The Mechanics of Gravitational Fields

And the Relationship to Density Shifting


Written Jan. 12 - 30 11:15 pm EST

Advanced Gravity 101

   As I address the scientific and global community, I am asking you to look at what I am saying with a clear mind. So what do I mean by this. Erase everything that you know or were taught about gravity and start fresh with a blank slate. Those that do, may will excel. Now lets start, as I expect most of your brains to fry for first timers.

   We will start with, gravity is not a charged force between masses that attracts. How would this concept work, as you introduce another mass, would the third be repulsed due to 2 like charges? No, or will they all of the sudden some how would rotate about a common point. Second not all subatomic particles related to gravity have velocities at or near the speed of light. Just how would the universe assign a charge? So a mass of a larger size has a different charge of a smaller what happens when it wanders, do the same rules apply? What about centrifugal force countering the force of gravity? What about the g-forces when a rocket takes off? Astronauts are pressed to their seats as the encounter a greater amount of gravitational subatomic particle flow while piercing earthís gravitational field per time interval. The force of the takeoff has little to add, if did it was on the moon?

   The Moon is affected by drag from our sunís solar wind, the same as our satellites. There is little resistance from a stray air molecule at the edge of our atmosphere, yet you seem to ignore this. The orbital distance should be degrading, but it is not. The Moonís orbit is a slight ellipse. Does the velocity of the Moon increase and decrease countering conservation of energy? You say it is being acted upon by an outside force, but that force is weaker due distance and velocity. So are you saying the mass of the moon varies during its orbit to balance your equations? Do your probes lose velocity after your planetary gravitational assist fly bys? But according to you mass cannot be created or destroyed, which is it?

   Letís review your mass-velocity equations of relativity, as you say a mass increases towards infinity as the velocity of the mass approaches the speed of light. That is what your best stated on earth over a century ago. So does the mass of a proton reach infinite mass or even proportional amounts when accelerated in your cyclotrons? As a sun ages its mass is reduced over time, yet the planets maintain there orbits, how? There is a solar wind that impedes the forward progress of the planets. The return flow forces the planets to seek an equilibrium. You call the orbital plane. This is the same principle that maintains the rings of Saturn and other planets in our solar system.

   How does this affect orbital speed? You will get none of these answer from current astrophysicists. What your government will not tell you, was one of their experiments on Apollo 11 that was classified. The moon launch was to examine an abandon alien base, but more important measure a certified weight on a precise scale on the moon to back the current theory of gravity. It failed verify that weight invalidating current gravitational formulas. What does this mean? Your current theories of gravity would not work in other places in our solar system, much less the general universe. What about that missing broadcast time. That was a technical glitch. The astronauts had an excursion with special tanks that lasted hours off screen. They can not examine a site in minutes including travel time. The elites in this nation pulling the strings of their puppets, some presidents, feared civilian astronaut control would leak alien information. So they made sure Apollo 13 failed without a lost by design as a bargaining chip and the program was terminated. NASA has a space station, but it was not allowed to be built on the moon littered with alien bases all abandon facing earth, cities some active on the other side and trash on the surface that might be seen. Yet would have made more sense as water is available.

   You say there are decades of space launches that have achieved reaching their target planets and moons. Yes, this is true. The current calculations of gravity are refined on earth as they start with a control mass, but acceleration increased at a variable rate to affect direction to mend paths to destination. Small adjustments in the beginning are unnoticed to the common scientists.

   With the theory of gravity formulated by old time legend Newton is still used today. Why because it seems to work. Observation can account for two of the variables and then assign a constant for M2. Your scientists have no idea on the mass of the earth especially Newton. He is ancient, yet revered. Current estimates of the planetary and solar masses in our solar system is a plug in. This is determined by a man made formula. In order for your gravitational formulas to work measured in meters per second, time is a variable that can slow or stand still. The formula would not work on the surface of Mars or proven not to work on the moon. Hawking talked about bendable spatial area, how does that work? It doesnít. He assumes a mass is anchored in a spatial universe by what force? You can not assume a bend if what you see in the universe does not change. A wormhole does not exist in the form that human minds imagine. Matter flowing into a decreasing tube from both ends? What about the pass through? It makes no sense. It is a Hawking dream.

