Mary Appears

Chosen Souls Rejoice it is the Month of May

The Book of Truth




Written Jan 29

Updated May 1


   Faithful, you have prayed the Rosary and what you have envisioned to be part of prayed for will now happen, sanctioned by the authority of God Almighty and His Son this spring 2014. These apparitions will spark a resurgence of faith through out this world where so little is found today. Mary our beloved Mother of Salvation starting in the month of May will appear at all five Marion sites as of now, but with your prayers “may” be expanded to another site if it is the will of Father and sanctioned by Jesus. Take heed and treasure these times as the Catholic Church under the orders of the Vatican will remove all traces of Mary and the Rosary before next spring 2015. This is by design.

   Chosen ones if called, go to the destinations implanted in your minds for you will be given the gift of a lifetime to witness an apparition of your Blessed Mother, our Mother of Salvation. The locations will be Lourdes, Fatima, La Salette and Guadalupe. She will also appear at Garabandal.There will be no doubt faithful, that is She that has appeared. Miracles will accompany these visions so that the world will know the power of God, the Almighty and His intervention.

   Faithful, the agents of the dark side will not be able to dismiss these events at first. You will ask why, is not the pope at these locations leading in prayer of the faithful by reciting the Rosary in front of millions on camera to inspire the world? He will run to a poor man that needs physical resources to lift him from poverty. He will embrace a man who is disfigured and the world celebrates, but wait for a commission to examine events may be his answer. These are the same sites, the same visions being seen, the same gathering of the faithful in prayer by the thousands and you of all people have little faith? Let the world see your true colors as you have read the 3rd letter of Fatima, your biography. But like a chameleon he changes so his calculated moves will not be precisely predicted. What you can count on is that all who are aligned with the dark side follow a set of orders that must be obeyed. This is their weakness.

   To the media know this. Your cameras will capture no distinct image, how could it, for that which is spiritual Mary, Mother of God does not obey the physical laws of this earth. But you ask, how will we tell the world this is real? Speak to the chosen ones quietly and privately ask questions, get descriptions and look into their eyes and the glow in their smiles. Their soft demeanor will draw you like a magnet for the spirit of God now resides within them. Your gut will reveal the Truth. You will hear that the Sun shines behind Her head. You will hear there were twelve beautiful stars about her head. Ask for a description for it will be other worldly and not one of them could have collaborated details that is beyond your science. Then there will be the crown of thorns as was worn by Her Son. The point is that apparitions of Mary were separated by years, but now all will happen within the span of this spring. You will not discount these words as they are being told to you in advance. This is your proof. The point when it occurs you have a choice for if time passes and nothing, just another false prediction. Although this time, it will not be the case. You are being told again the timeline is the Almighty's; delay was to lessen the impact of death on mankind, be thankful. For when it comes all of you will wish for another day of peace. Your leaders know the Truth, but they leave you in the dark.

   The Church is already in the process to remove the Saints and Mary the Mother of God from its doctrines and Churches. You will be in shock when it happens and the speed change occurs, but this must happen as it is being allowed by God and His Divine Will. The goal is to stop the Hail Mary prayer the greatest weapon against the dark one, but you don’t see this. Watch as the Church promotes human rites and states there is no reason to focus on Mary and the Saints as God is the one to be adored through our charity, tolerance of others and their rights. In order to embrace the world the church must modify its doctrines to respect all believers and non believers and focus just on God. With the new changes coming just who are you worshiping? And soon Jesus our Savior will be questioned by those in the Vatican. What’s next?

   Our Mother Mary of Salvation will try to unify the faithful through Her appearances. Millions will believe. Bring on the scientists, and watch as the pope remains in Rome or if ventures out will not lead days of prayer for fear of displeasing his dark master. Again ask him to set up a prayer vigil of the Holy Rosary which He leads. Be aware he answers to another voice.


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