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clockFeb 21, 2006 8:47 pm US/Mountain

Pink, Brown Snow Concerns Avalanche Experts


(CBS4) SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. A weather phenomenon that was responsible for turning snow pink and brown in Summit County may also create avalanches.

Dust blowing in from Arizona got mixed up in a storm system over Colorado's mountains and it created a pinkish-brown layer in the snow. The crusty layer of the snow has avalanche experts concerned.

"This layer right underneath can change into a granular substance, very grainy, very small structures that can break apart easily," said Nick Logan from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. "So we can have a layer underneath the dust layer now that's subject to collapse and that can slip out of place."

The Avalanche Center is urging everyone to be extremely cautious in the back country for the next few months.

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