   You state to validate your formula, mass increases as its velocity approaches the speed of light, yet in another statement you say mass can not be created or destroyed. Which is it? In a parallel universe the vibrational rate of matter is greater than your universe. The actual density of space is thinner allowing sub atomic particles to travel at far greater velocities than you can measure in your universe. The speed of light varies as you move through a universe where general space is far less dense. As this is the determinant of velocities that inhibit movement of subatomic particles. This is why as you move from one parallel universe to another, it is called a density shift. Your theories on gravity, the speed of light, relativity and the concept of time are far from the truth.

   We shall start with how gravity is a function of a primary mass and its subset of density. What mankind has got wrong, is the concept that two masses are attracted to each other. This would mean a mass within a spatial field would be influenced by a charge particle field that translates into a force, this would take an apposing charge assigned to the other mass to achieve this. Yes, this would work on a simplified level, but as we know, there are almost an infinite amount of individual masses in just our local universe. As a mass is attracted, you assume the correct velocity and range from the primary object lines up for multiple planets in the same orbital plane, yet their moons do not follow the same pattern around a sun. It does not consider that mass of a sun decreases over millions or billions of earth years? This would allow planetary orbits to move away from the sun, but the orbital velocity of earth is maintained even with passing through intense solar winds. How is that?

   So lets address the general properties of a gravitational subatomic particle and its flow. What I can say, it is seemly massless as mankindís instruments can not measure it, but it is there. Against current theories, the gravitational subatomic particle has a neutral charge, which is key. There are three basic stages or as you would observe gravity. Stage 1: The general particle float towards a large mass forms a subatomic particle field is dictated by a function of total mass and its density and radius from the surface of the containment core. Where their pass through of a secondary mass by gravitational subatomic particles create a force on the mass in the direction of the core. This is considered weight against, above the surface or within the primary mass. At the center of a core all gravitational forces are neutral as they cancel, but are still there. Stage 2: In general space, gravitational subatomic particles outside of the grip of a major planetary & stellar objects (lit or unlit), moon or Black hole is non directional as the pass through a mass. The cumulative net force that is neutral, not zero, as this is an absence of all force, which is false. You perceive this as weightlessness. Stage 3: Gravitational subatomic particle ejection streams from large masses. Is not known to the general public or its scientists. Those working in certain US Black projects have known of this force for decades. There is a need to know policy in place. When a massive planetary or stellar core has a build up of gravitational subatomic particles, as they constantly flow towards earthís core. Where they gather, increases pressure within the core. At an certain point due to density and core surface breaches, there is an explosive release from the planetary or stellar core that rips through general biomass and small inert masses on the surface with no damage to the mass, but affects any large mass like a moon or other planets within a close spatial field. You will know this as the Repulsion Force. These are the 3 primary actions on a mass caused by the flow of gravitational subatomic particles.

   As a mass coalesces at its dawn of creation, it sheds excess neutral sub atomic particles due to crowding and maintains stability in the general atomic structure. What you do not realize is an atom is in a constant state of motion to maintain a balance within a mass that the nucleus can support and its total neutral charge while addressing the protons and electrons. You have observed ions and elements that emit radioactive particles, but never though the process is two way with sub atomic particle absorption. Ions are energized on the molecular level and bleed out excess subatomic particles over time. This is known.

   As a mass increases within the same proximity, in what you consider as a weak force coalesces within what is a created void in the central core for neutral gravitational subatomic particles to gather. The positive and negative particles of a mass you are all familiar with, command a balance. Within in a nucleus there is a balance or load the atomic structure can carry to maintain stability. That which, when in excess, is shed into the universe and then drifts due to crowding eventually towards the center of a mass, its neutral point void to allow equalization. As the neutral charged gravitational subatomic particles gather within the core of the mass, the core is in equilibrium. It is a pressure void that attracts them. You see this in your weather patterns on earth. In the universe all particles follow the same universal laws. But you do not see this with your vague theories that all do not connect validating each other as here. Movement of gravitational subatomic particles is base upon pressure differentials. This is non-negotiable with a small mass, but changes as a mass approaches the size of large asteroids and small moons, it becomes measurable.

