The Almighty speaks to the Muslim Faith



Written Nov 20


   The Almighty speaks, I am your Allah, your one and only God. I am the God of My prophet Mohammad who I sent to gather you, but I ask why do you worship My prophet who is just a man I gave a Holy task like Me? I sent another prophet before him; Moses and I gave the world My Commandments. They apply to all My children. Mohammad gathered those who had no direction. Mohammad gathered those with little faith as you were told there are many paths to MY Kingdom, but there is only one Truth. I sent My Son to die for you and save you from sin and He had one Golden Rule. Treat others like you would like to be treated. I did not send anyone to kill in My name, for that comes from another. I do not lower another, women to be treated as second class as they are your equal. All life is precious. Yes expect you are to make the decisions for the household for all to be treated equally, yet you created your own laws to elevate self, again not from Me. Who are you listening to? I want all to come to Me with their free will, but you force conversion and raise fear with the threat of death. This is not My way. I am a God of peace and love and you do not project this throughout the world. You state peaceful ones this is not our way, but not one of steps up to the plate to change those who are destroying the words I gave to your prophet Mohammad. For this, as the present path of mankind is increasing its fall into darkness, now I will set upon you the first of many plagues increasing in intensity and frequency until you change your ways or be brought to your knees. Famine will destroy the Middle East, Africa and other select areas to start. You will beg for food and water from the same West you seek to destroy and all those who just stand by and watch. You can change this, but it will take courage. I will do any to save the souls of My children including death, for those who now are hopelessly seduced by the dark side. Who will stand up for your God, Allah?


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