To the Faithful and their Scared Servants

New Orders

 The Book of Truth



Written Dec 9

Updated Dec 11


   As division within the Church occurs outside of your eyes, many will be fooled as the Church is changing. Now this part of the message is directed to those in the media that believe in God. It is you that we are depending to slow by refusing to hype as philanthropy to mankind as would be a rapid change in what is the right thing to do as a human to be considered “good”. You have been told charity is from the heart and true charity is anonymous. Look closely at the focus will be the physical well being of the poor, material instead of the spiritual. Respect the rights of others as this is above what is called a sin in the Bible. You have put self before the Laws of God. But they will say the Church has evolved and the media will applaud as did Time magazine. There will be self enlightenment where the individual will determine what good has been done in his life. All of this to look good in the public eye, but moves away from the Word, true salvation of the soul and forgiveness of sin. This is why Jesus allowed himself to be crucified as that freed us from sin, but we must still ask for forgiveness and atone with prayer and penance. Watch as the Catholic Church carefully moves away from this doctrine. Those seeking the respect of others in a public forum many times have another agenda. It is not for you to judge, but just step aside and let the story go. For you cannot change the end result what has been prophesized, but the overall lost can be temper.

   To the faithful, you will be shown miracles where the lives of the poor or unfortunate have been “saved”. None of you are privy to what brought this upon a person, dig deeper, but not enough to attract attention. Witnesses will be bought, doctors will testify, but little to what they swear by, will be the Truth. You will notice, it is about the physical and little about prayers to the Almighty who would have been behind this. The will be no mention related to Jesus and how He raised the dead as those who see this in real life will praise and idolize these individuals as saints. Know this, the dark side as they live for the pomp and praise, themselves as they are filled with pride and those of the light have greater powers, but subdued as there is a balance in the universe, Heaven and hell. Those of the light will have there voices suppressed. This is the mistake mankind will make, assuming because super natural powers perform great wonders all are from God. Assuming again, that, many works of charity will be pure of heart and is not a ploy to gain the confidence of billions throughout the world. Assuming that a peace plan that bring a world from the brink of war was not created by the same party, so that all of you are led by the pied piper.

   You were told there would be the greatest deception placed upon mankind, more important, this would be accepted freely by billions and this is true. All would be told to care for the poor, but it is this same group that controls the finances of the world. All would be told that it is your good deeds that determine your future in their version of the kingdom of god, but they laugh as misery spreads around the globe. All eventually would be told by the, “prophets” that he that is christ, who will walk this earth to save all in preparation of their second coming. This is a lie. Look at the names and people and compare them to who preaches now. Only when the chastisements reach a level to where all are concerned, will the false prophets flood out of the woodwork for all will listen now. Like roaches in the dark, they come out when it is safe and an opportunity exists for growth.

   Their words soft, caring as they quote scriptures, yet the Bible will slowly disappear in Europe first, the focus will self as this is the clue. Are you a good person? They will say you have lived a good life and that is what Jesus wants. No man knows what Jesus wants, not even the pope. The prophets may guide, but their words are Jesus’ words who speaks for the Almighty. Look deeper as you are judging yourself when Christ is your Master. No one is allowed to judge even yourself, but Jesus.

   You will be shown gifts of generosity and compassion, but think again as criminals go to Church drop wads in the collection baskets, kiss the ring of the Bishop and then go out to kill, steal, and rape others only to go to confession sometimes in jest. The façade is not always the Truth.

   Watch as the Catholic Church subtly removes the statues of past Saints and even The Mother of Christ, Mary only to be replaced by images of the present pope, Francis. Few of you will care of question the motive. No man, pope, bishop or priest has the right to remove the image of Mary, Mother of God and Mother of Salvation to all on earth. If it was not for Her intercession, almost all of you would be toast by now. She was incarnated as human and knows our flaws and it is Her compassion and tears that influence our Savior so that this world was not destroyed. Look around and do not lie, very few seconds pass that one is not angry, hating, worshiping money, power or lusting after another who is beyond your reach, as if this would improve most of your pathetic lives. The spiritual essence of a human is pure and spiritual on earth. If you were given a beautiful mate many would still seek another, just look at Hollywood. If you were given a mansion many would still seek a castle, just look at the super rich. If you ruled a country many of you would still want to rule the world, then what?

   I ask you to consider, if the master of evil, cunning beyond all mankind was to take over the church, what tactics would he use? The goal is convince all, that every action, every target under taken and the ultimate accomplishment is to replace God in the hearts of His children. To many this is impossible as no entity of evil could replace that which is God as He would not allow this.

   Again here this is your mistake. Look back did not the evil one convince Adam and Eve that they were following a foolish rule of the Almighty? They had free will, and God allowed them, His children to make this decision as you will make again in the short future. Now lets again clarify “near, soon or short” in Almighty’s time as this could be 18 months to a year as a median to all events predicted.

   You have been told Jesus would only return from the clouds. No matter what the church states or changes the doctrine, know this, any promotion that Jesus walks the earth, no matter how many miracles, know it is a lie. Only the dark one imitating the true Christ will appear in the flesh for this is written.

    Our Queen, Mother of God, Mary of the twelve Jewish tribes speaks, “I am the Mediatrix of all Graces to mankind, the Mother of your King, Jesus asks all of you who have a devotion to Me and some that don’t, to all pray My Son. So He can save all of mankind if all of the few stay true and persevere until the end of these times. All I ask is to repeat 3 times this crusade prayer below starting on any Monday for 7 days in a row to be completed before noon once a month until Jesus My Son comes.”


Crusade Prayer (130) Novena of Salvation Crusade Prayer:

My beloved Mother of Salvation, please gain for all souls the Gift of Eternal Salvation through the Mercy of your Son, Jesus Christ.

Through your intercession, I plead that you will pray to release all souls from bondage to Satan.

Please ask your Son to show Mercy and forgiveness for those souls who reject Him, hurt Him with their indifference, and who adore false doctrine and false gods.

We beseech you, dear Mother, to beg for the graces to open the hearts of those souls who are most in need of your help. Amen.


   You will pick one day during the 7 consecutive days to fast, where one meal is allowed and the other 2 is to ingest a small portion of bread and water, not abstinence. You have been told exactly what to do and this is not to be changed under human interpretation.

   Now I need all of you the faithful, sacred servants and new believers to rise up and save the souls of mankind. Do not let this great gift given to you be wasted out of apathy or non belief. You asked if I could stand up for mankind in Jesus’ name guided by the Mother of Salvation, you would stand firm? I ask, can you persevere until the Second Coming? Start now as not to try is failure.”

   Grant: “I have”.


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