   Pressure at the core increases within a mass, as the core creates a compression void for gravitational subatomic particles that are floating near a mass causes them to be attracted to and flow towards the center of that mass. Look at it as a vacuum created as particles exit. What is different is that a neutral gravitational subatomic particle with no charge is attracted due to pressure differentials of the core and the spatial universe instead of being attracted as a charged particle. They flow towards an extreme low pressure void created by a mass exponentially proportional to the increase in mass. A secondary factor is density of the massís core that increases pressure exponentially in proportion to density of mass, which is defined and determines the core voidís refresh rate, which controls the cycle rate of gravitational subatomic particles, which are expelled due to crowding. Density is also responsible containment shell that surrounds the core impeding stream penetration of expulsion.

   Gravitational subatomic particles gather and create a spherical 360 degree flow towards the center of the mass. You see this as your planetary gravitation field at the mass surface. Each particle following in the wake of another void that precedes it. Thus creating an increasing field of gravitational subatomic particles flowing towards the center of a mass as the radius decreases to a central point of the mass. The flow intensifies. In smaller irregular shaped masses the field has an undefined shape with hot and cold spots on a minute level coupled with an immeasurable or small gravitational field. Have your probes measured gravitational fields on asteroids, yes. The results have not been reported back to scientists under the orders of secrecy and released as a anomaly. No data received.

   Gravitational subatomic particles though almost massless, do create a force in the direction of movement as it passes through or any other subatomic particle like light and mass inert or biological as they float down from what you call outer space towards a massive core. With light the field must emanate from an intense Black Hole. This is what your scientists perceive as weight when a mass is in contact with is surface. Outside of the influence of gravitational flow towards a core due to a absence of a large mass, gravitational subatomic particle confusion sets in. A mass that receives a force from a 360 degree spatial field that cancels and is considered by your scientist as weightless. As all forces applied to the mass is neutral, due to your definition of zero, the absence of all forces that does not exist. You ask, about zero is an absence of all force, you are correct and wrong, all forces net zero, but are there in a balanced neutral state. That is the difference.

   As gravitational subatomic particles gather within the core of a mass, a critical saturation point is reached. The core is complicated with subsets that affect subatomic particle build up. If there is angular rotation within the core. Critical points of low and high pressure set up within the core dependent upon density and composition of mass. With no to little rotation paths of gravitational particles blasted from the core are almost evenly dispersed in a 360 degree spherical direction from the center and separation dependent upon density equilibrium between the streams. But at a slower rate due to the greater number streams taking longer to reach critical breach of the core containment shell. As core angular momentum translates into rotational velocity around the core central point subatomic particle ejection points migrate towards what would be the equator of rotation leaving few if any pointing above the equator and towards the polar regions. Pressure points established along the rotational plane have a shorter time interval for core surface breaches.

   A subset of this process is tilt. Some cores have extreme rotational spin, but the rotational plane of the core may be offset to the rotation plane of the primary mass or even be set as it oscillates above and below the rotation plane of the mass. This would be a factor in creation and maintaining of planetary rings. A dense core rotating at a large angular velocity would produce gravitation subatomic particle stream in the mass along a narrow exit core rotational plane. In a dense core these steams would separate into multiple streams ripping away from the planetary mass. But would set up a return flow above and below the outgoing stream. Small particulates and rocks caught by the planetary mass would tend to move towards the void between the lower incoming field and upper field surrounding the outgoing streams of a large gravitational mass.

   As the gravitational subatomic outgoing streams moves away from the planetary mass it seeks equilibrium and spreads along the extension of the coreís rotational plane. The slower moving gravitational subatomic particles apply an angular force to the particulates and rocks with sweeping them. Particulates with size as a determinant for ring distance, particulate placement & particle density (determinant of various rings), tilt off the planetary rotational plane and particulate orbital velocity. This is how separate rings of particles are created and the return flow determines the thickness. Now you ask what about the spokes we see? Even though the gravitational subatomic particle streams aka the Repulsion Force is ejected from the core tries to equalize, the original force primary streams are still intact and moving away along the core rotation plane. This is the force that moves all particles out of their path within the core rotational plane, for mankindís observations by telescope, you see a void and call them spokes.

   So how would gravity affect what you see in the observable universe? Your scientists have come to the assumption, all in the visible universe started at once, from a singularity, but you can not find that point. There is background radiation, but is from 1 point in time or a build up?

