The Mystery of Death

A Transformation



Written May1 2012

   On this world, spiritual enlightenment has not reached a level to where death is looked at as a transition. As most on earth, as many are still trying to believe there is a God. The human mind has not grasped of what transpires when the body ceases to function. This uncertainty creates fear in the hearts of men and as one enters into old age, only then, does one start to consider seriously what happens after you die. Is there a blackness with wandering spirits, maybe you just cease to exist or something else?

   That which composes your memories, experiences, joys, grief, and sometime horrors, your emotions that is you is the stored energy representing your life force. Energy that is created by God, the Father and cannot be destroyed, what is referred to as the soul. It is this energy that locks around the base of your the brain thus controlling the electrochemical reactions transmitted throughout the neural pathways. Your infuses in to what is to become the human body the fertilized egg at conception. This is the gift of life, not a random set of events. But divinely created as every detail was planned with love and care. Now that we have given you a short brief on the basics on life starting, so what happens upon death?

    Death in simple terms is a transformation to where the physical body with a limited life span is no longer able to provide a viable shell for the energy of soul or life force. This is no different than seeing the caterpillar cease its form inside of a cocoon only to emerge as a butterfly. Fear is replaced by acceptance in most cases as a friendly face or past relative is seen helping in the transition. Your mind is flooded with answers relieving anxiety, a sense of peace settles in and you just let go.

    For many, you get dizzy and just faint as your heart weakens and the brain starved of oxygen, blacks out. At this point, the life force or soul breaks connection with the human brain stem and neural network of the body and is essentially free of the physical shell. With no pain, you think you are alright and you attempt to get up. To your surprise you rise above your body in amazement. At first, you look down and focus on your body, but then you realize you can see in 360 degrees in 2 planes of conscientiousness. Sound with an eerie clarity, thought processing occurs unclouded with laser like focus. The sense of feeling without a form as the molecules of air massage your wafting form, amazing. Movement by pure thought and you say I could get use to this. You realize, there are no aches, grief replaced with bliss. A subtle warmness like the sun upon what was your skin. Then, just as you get use to your new form, you understand, you have passed from life on earth to a new life. Realizing their is life after death and you were afraid of this.

   Suddenly, you are pulled from your location by an unseen force. As you rise above the earth and it fades away in the distance, you look back briefly with concern of loved ones, but simultaneously focus forward in anticipation of the future. Just love that new 360 degree vision. The tunnel you travel through is so cool, as colors unknown to human eye burst about you forming the tubular barrier that is semi transparent with the stars of the universe just to the outside, so beautiful. The only trace of motion occurring except by sight, is the occasional subatomic particle that interacts with your spiritual form. This is similar to an occasional sand particle stinging you on a breezy day at the beach.

    Abruptly, the view clouds as a strange mist envelopes you, as you penetrate the veil between the universe and heaven, and as sudden as it appears it disappears. You are now on the other side. Here your life is reviewed by the spirit of Lord Himself, Jesus Christ, as He has led a life on earth as a human also. He will judge as God, but with the knowledge as one that has walked in your shoes while existing on earth in human form. Where he was tempted, had joys, loved and suffered like any other man. Your life flashes before and the question did you help or hinder the progress of man or just sit idle in apathy? Then you realize, there is a bright light ahead and to the side, dark shadows. Counter to what men taught you on earth, little has prepared you for this. If I only read and applied the Holy Word to my life from the heart, my schooling on earth would be more complete and I would be more prepared. Hindsight is 20 20, but now you have insight. Use it!

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