Mary, the Mother of the Son of God: Why do some Christian Sects discount the Blessed Mother?


Mary was chosen by God as vessel to bring life in human form to the Son of God.

Mary the choice of the Almighty was His one and only on Earth considered throughout time to bring forth the Christ child to enlighten all of mankind. She was responsible the carry, give birth, raise and protect the Son of God the ultimate job. Consider this, how many of you here on Earth with your present spirituality would take on this task? Think before you answer, because this is Son the God and a soul near perfection is needed. Not one of us could truly step into Her shoes, because even you know your imperfect soul cannot mingle with God!
Respect for youíre mother as the one who brought life to you through the design of God is common place among the people of Earth. So if Jesus respects her why canít you as a Christian outside of the Catholics?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the Mother of Jesus, Mary among Christian churches of the West. Mary the mother of God who incarnated on Earth thru His Son Jesus Christ was chosen above all others in human form to carry the spirit of God in human form. It was the Almighty who made this choice with all the wisdom of the universe and let no man put this decision asunder, ďFor I am your God AlmightyĒ. Mankind has no right to decide whom homage is to be given to. If you were president of a major Earth power would you not respect opinions of your mother and consider advice from her? Mary is special in Godís and Jesusís eyes and is considered the Mother of Earth. Having lived here in physical form and raised, protected & taught the young Christ, She now intercedes for all children of Earth as her Mother during our time of tribulation. Godís wrath against all evil is now taking form as destructive storms, earthquakes and other calamities, which many of the innocent shall be swept away as martyrs. Would it not be better to ask the Mother, Mary thru prayers to approach God and His Son to lessen the wrath, pain and judgment about to befall this world and its inhabitants during its transformation?
Thru the grace of Mary, the Almighty has extended the time allotted to Earth to reach its spiritual decision. All in the know see the pole shift as one of survival of the physical body where those with information and money are suppose to survive, but this is not Godís plan. Choices are going to be presented to mankind as events will dictate a move to either light or darkness with stagnation or those on the fence looked upon as needing further lessons thus, calamities shall remove most.

As prophesized it is Mary who crushes the head of satan (the antichrist) and his human counter parts.

There will be a sign for all to see call it planting a seed several years from now, the image of the Mother of God, pregnant while carrying the child Jesus will appear in an image where the Moon resides at her feet for the entire world to see in the night heavens. This will be no sophisticated parlor trick involving holographic lasers to trick the world. For there will be many looking for guidance and countless false prophets willing to take advantage of the sorrow of mankind and lead astray the masses.

The right choice is made because it comes from the heart and not a promise of a definitive reward. When the words come from those whom preach about the after life, many lead to the reward in heaven and this is true, but this approach may miss the point. It is not the man who behaves only to please the Almighty, because he fears the alternative, Hell. This is only making the first step, but is better than none. The choices man makes has to come from his soul and he must live the majority of his life by this doctrine because this is his way and not done for a promise of a reward.

Some claim the path to an extraordinary life begins with studding the Bible and applying its truth thru obedience. Again some may miss the lesson; the Bible does give insight to how one should live oneís life, for it is Godís word. The difference comes when one lives it due his convictions learned from life. This is where the spiritual part of the human excels.

Some say like a pebble you can affect anotherís life and this is true, but it is one thing to preach in name of God as long as others agree. What happens when you forge that path with no one at your side but God, will you persevere?

During the times of tribulation, prayer will be the only answer as possessions are destroyed and lives lost. Those that honor the Mother of God with some those prayers shall have unselfish requests presented to the Almighty who will hear all the cries of His children on Earth.

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