The New Spiritual Directive


Written Apr. 24

   There is a new directive to the faithful army as the battle moves forward. The focus will move from personal actions that affect others to the underlying cause as a whole by a group shall now be the focus. The purpose is to allow the individual soul to chose a path base on events that surround him or her as oppose to events that are focused on them, even though they may be the source of the pain. Many examples have painted here, but will change as of this paper.

   Time is now a factor and for all events to play out, many more would be lost than needed and this needs to be addressed. For the faithful, this will be a sort of turning of the cheek from those that abuse, to the abusive overall event. Forgiveness for true remorse, but this comes only from the Jesus. It is not about being step on by others as they take advantage of a phrase. It is your job to protect those in your care first. Judge not, but follow protocol, prayer. All will be guided as to the souls that are real. You now ask how can prayer mitigate evil as they in the conception of the human mind to many, are just  holy words? So many say them, but see little change.

   All prayers are heard, but are answered according to the will of the Father and the benefit of all on earth. This is increasing now as time gets closer. Much in the world has been changed by prayer and you can count your blessings. Tsunamis, earthquakes and wars have been lessen, but event will move forward where the harden refuse to lessen their grip. Watch.

   This is your new task, say the Rosary or a decade at the predetermined time of 3 pm in force, the words interferes with dark influences on the human soul. They temporarily evacuate due to pain apply to their spiritual form allowing the Holy Spirit to flow in. Where the number of prayers and its focus opens a specific window where life is reconsidered. This is the supernatural. This is where the human awakens with a new outlook on life, the spark from God. This is what works counter to most of human thinking. This is what will be asked of you, the faithful. It will save billions of more souls. Are you up to the challenge?

   When at work say it in silence, at home let your voices be heard if there is a need. This is a game changer. Now is the time to use it.

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