To the Media it is Time to Come out from under the Veil of Deceit


Written April 23

Updated April 25


   What most of you refused to believe, is that events on this earth are in collusion and are being directed from one point.  Those in control have put up many layers to protect this knowledge as most of you think financial systems, governments, church and your laws are free, but there are not. The goal on earth especially in these end times is presently that which will corrupt most as good. As violence increases both international and domestic, many will give up precious rights for what seems like safety. Why the up tick, events may be connected, but the experts point you in another direction for blame. As news reporters and spokesmen certain subjects are forbidden. If you get too close you are told to drop the story. You are the eyes and ears of the public if you are blind and deaf, so are the public like lambs being led to the slaughter. This has to change.

   We need the few, the brave to step up for this mission to save the earth, but you must throw away all that you have taught on how this world works and with it, leave your pride at the door. You must be willing to be reeducated with no preconditions so as you can see, know and understand the Truth. Is there not one of you who will stand up for mankind and more important our Lord, anyone?

   Now, you ask, how are the events in North Korea, Muslim extremist and economic stress connected? On the surface they are not, but look deeper. North Korea is a nuclear threat and even crazier than all elements in the Middle East. Ask why was there little effort to take out their reactors, but those in the Middle East which are years away from development are the focus. What was the source of the centrifuges or yellow cake? What is to prevent North Korea from sharing technology? You have been told their nuclear program is a diversion as they already have several suit case nukes that can be delivered covertly. The encasement material new, lightweight hides the radiation signature that would be picked up by the world’s best detectors.

   Their prime choice of a target is Seoul, but they truly they want to devastate a primary Japanese City, thus bringing the West to its knees. The key is that the military made this decision and the population of North Korea is innocent. The West cannot nuke the country and can only hit military targets, which are scattered composed of men now hiding within the population. With the world demanding retribution thousands of troops are now going into a country to fight guerilla warfare against what seems an invisible enemy. This is the plan in place for North Korea. The military have been promised wealth and yes upon conquest Western women upon completion of the plan now in place under the NWO.

   The Moslem religion has their leaders and the people follow the faith as it is Allah or God for you that they worship. Not even their prophet Mohammed preached killing another or suppressing the rights of woman as subordinates instead of equals as part of Qur’an Scriptures. Men changed the laws to suit themselves, no different than the Christians who killed millions in the name of conversion or the Jews who took the ultimate step, killed our Messiah. No man or pope has the right to change any Law of God’s Written Word. So if God is good and sees all, but gives mankind the right of free will, where does this influence come from, but more important see how it affects all?

   Within governments the goal to controlling the population that subtly directs you over time, is to unify all behind a cause that has been allowed to happen. The gullible population would never think this was pre-planned, no matter how many examples they have seen in history as this is strength of the dark side. If the media does get close, they are crushed and professionally discredited easily arranged. Some of you have seen the ruins of 911 and noticed in a few pictures of the day, but not today, that many steel beams within the ruins still erected had 45 degree angle cuts. But no; let’s not believe our lying eyes. Watch as the media intensifies the rebuttals. Why? Know this, for those of you who have suppressed knowledge from the public, so shall you be suppressed in the close future.

   Do you not understand is that those in control of religions would present a cause to the faithful to achieve a means to the end through fear? Fear, hate, anger and pride that you are above another comes from one source and all of this is used by many in control of the world’s religions. This is not God. No matter how you spin it!

   Economic stress is this world’s Achilles heel. Most of America has faith in the financial systems as men of great wealth tip the market to and fro and take a small sliver. Always to allow the common man to think there is a chance to become wealthy by conforming or hard work. Most choose the fast route to become part of the one. Financial bubbles created by lax laws, which funnels capital infusion creating an excess that can be excused away as greed and bad decisions. In the end there is a great transfer of wealth and the finger of blame points to an unsophisticated investors and lax regulations. All of you deserved to lose, but it was a plan.

   You have been fleeced again today April 23, 2013 as European buying on most markets, but other key markets do not match the overseas performance, as this drove the Dow to jump on the opening bell. Apple profits compressed, US manufacturing down, China economy as economic indicators do not support market performance, but collusion and systematic program buying to inflate the market temporarily to devalue certain financial instruments due to volatility vs. a time line is key here. The jump in commodities does not drive the market higher as this is the basis for higher costs to industry depressing the bottom line.

   Then a fake AP tweet was released and extreme market swings allowing covert profits on puts on the announcement and calls when the news was corrected coupled with associated rapid trades in key stocks. Billions change hands almost all going to those who engineered this while all of you are focusing a Middle Eastern hack instead the money removed from the system.  The public, they see no harm as the market within minutes returned the same value. To them, the financial down turn was not permanent, thus transparent. The people behind this own AP by proxy through many layers of shell corporations and had the passwords to hack the account. But, they allowed a particular group insight to strike a blow and the finger of blame while the underlying scheme was money. How foolish you are in the media to fall for this. 

   All of you know and so few of you dare bring this to light. This nation was stripped of its wealth and the problem we now face, is because of this. Yet you let talk show hosts and hollow words from paid politicians steer this nation, yes paid as check their source of funding and their vote of responsibility. When the representative fears the wrath of special interests more than the vote of the people who placed him or her in office, you the people have lost your voice and your vote means nothing.

   The elite control all as they present both candidates with counter views towards each other, but in the end achieve the same agenda as they where it counts, are from the same source, but you do not see this.

   Now we are not asking you to proclaim this and throw you life away as a fool. Consider an alternative, work quietly talking to those who seek answers. What about the plant or turncoat willing to turn you in. Once on board you will be given the gift of discernment where that which works for the dark side will be identified in your eyes. Now be careful, if you fall for a man or woman blinded by lust, your protection is diminished as this is sin that with only true remorse is forgiven as you are a target and it is not your charm in almost all cases.