   Galaxies rotate upon a common point and all stellar orbital velocities all seem to fall in place. You just realized Black Holes are at the center of some galaxies and you think orbital stellar velocities will keep them in place. What is odd all are the same pace and in line from the galactic core. What a chance placement. There is a gravitational point that holds galaxies together that provides rotation, otherwise the stars would disperse according to your current theories. How do explain the various galactic shapes? You canít, as the shapes are not random, but defined by the characteristics of the Black Hole at the center of the galaxy. So letís reeducate you.

   First, the universe when created has always existed that transcends your concept of time. Time will be covered at the end of this paper. There are infinite levels of universes and infinite space. Again this is beyond the comprehension of mankind. When your new telescope comes online, the current theory of the universe having a defined start point and timeline goes out the window, as you peer now deeper into the universe, now what? You give push back an increase the point of the Big Bang. What about the next telescope if it happens? You will find the same scenario again. The universe is expanding in all directions due to the nature of mass trying to find an equilibrium coupled with crowding. If it was a singular explosion your super computers could analyze the current paths of galaxies and trace back o a point of origin, but you canít.

   Galaxies are created and destroyed, as there is a Black Hole at the center of all galaxies. The Black Hole is your singularity, but you are so close, but not there. The galaxies reset not the universe and this is the source of the cumulative cosmic background radiation. The Black Holes operates on a larger scale than planetary and stellar objects, but the principles are still the same. Globular clusters are formed when the Black Hole no to little rotation within the core of Black Hole. As angular velocity within the Black Holes core increases, the affected galaxy stellar locations migrate. First into an ellipse and greater angular velocities to form a spiral and its various forms. It is irregular galaxies that fools mankind, as these have more than one Black Hole affecting the placement of stars within the gravitational spatial field, that encompasses the observed star field. In spiral galaxies, the same gravitational subatomic expulsion streams are seen as they sweep the arm of stars before them. The more mature the Black Hole at the center the greater the core pressure due to the captured spatial mass leading to more streams and increased number of stellar arms observed in a spiral galaxy. The flow of gravity is so intense due to mass and the refresh rate within the core Black Hole is critical, it is also the primary common shared point for subatomic particle flow and its related energy between parallel universes and time flow leading to bursts. Density shifting and Time travel will be discussed later in this paper.

   A galactic reset or what mankind assumes was the Big Bang occurs when the flow of gravitation subatomic particles no longer can escape the incoming flow of a Black Hole. The pressure builds against what seems an impenetrable containment field that encompasses the core of the Black Hole. After billions or more earth years, the Black Hole explodes violently and large masses are dispersed outwards expanding and shedding heat. What is unusual when the masses cool and collapse on them selves the remnant Black Hole reverses the expansion. Thus reestablishing a new recycled galaxy were life can start fresh. The random masses that gather within the gravitational field of the remnant Black Hole then collapses near most stellar masses upon itself, if large enough the core compresses and then lights. Whether a star lights in its various forms or simmers is dependent upon the ratio of other elements to hydrogen coupled with core compression. This creates the various stars, brown dwarfs or planets while others stay dark with gravity, the effects are noticed, but not seen. This is your Dark Matter. Now lets address planetary orbital properties due to the flow of gravitational subatomic particles.

   In a galactic or stellar system where the central sun is lit or unlit or Black Hole, the gravitational subatomic particle flow slows, then ingested by a mass and are expelled with great force. When there is core rotation of the mass, the angular flow due to expulsion from a sun or Black Hole is like a pinwheel, sweeping planets and stars before it the direction of core rotation. This force peters out as it moves away from the source. The angular force in the direction of core rotation applied to a star or planet is a function of radius from the source, inherent spin at the core, release velocity, stream compression and the density of spatial universe dictating orbital velocity due to subatomic particle maximum velocities. Gravitational subatomic particles apply a force when they encounter a planet or stellar object. Orbits are variable as it is compromise between the incoming gravitational subatomic particle field returning to a sun and the opposing repulsion particle stream emitted from a sun towards a planet or planet to a moon. This is the same principle on a galactic level.

  You ask, where is there proof of the particle streams pushing the planets and angular velocity creating an orbital plane? Just like your sun has gravitational control in your solar system, a galaxy is controlled by its central black hole. What you have to realize is your scientist state what they see. An absence of light perceived as a hole in space. In reality a massive gravitational mass that bends light back to the gravitational source. The same rules apply in the universe with all physics. This is where mankind falls flat with its exceptions.

