Never lose Hope

The Book of Truth



Written Feb 13


   For the astute you have realized the ecological upheavals that were held back as the time frame has been shortened to save your butts is now in play and will escalate to where the storms and disasters will be constant. Elite you have underestimated the power of God for the last time, heed this warning. Many of you here in the United States whose lives have taken your existence for granted shall change shortly. What your government refuses to tell you that approximately of this nation will be severely affected.

   Most of you will be looking for help as your homes are destroyed, food and clothing scarce and no source of income. You say we have insurance, no, you will not as events will be so wide spread the companies will go bankrupt and default on payments. You say what about government help? No again, as you placed into power the Republicans who knew this was coming pushed small government. It was alright when you were cutting the poor and needy as you considered them useless, now that you will be part of them in the near future in some degree, you will question how you look at others as you now walk in their shoes. This will be a fact no matter what your lying politicians tell you.

   No one will care that you made 10 million dollars or were famous as you are poor and without you makeup and Botox no one will realize who you are. We are all the same under our facades. This is what you shall conclude after suffering. From here as many are brought to your knees and only love becomes important. At this point never become despondent or lose hope as it is here that you can rise. First to help yourself and in turn when your foundation is set you can help others. Call on the Lord and ask for His help. How can you receive, if you do not call upon Him? In return He will shower you with graces of courage and perseverance. Love will fill your soul and with this you will know there is always hope that will carry the many through what seemed impossible. With prayers anything is possible.


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