   In the final battle you have been told it is between good and evil where evil shall rein for an appointed time. This time has a maximum of 42 months or 3 ½ years for the Great Tribulation, but no minimum as only the Father knows the time of the Warning and the Second Coming. Four months have passed since starting on Dec. 22 2012 with your prayers and the first 3 ½ years of the Tribulation was held, all has to come pass. In order to save more, the great distress must happen, but prayers have shortened the duration and the intensity of the chastisements. Now the dam that has held back the destructive waters is on the verge of collapse, pray.

   With any corrupt regime there is cooperation, only a few will be killed targeted as unwanted in human society. You are presented that the world cannot support its population and areas that would have died anyway due to nature will be accelerated to save resources, thus saving the lives of your family. You will be asked; are you on board and if so you must take an oath.

   The doctrine will be simple, uphold of the rights of humans as this now comes first. Sounds good as all vow to care about each other, but the laws of God will be discarded for the weakness in flesh. Love will be twisted to include same sex as this has passed a vote in France. Death by murder will be seen as a relief of suffering in euthanasia. Abortion of a new life will be seen as the protection of a woman's right. The sacrament of the Eucharist will be given up in the name of human unity and the display Crucifix discarded by law.

   You were told there are 2 great commandments; one is love your neighbor as yourself and it is here that mankind will fall into the snare of satan. As Bibles are destroyed and many fall out of faith as destruction strips all, many will follow forgetting what was most important. The first rule is that you shall have no other God in front of I Am.

   When paganism is introduced to the world shortly as worship of money, celebrities, and material things have already engulf a good portion of this world, there needs to be a change. The symbol of the new world religion will be built in Rome a new tower of Babel where all will be taught this is the gate to heaven and hell does not exist as God does not destroy His creation.

   The Bible shows God destroying civilizations that were evil in order to let the meek and good survive and flourish. The world will diminish Adultery as it is love that is important between two people, but the love for many is only a mask for lust, look at divorces. Families destroyed in the name of love, where does this come from? Because of free will mankind chooses there future as that the wrath of satan shall envelope mankind. You were told evil will descend upon mankind as almost all turn away from God. Love and trust is a two way street, turn away and you are on your own. But God is above the petty faults of mankind such as anger, hate and revenge ask for help and their will be a hand to lift you. These things must happen or almost all of mankind would be fooled and lost. It is only in pain that you call out; this is the sad case for mankind.

   The symbol of the new world religion emblazed on the roof of the new temple will soon appear everywhere, even on alters. It here that you know they are so powerful, they fear no man, vote or inquisition. If you stay asleep to events progressing around this planet, this wave of power will even infect this country, USA. The first to die will be your parents, your sick as you watch helplessly. This is the plan.

   It is up to you to know what you are up against as they will kill millions. You say there are people in our government that will stand up; no, they are retiring as they know what is coming. The weak run leaving the vulnerable to fend for themselves. It is not just here but certain other countries have the same pattern. These are the leaders you elected, cowards. Replacements have been recruited with promises of power and wealth and will deliver on cue to the NWO. This is your future, although the future has not written in stone, and this with your effort and prayers can change. It starts here with research, to find the Truth.

   You in the media have many questions and doubts and this is natural. First, I need to know these words are true before I jeopardized my career and face the wrath of family and friends. Yes it is about faith, but if you ask within yourself after stripping yourselves of all worldly influences, there will be an answer. Like pursuit of a career at the expense of others. It is where you report the news as one who has conformed, when a story goes beyond the comfort level of the elite. If I cannot see it does not exist. The world believes this, so shall I?

   Wipe your mind clean of what you have learned on earth and remember when you were a child. You trusted all that came from your parents and with this you survived. Had you strayed for candy or words of another, would you may have the same future as many that took that same path. This is what you must try to do first.

   Sit in quiet thinking pondering all that is wrong with the world and how you can change it, if given a chance. Then while in deep thought about an incident that affects many you know what should have been put in place for the people. This is when you will become overwhelmed with grief at the shame of this nation and the world. You tears will flow, yes even for the men and it is here the voice of Jesus will enter your mind and for once in your life you will know you have a purpose. You will know you have a God who died for you. You will know something greater than any force in this world, now protects you. You must recite the seal of protection daily. Welcome to the army, the army of God, hoorah. You will now see the world as it is. Atrocities will disgust you. Manipulation of the news to twist the public will open a new world of deceit. For the pure Catholics sin will be felt in the gut of your soul as you share the pain of Jesus.

   You will seek the Truth and you will be set free. But know this with this freedom you will be targeted like Jesus. This is what is meant that you will have to carry His cross. As you stand firm expect verbal abuse, discrediting but rise above it. Just like Jesus fell 3 times, but completed the journey so shall you. In your case the crucifixion, this will mean that which you respect now, the Catholic Church will seem to be dead for the world to see, but will rise in 3 days just like Jesus. This is what you keep in your mind, once found do not waver.

   The Almighty speaks, ”You in the media, I have blessed you with a talent and what have you done? Have you inspired My children to return home? No you place doubt and justify your words that guide millions as a fact. You arrogant, self pride individuals know little of the dark side and your lack of wisdom will lead millions to destruction of their souls. You are betting your lives on that, which you do not understand, guess who loses? It is you that will pay that price for all that fall as you guided them. It is you that will cry out in My Name as you see those you love suffer at the hands of those you unknowingly protect. It is you that disgusts Jesus by your actions, but it is He Jesus, My Son who also offers you the hand of forgiveness for change. This is the Word of God.


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