   The return flow of both the solar wind and gravitational subatomic particles above and below the planetary masses create a point of equilibrium due to force, you observe this as your planetary orbital plane. So what happened in your asteroid belt. This was a point of collision not between each other at the start, but as the set of planets or moons had equalized their positions within the orbit of Mars and what is now earth all of similar mass over time. The arrangement had an interloper pass through that orbits our binary lit, dark stellar system.

   Ancient history now in the possession the elite stolen from the library of Alexandria, then burned to cover the theft spoke of this collision that set off the destruction. What is our Earth now resided in the asteroid belt. It was hit by one of the moons of Nibiru and its waters scatters as comets. Bumped into its present orbit already occupied with a lifeless planet. Orbital equalization takes place were both planets settle at point 180 degrees on a rotational plane away from each other. Our Sun blocks observation but your nationís probes has detected it since the seventies. Many of the other planets were captured by Jupiter and Saturn. Mars captured asteroids, two labeled as moons. The relocation of earth is now in its present shared orbit. The impact crater is the Pacific Ocean pushing all land masses together as Pangaea. This is why heavy metals were heaved to the surface of the earth like gold. The asteroid belt debris are the small fragments left over, some cores with high iron content others just surface mass. The asteroids equalized separating due density and push back from each other, not a failure to coalesce and form a planet.

   The earth was closer to the Sun at one point due to the collision explaining huge plant life giving way to the large predators you see in your fossils. As earth orbit equalized it moved away from the sun and settled into an equilibrium orbit already occupied by a dark lifeless planet. Your Indians called it the Blue star, which will shortly appear as the equilibrium of separation has pushed the lifeless planet orbital placement upon earth by Nibiru instead of rotating on equal sides of the sun where visual confirmation would be blocked by the sun. The dinosaurs went extinct due to decreased plant life and herbivores died first and others followed with a dwindling food supply as the earthís orbit moved outward and the Sunís mass decreased. The bio-mass of reptilian dominance shrank on earth and shifted to supporting smaller mammals with more innate intelligence despite the asteroid hit. The earth when hit created the Pacific Ocean, which was much more vast than today. Polar shifts occurring over a set recurring time period on Earth then broke Pangaea, a single continent apart to where land masses are trying equalize. This is behind the Continental shift and is currently in progress accelerating due to the next polar shift.

   The current gravitational theories on earth are wrong and the scientific community are going to all lengths to keep that secret. The appearance of Nibiru in your at dusk and dawn skies as a double sun will negate any explanation the elite gives, as they expect you to die. Fireballs will scream through your skies. What city in the United States will suffer disaster first as change sets in? New Orleans as its levies will break as a precursor to the New Madrid quakes splitting the center of the United States extending up the Mississippi River. Earthquakes will increase here, until the New Madrid fault and Ramapo faults snap. When this happens watch your coastlines.

   Goodbye world headquarters of the JWs and the idea that you are special, instead you are a cult being taken advantage of by human elders promising a false salvation. Jesus will judge us, not a false promise from an elder giving you a pass. No man changes the Word of the Bible to suite his needs and start a new religion.

   So why are our scientists not talking about Nibiru? Yet your government has had decades to prepare and chose to do nothing. The current Biden Administration is continuing this policy and has no plans in place that can control inner city rioting and the crime waves that would follow if an announcement was made. Crop shortages due to climate change have destroyed vast areas of farmland around the world. We are next. So with the current mutations of Covid reinventing a new strain every few months helped by a covert team that specializes in genetic coding. Most who are the problem will be trapped in the cites along the coastline. You ask why? Again they expect you to die.

   In a binary stellar system with an unlit star a rare planet can orbit both suns and the gravitational shift in our solar system towards that unlit star, was never explained for a reason. The same principle that a comet can appear after centuries or decades is known. What if this planetís rotation about a binary stellar system is measured in millenniums? This would only be captured in earthís folk lore. The explanations interpreted in the primitive eyes of the beholders. In todayís society this would be a great secret allowing those in the know to go on, as the elites safely protected in their bunkers, again allow you to die. This is the current plan of the governments of the world and the new world order. Biden and the new world order has in place for any creditable person that cannot be discredited to be silenced permanently by any means necessary, if they talk. In the global arena they feel the United States needs to know its place. This world answers to the new world order. Now back to the scientific principles of gravity.

