to change Chicago. "If" you win, there will be a second chance determined by how you choose to govern and the choices you make to improve the lives of either the elite of the city or all of those who gave you their vote. The key is to learn from your mistakes.

   Obama is not part of the old boy inner circle and shook the foundation of most Democrats when elected, (race, yes it still exists as boiling occurs under certain smiling faces, a newcomer, different). Although they rode that once very popular coat tail. Yes he was and still is about change and to the surprise of most, will achieve progress against the conservative base, as long as the spirit that has returned, is maintained until the term end, but you will also need the solid support of the party. This will be a personal choice as no matter what occurs around you do not waver. The gloves are off in this slugfest.

   So if the Republicans achieve gains, which has usually happened in mid terms all which is in the hands of the American voting public, now what? Control what you can. Purge the inner circle of all that held back, for that is a weak link. As for one that is essential, keep, but it is up to you be bring change in that individual. That is your "motto", and now use it where it counts bring that person on board. It is not about the policy being projected, but the inner spirit that is behind the message. You volunteered for this, now deliver, because we are depending upon you.

   Those in Washington Politics are not going to change so move around them. First remove all sympathetic moles linked to the former Bush Administration from FEMA, Homeland  Security and cut off their intel in the NSA. Prepare for what is coming. With FEMA all operations should be headed and the lieutenants by the best from NYC Fire Department. Judge them on records and if can they be compromised, if no they are in they learn as they go. This is your best option, to what you have in there, is political appointments in there as favors for allegiance to the Bush Administration and to this day still loyal to that needs to be removed. As the expect the old power structure to return. Rove is not stirring things by chance. Move now so what is coming they can be prepared, most of all before they join, tell them the truth and if they are up to this challenge. Replace all in the purchasing dept. of FEMA as all do not have the country's best interest.

  With Homeland Security it about trust in those you control to carry out your agenda, not what has been planted by others so that you fail. All prepared for your arrival as a just in case and there are safeguards in place. What is at the surface in Washington politics has many redundant sub surface layers, did you really think would be that easy? What you have is the authority and swiftness to change the personal of internal organizations, those doing the job, first you must trust as yourself. If not find someone else, by the way Biden was and still is good, as everyone needs a trusted bad boy to take out the garbage. So what is your source. Start with  the  New York and Los Angeles Gang Task Forces. They are harden, the know the streets of America, they will deliver justice when all is out of control in selected areas. Arm them with the best from the military for improved tactics and arm them with infrared technology and the best weapons. Give the shells that penetrate walls and neutralize targets. Their psychology profiles must have an innate care about others and when all hell breaks loose, if so, let them go, there will be no second guessing. If a killer that escapes a sure kill will prevent the chance of another innocent suffering the same fate. In a disaster the law is not around for all, and many will take to crime if the chance of being caught is nil and this will be the case for most. Does another life need to be lost to the harden, no. Protect the innocent, as you know the scenario coming, nothing is impossible, but the status quo and the apathy and fear of the public cannot and should not be allowed.

   You control the military and day to domestic operations, this is it not in the hands of Congress. It time to deliver for your people, what the establishment will not do. Prepare the military bases for refugees fleeing disasters. Expand the Army Corp of Engineers for the rebuilding bridges, dams, roads, most of maintaining a flow of logistics, if you get opposition make them an example. They would and have made an example of you. Politics and compromise is over, it time to do what is right for America. The people come first, good leadership points the direction, minimize wasteful compromise that prevent a straight path. In the end the finger of blame will point to you, if nothing is done or attempted. Yes this is contradictory as they want government out of their lives, but this is the plan. So would revealing this bring about a counter move? No, fear dominates their agenda and the Earth Changes will confirm. It like turning the lights on in a roach infested kitchen, they run and hide, those left in the open get crushed. Close all avenues of escape as every that voted you in as a leader, expect you to lead. The days of compromise due to a hidden agenda are over. We work together for all decent Americans and in the end, when our house is in order, then we can help the world.

   Bush had no problem pushing a suspect war past mostly timid Democrats, as few dared to challenge and speak out at first, all as now a part of history has been observed. The Republicans stood firmly and proud behind Bush no matter what planted statement came from his mouth. Presently, some Democrats quickly distant themselves if a good bill is challenge, how weak. Where is your spine, or is it about the money and polls? This is not leadership, and this is not what want as a leader in the future. Is it about following through on your principles, not changing when the wind of politics turns against you or is unsure. America, do you want to elect a person that changes on fear? What about the tea party candidates as leaders, they are about change? They talk about the solution, but forget what was behind the cause. When challenged with a tough question, they would rather duck and run than answer, which takes a position that the consequence is unsure in the polls. What does that say about a tea party leaders when faced with a crisis, lets take a poll.  Not in my country, not on my watch, not when my neighbors, all Americans are affected. They will hiding in the bunkers cowering in self centered fear, while you are banging on the door looking for answers that will never come. Again be wise about who you choose and trust as leaders. 

   During the disasters there will be no protests, no witch hunts. Why, because you knew things were wrong and made no changes. You wanted a guarantee, when you made a life choice it is based on doing the right thing not a guarantee. Do you speak up when it was unpopular? No. So now do not waste every ones time with grassroots movements supporting the truth. It is about you taking these same efforts to invoke change. Help in a disaster situation instead of marching or worse, complaining. Now you want government to save you? Go talk to the Republicans. Oh, I forgot the are in the bunkers and you are on hold.

   For mankind is at point where all is at stake. This is no game or illusion, it is the lives of your family, friends and neighbors on the line and by time you realize, it will be too late. Some of you have heard the rumors, all of you will know those that most of who you voted for or your entrusted to do what is right for the people they control, has lied and has a private agenda. They only care about themselves and they have said among themselves, their seeds will repopulate the Earth. The young girls used under the pretense of national security will not be willing as there will be no checks and balances their realm. What is going to take to remove the veil shrouding the minds of men and women on Earth? Immense death from Earth changes here in America, because we are unprepared and those at the top are unwilling to take the steps needed that will most a fighting chance. Do not let nature carry out what you are afraid to defend against. There is collateral damage. This will the death bed for billions and if you are going to go out, do it right so your actions can help others. By your courage, your sacrifice and will to change mankind's world for the better. It starts with you, if not who is going take the first step. When faced with death in the name of justice trust your instincts, for what has guided you through your life, otherwise if you give up. Your decision to give in, will solidify the result. We need to independently move to self sustaining camps. It is not about giving to a charity, but having supplies on hand to help your neighbor as you see the need and are there to deliver, a lifesaver. You will be prime source of help. Your support will come from a familiar face and there is trust in the eyes of your neighbors. Best of all, everything that is given those in need reaches its target, which is not an organization that takes more for themselves than is given out. Change now and trust in God, because in the end all we will be calling his name.

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