The Miracle in the Heavens

Signs of the End Times



Written Dec. 30


   In the near future a second sun, orange - red in hue shall appear in the skies as the world wonders. Some will say it is the 12th planet that the establishment has refused to acknowledge to this day, which has been in the inner solar system since 2003. Yes there is a wandering planet that is crawling outbound against the repulsion force, incoming solar wind and magnetic attraction of the Sun, but this is not what will manifest itself. You have been told in so many ways this is a spiritual awaking and due to non interference with human free will many of you still prepare with supplies for a body that will die for many instead of taking care of your soul. There are many mysteries of the universe that are invisible, but still they exist and shortly some will be revealed according to the will of Jesus.

   True creation that is only a power of the Almighty, will be shown in all of its majesty to a disbelieving earth and humble the scientists of this world. Most will try to find a rational explanation; anything but this was a creation of God before your human eyes. You are His creation and with all of His power He will show the world, who has created the universe. Make no mistake a new light, one larger than our Sun will appear from nothing, a divine miracle as a sign. A gift you showing you that you as a race are blessed as children of God.
    As scientists, donít even try to explain away, that which is divine, with your feeble knowledge. Something will appear from nothing as you cannot say it was there without a local gravitational abnormality. Where was the collapsing gas cloud? Why are planetary orbits still intact? How did the star light as your theories of fusion are flawed? Know that this is the power of God the Father, The Almighty.

   As children of God, it is time to remove the veil of deceit that has covered this world. How long are we as the human race going to listen to the dark oneís subtle suggestions who divides us where the few that sell there souls to control this world and inflict misery upon others? How long are you going to listen to lies that he, the dark one rules, yet he uses you to do his dirty work? Leaders who have stolen from the people, caused wars that kill millions, hoard while your brothers starve and this is your idea of civilization. Now you will be given the task shortly to remove all that is about GOD from mankind, why? If the dark one rules this world then why remove all that which you state to humans you do not fear? Why do you hide? I know, you are a coward in the eyes of God, but for those who are weak you will use them as you rise to power. This will be short lived.

    The dark one may impress some with his powers, but know this; there is only one God, One Creator, and only One, you have to answer to Jesus. It is His only Son who will judge you as man; He walked in your shoes and died for your sins. What has satan done for your long term life, the soul? Like a drug dealer everything on earth is free, but after, eternity which has been hidden from most is where you will pay the ultimate price. You as human have little to no knowledge of the invisible realm, as few have heeded the Holy Word in the Bible, but it worth the risk? The second sun is a gift, a miracle to guide you home. When it appears let it erase all doubts, for you now know there is a Creator and you have a family, come home. Ask for guidance, call on your Savior as the world falls into chaos and do not let fear control your decisions. This world must be cleansed and change as that which presents a facade peace is here to destroy. A faith changed as a guise to accept all, nothing more than to gut that which is Holy. Embrace it for without it, all would be lost.


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