   Lets go over what causes stream separation along the core rotational plane. The key here is clustering where gravitational subatomic particles seem to gather and tend to ebb just like a wave. As pressure within a core increases the distance between peaks of the waves that form equidistant as a function of 360 degrees that creates radii or subatomic particle stream. The clusters start out as elliptical globs rotation flattens and spreads along the core rotational plane. Pressure continues and the globs migrate to be squeezed into a flattened tubular formation on the polar sides pressing against the core containment shell with a focus. These are the points of extreme expulsion as the pressure on the outer shell breaks the holds containment, thus the streams bursting from the core at weak spots. These streams inherit force and angular velocity at the establish points along the rotational plane separated by established points of equilibrium dictated density as equal parts of the 360 degree rotational plane.

   For the streams of gravitational sub atomic particles exiting the core of large masses, it is the refresh rate of the core of the mass that determines the number of streams along the equator. This is based on density of the neutral gravitational particles within the core and the timing of the release. Visualize, as neutral charged particles are flatten by core rotation. The separation due to crowding along that equatorial plane due to rotation into bands then streams as pressure builds. The stream breach the core and burst outwards as it overrides containment. Due to rotation the stream push outward like a pin wheel in most suns. So what happens when they encounter a large mass like a planet or moon?

   As the gravitational subatomic particle stream exitís a planet or sun it sometimes encounters push back in earthís case, the moon. The gravitational subatomic stream encounters the moon and crowding within the stream. With subatomic particle velocity reduced instead of ripping through the mass of the moon as with any small mass on the surface of the earth, they apply an angular force that repulses the moon and provides tangential and outward force away from the surface of the earth. This force now defined as the repulsion force, which maintains the distance between the earth and the moon. Plus is responsible for and maintains orbital velocity. This is the same force Einstein spoke of and refused to give mankind, as they were not ready. Truthfully you still are not. The orbit of the moon is a compromise between the incoming earth gravitational flow the outward repulsion force flowing from earthís core and the angular force that maintains orbital velocity. This is gravity 101. So you really think an organic mass and an inert mass has a charge that attracts other mass? Really what is the basis of that charge?

   So you ask, how do these same gravitational subatomic particles that are expelled from a mass create what your scientists analyze as a gravitational field? It is the flow back to the mass. Gravity subatomic particles eventually slow and float near masses with large cores expelled from various parts of the universe. These same gravitational subatomic particles are then pulled towards the void in the center of a mass. As the gravitational subatomic particles create a cycle of pressure differentials in the core of a planet creating a flow towards the interior core, building and then expelled instead of continuing to wander in the universe. This is the basis gravity subatomic particle flow towards to center of a mass. So again for you new comers. As the gravitational sub atomic particles flow slowly towards the center of a mass, it applies a force in a number of particles beyond your comprehension to any mass within the field it passes through in the direction of the core of the mass. The size of the mass, density and refresh rate (the cycle of gravity particle allowed to gather before they are expelled) is the basic parameters for a gravitational field.

   A question was asked about binary or triplex stellar systems grouping? How does that work? You have been told that any massive object has a primary gravitational field and in most cases the core emits an angular repulsive stream. So on a basic level when two stars move close enough to be captured by each others gravitational field, a dance between the masses ensues. Your scientists assume they pass each other at the right velocity, angle and gravitational attraction to orbit about a common point. The odds are that they pass or crash into each other with your theories.

   As two stellar objects approach each other, they are captured by each others gravitation field, it is the repulsive streams between the stellar masses that keeps them apart. The incoming gravitational field is countered by the repulsive force between the stellar objects. The balance or equilibrium establishes an orbital distance. It is the combined angular force due to gravitation subatomic particle expulsion along the stellar core mass. If core rotation for both are in the same direction rotation will be extreme. If opposed the net force will vary from almost a standstill to a slow dance and determine direction of rotation.. The corresponding tilt to each otherís core rotational plane between the stellar masses that provides the period of stellar rotation about a common point. This same principle applies to a triplex or multiple stellar system.

