The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

The Book of Truth



Written Sept 16


   I ask you sacred servants, are you cowards or do you stand with Christ as events create fear in your heart? You have studied the Bible and promote yourselves as scholars of Theology. But you would not think so, as you were told our Master will come like a thief in the night and again few are watching. The time is now as hardly any of you are willing to stand up, why? You speak from the pulpit as the Second Coming will never occur in our lifetime, but you are wrong.

   Are you going to let them change the Holy Sacraments laid down by Jesus? Are you going to let them change the Eucharist, a representation of the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ who died for our sins on a cross with the spirit of God incarnated within human flesh for some humanistic event that seems to bring all together under the guise of togetherness to destroy that which is Christ? This is what our leader, Peter of the church founded as the Rock wants, loyalty to our Lord no matter what you see or hear in this world.

   Under no circumstances will this “pope” change the laws laid down by the Almighty or take away our choice to honor Christ at Mass. What about the sacrament of Baptism that washes away original sin and the sacrament of Confession that washes away sin? Jesus has had His fill of traitors and I will tolerate none. As I will ask the Almighty to cast you aside if you mount any public pressure against the Holy Words from the Heavens or me, no matter whom you are. Your soul will disperse as if you don’t exist in the winds of time.

   Deceit has descended upon this earth as the killings and the voices in the head will only escalate to bring change. You as humans will fear the infested souls. Now you say God would never let this happen! Your mistake is your dependency on human comprehension that the physical life is most important and again like a child trying to find their way in a mature universe, but it is the soul.

   To save billions of souls, unfortunately lives will be lost on this side of the veil, but granted eternal life on the other side with penance for sins and acceptance of Jesus while on earth. Wake up and look at the big picture as this is where you must trust the Lord as most on earth have lied to you.

   Look around at your Parish or what is left of it. The faithful who you are suppose to deliver to Jesus. A leader stands up for what is written, the Word of God. What will you do when changes come? I do want to hear, I feared for my life. I do not want to hear, I have no future if I stand up for the Laws of the Almighty and the words of Jesus Christ if the new church presents a change. You were told of these times and now some of you turn a blind eye or cower? The Lord needs leaders, not cowards. Unless sacred servant, it is your desire to serve without fear, you will be known during the ends of times, as the new Judas. For it shall be written.

   Look back at the proud day you pledge your life in service to Our Lord. You were told always be prepared and that time is now, but with modern life and its demands, few of you see this. Each of you was picked to live in these times as you swore you will stand by Jesus and never though you would be put to the test. Guess what? All that I ask sacred servants is to meditate in humble pray to our Savior and ask for guidance, instead of following your human intellect. Let go and trust the Heavens guide you.

   Faithful, even when your some of your priests turn, run and others follow the deceit that is the “new” Catholic Church, they will present to the world a concept to bring all together, The “communion”, it is a lie.

   Know that your faith shall not waver, for you have only one God, one Savior and it is Jesus Christ. Sanctioned by the Almighty who created all things in the past and what is to come in the future to judge you if you are alive or in death. This is the final covenant your Lord has with the human race, the children of God. This is the Word of God.


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