When There is No Guidance

The Book of Truth




Written June 24


   When the Truth is known it is the youth that will fall away as you have offered them little guidance. First, you the establishment have lied, work hard and you shall be rewarded, but the connected get the right schools and more important the right job. Just look at the middle class in this nation. If you do not sell your soul, few truly make it. If the establishment confirms the end of this time or when natural disasters escalate to the point that you know, what should you do? Now for most of the young, the trap has been set. Many will choose if I am going to go I am going to f..k every girl or guy I can. Get drunk and party with all my friends until the end. Some will gather weapons and exploit the weak through murder and violence. It is not about the seduction of wasting your life, but to rise above the challenges for you future has been hidden. You were taught through your media and video games to shift to violence at all costs to save your life including cannibalism, pleasures through rape, entertainment through torture as this was not by accident. Information of these events withheld while the rich prepared, do you sense that you were set up?

   The current goal of the elite is to destroy your morals to the point there is no allegiance. When you find out the Truth you will riot and kill all who are older as “they are the problem”. This sounds good in a safe environment, but what happens when violence erupts? You as a woman that floats between many of your choice are faced with capture or death by those who do not care. No man will stand up for you, when belong to all. Young men capture as slaves or worse; is, this what you want?

   You as the youth of the world will survive what is to come, but I need you to think. Your ideas are welcome when the elders shutter in fear. Your strength is welcomed when the elders shut down in apathy. Rise and show this world a new path when the cowards hide in their bunkers. Rise and take control of your lives, but your only rule is follow the Commandments of the Almighty. Can you do this?

   Jesus speaks, “You My youth is what I yearn for. I gave you parents and sacred servants to guide you back to Me, but this world is leading most on another path. You ask to change things. You ask that those leading this world may not have your best interests. This is correct. You young male warriors are slated to be worker slaves and you My precious young women sex slaves to elderly elite, disgusting as this is a choice of man. I will guide you if you ask. I will protect you if you ask. All that I ask from you is to say with your heart, Jesus I am here, please guide me when despair sets in and no one listens, for I will. You will receive an answer in your mind and when enlightened comes responsibility. Adhere the laws of God and you can have a fruitful life in these end times. There are just a few short years until I come and the enemies of God shall be crushed. You will be given signs.”


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