Density Shifting and Time

   So is there a danger in creating an artificial manmade gravitational field? Yes, if the scientists, like yours, have no clue on the gravitational process or its laws. Your government discovered density shifting by accident during the Philadelphia Experiment. The military goal was radar invisibility. It involved a ship on the Delaware River, yet some say it was in another state. Location is not important here. The point, The US government lies when off world technology is involved. So what happened during this still ultra classified experiment?

   Your universe has many dimensions or parallel universes and its sub divisions, transition planes of existence. The Almighty told you in the Bible, in His mansion there are many rooms. You continue to dismiss it. I told you that a mass has a basic established refresh rate of gravitational subatomic particles that fills the pressure void at the center of mass when overcrowded subatomic particles gravitational, magnetic and others still yet unknown to mankind like time are expelled. In the past the US Government accidentally increase the refresh rate of the core by crowding it with an intense magnetic field, forcing these same magnetic subatomic particles to gather due to the grounding affect of the core. In the case of magnetic subatomic particles crowding, thus a separate flow from gravity, expulsion pushes the neutral charge to a positive and the like charge builds and blasts away from the core polar position due to charge repulsion, in a simplistic explanation. Thus magnetic subatomic flows from the north polar region around the mass and primarily reenters the core attracted to the primary neutral ground on the opposite side of the polar expulsion, the south pole. This was the baseline for the experiment.

   This is the artificial process crowds the a core of iron in their test. Now I am not privy to who or what entity told them, they would achieve invisibility to radar, but it was a lie. The dark side always lies, so why Biden do you still listen to them today? What they got was a transmutation of matter to where it jumped to the next physical plane in our universe. The transformation was eerie, as biological masses became ghostly or what you call see through and was able to penetrate solid mass. When more power was applied to the magnetic field, the soldierís biological mass absorbed the radiation, excess subatomic particles related to the vibrational frequency that control the state of the nucleus on a atomic level. They moved to the next density, as their mass was raised and disappeared from universal plane that earth resides.

   The rapid rate of core subatomic particle replacement, pushed gravitational flow of the affected mass to where excess energy was absorbed by a limited spatial sphere containment affecting mass within a certain distance present at the site. What happened is the various mass within the area inert or of bio mass on the molecular level was saturated with no way quickly dispersing the energy emanating from the iron core and this affected the natural vibrational frequency of matter pushing it to at first, a transitional state of ghosting and then a new level where all affected matter disappeared. All mass within the area was temporary excited and moved into the next parallel universe with the ability to float and move. This proved to disastrous.

   As physical alignment points between the original points of origin on earth and in the new universe are key. The scientists were able to transform matter to a new level, but had no control on the realignment of affected bio-mass within the original spatial coordinates and the variable movement within the new universe provided. Physical spatial dimensions, time and subatomic particle movement are different. Upon return to our density, the soldiers had moved from their points of origin on earth returning at new points in what seemed like minutes to them and returned hours later to those recording the experiment. This resulted in them being embedded in walls and floors of the ship. Many soldiers died a horrible death. in this experiment, as if they cared. This is why the project was abandon. What was on the other side? A bleak planet with a thin earthlike atmosphere, black sky with few stars and a dim sun on the horizon. Gravity was light as they almost floated, those that stood still lived. Those that got excited and floated died. The soldiers that lived were debriefed and were not impressed with the experience or the fourth density earth. Sensations were limited as to touch, smell and hearing as they continuously transitioning. Sight was in place fully and taste irrelevant.

   You ask, this sounds counter to all science? Does not earthís matter have different states and forms when you apply heat its molecules? This same principle occurs on the nuclear level. Within the nucleus of an atom it is the crowding of gravitational and magnetic subatomic particles within the core that excites the atom to shift up or down into parallel universes. To safely do this, matter inert or biological must be locked in place and the destination free of contamination. Then the transfer can be made to or from densities.

   So you ask, about Black Holes and what other functions they may provide in the universe besides intense gravitational points that swallow light, subatomic particle flow and mass? Those that you see about the universe which emit pulses of energy in any form are relativity new along the timeline of others known in the universe. As a Black Hole matures thus gathering mass, the immense gravitational force constricts the emissions that can be detected by mankind until the gravitational field of containment is breached and the galaxy resets.

   Black holes are natural node points that transcend all universes. They control the balance of pressure subatomic particle movement between the parallel universes and the intricate web that sets an order of progression with the movement of all mass and subatomic particle movement, which you observed as time. Yet these nodes can not be used by any advanced race based on a biological matter. They would be crushed. This is why travel through non existent worm holes would not work.

   Black Holes are just the extreme principle of the effects of gravitational compression. The point, nodes at the core of Black Holes can be reproduced in the Universe at known hot spots as the universe and subatomic particle flow has ebb and choke points even on this planet. Time is a combined progression of all subatomic particle flows and its related mass that is a woven fabric within the spatial universe. It is here where the concept of time gets complicate. Time has the same definition in all parallel universes, but there is a catch. It is the universal measurement the is the completion of a subatomic particle wave at maximum velocity that determines an standard interval period of time. So what does this mean? If the speed of light and other subatomic particles max out at 10 times the rate in the parallel universe at the next level compared to earth. The passage of time which seems normal slows to 1/10 on the next level to our universe. So a human moved to the next density and lived there for ten earth years he would age or experience time equivalent to 1 year in that universe if returned. Is this why those captured related to aliens when returned, seem not to age. Once on the space ships even if they did not really move in spatial distance to earth, but they resided in the next density as this is their normal.

   The progression of time has ebbs and peaks as it the progresses, no different than any subatomic particle movement. It has a series of neutral points where all timelines share a common point that comes together as timeline fuse at particular points. At this point a slight shift at the intercept allows a different transition line and you can shift anywhere in the pass and slightly towards the future. Yes, and you ask why slightly into the future? You have been told time is a woven. Progression of particle movement and mass, yes it is predetermine, the interaction is still a variable and the more you force the future the greater the variable. As interaction may take another path especially when bio mass is involved. It is here you concentrate. Does not light carry a time line as you see far into past of the universe through your telescopes? The time is not destroyed, it just progresses infinitely. Your scientist are irresponsible and their leaders power hungry, few of you would choose to observe and return with knowledge only, but many rather gain an edge today when observing the past. This why you have some explanation, but your pursuit in this area will be limited.


   So how could you use this knowledge to improve technological advancements on earth? The key with any mass is to increase the refresh rate within the core of set mass. By manipulating the core you can amplify the gravitational flow rate in any mass. It is the same principle that transistors use. So instead of amplifying an electron flow, you are amplifying a gravitational subatomic particle flow. So inside of a f-35 fighter or what ever you have, by artificially adding compression to the core of a medium mass you can increase the gravitational flow. Thus creating a self contain field that crowds out the innate flow towards the planet core or while transversing the gravitational field. How is this a tactical advantage for the US? You eliminate G-forces as gravitational sub atomic particles flowing towards the core of the earth are crowded out within the affected spatial area. The gravitational subatomic particle flow associated the mass of the earth donot pass through the mass of the plane and its biological operator. The pilot will not blackout on high speed turns. Your space ships and stations will have gravity with out archaic centrifugal force by rotation, which is diminished in space. Oh they did not tell you. Rotational space station in outer space producing the artificial affect of gravity only works in the movies. An operational Moon or Mars base without the degenerate bone structure decay.

   Elimination or reduction of weight were planes can carry more, soft descents in case of an emergency saving lives. Cruise ships that hovers above the waves. No sea sickness. Trains that can move at the speed of sound lightly on tracks. The ability to move and raise large stones at will. If you can create an artificial gravitational field, you can create a force field by phasing multiple points that align reinforcing to one point on a frontal boundary. I will not give technology that is phased in a 360 degree aspect. Most important a gravitational subatomic particle stream aimed at rotational blades of generators applying a force, free energy. Until you learn how to harness the universal subatomic particle flow. The green new deal is a waste of your time.

   Velocity for your space ships up to light speed is off the books. The requirement clean up your politics. Cancel the new world order. All associated with the new world order starting with Clintons, Bushes, racist Biden, Pelosi, the surge for Black people Waters and many Republicans and Democrats must go. They answer to another who does not have this worldís best interest. The goal reduce the population to their concept of earthís carrying capacity by any means necessary to 150 million. This is their short term goal while think about peace and a green agenda. Know there is a God and you have little time.

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