The Non Believer

The Book of Truth


Written Feb 24


   You have existed in this world for decades, wisdom honed over many experiences that are fact. One of your biggest turn offs has been if the crazies believe in God and the Almighty has power answer this. Why is there pain, evil and war in this world and you as God care foe all creatures? Why are some of Godís servants abusing the weak, like the children? Where is the evidence of an all powerful being?

   Why do most of those who preach with their pressures of damnation for the slightest sin, behind closed doors, they steal Godís money for worldly pleasures, sleep with woman of the church in adultery and then cry saying I have sinned when caught? If Jesus celebrates the Mass with wine why do certain sects of religion ban it? We see cults and those that belong, run and we are supposed to follow this?  And now even the Pope has resigned due to age. It is time you receive the Truth.

   Mankind, are the true heirs of that which is the Kingdom of God as you are his true children. Banished due to the actions of your ancestors you lost the gift of eternal life. This is why the life spans of Adamís descendants decreased from hundreds of years to a few decades. Memory of your heritage has been erased, but this all sounds like fiction. It is your free will that keeps you from the Truth as those who control this planet want you none the wiser.

   Mankind was given free will and with this gift can excise sharing and caring or deceit, war, murder and greed upon mankind. Through thousands of years this was allowed to proceed with out interference. God even allowed His own Son with all the powers of Heaven to be killed by your ancestors, which at some point in the near future, you will know as the Truth. If He did not stop the sins of Man against God Himself, your free has not been stopped against another. It is you as a sacred servant that followed a tingle upon your body rather than the Lord. Are you that weak? It is you that wants the riches and idols of the world instead using the money contribute by those who sacrificed for other in need to do Godís work. This is not about your needs. It is you that committed murder to preserve your status when caught by another. This is the dark side.

   This is your responsibility, not the inactions of God caring for those on earth. Evil reigns on earth and it is this which is behind the actions of mankind. If you suspect there is a God, then you should also suspect there is a counter part as the universe is balanced an individual has free will to choose his or her own path. Without trials and tribulations in life many of you would fall prey to just worshiping money, greed and power. Only when you fall and all that is take away of the material, stripped down to your fragile body do you seek a higher power to save your ass. Why? This is now why their will be intervention by Father, God the Almighty.

   Most of you are having unexplained dreams that something greater is going on. The media will not tell you. The church will not tell you, especially now that the last true Pope has resigned, Benedict. Your governments, they are cowards as they continue to lie. There will always be an excuse and the right time, but some of you are still focused on survival of the pole shift when many of you know this is about spiritual ascension of the human race as a whole. We will leave no one behind.

   For all those who believe in the empirical knowledge that man controls his own destiny and there is no God, your Lord, more important, your Jesus who you do not believe in, I ask to keep an open mind and just watch as events unfold. Do not seek opinions of others for many are weak without foundation, form your on. Think about it, how many on earth know about that which beholds all that is God? There will series of events that are outside of the norm, but with true denial, all will seem normal to a point. This is the gift of free will.

   Watch for the clues written here and here, as it is about you and your family knowing there is something greater, it is not about the source delivering the message, but the message itself. The turmoil on earth will frighten many and even you the non believer will seek guidance, but there will be many false outlets. If something has been established over centuries and now changes, this is a clue it may have been compromised.

   You have a choice mankind, those that are dysfunctional as leaders of this country when under pressure except for a select few fail to lead or take a chance and align with the Creator of this universe. You will get an answer, this is a promise and then you will truly have a choice. The signs in the sky are just beginning, as the meteor that struck Russia is only the start as leader are in fear the veil of deceit will rise. Nations will fall to chaos in Europe driven by austerity, watch Italy not Greece or Spain. Know this it was engineered. All that you know shall fall, then what? Again, I am asking if all options offered by man has failed you need to consider a new source. That which is God and I promise you, not one of you will go back to your past life.

   There is a catch, one of responsibility. Once you are raised out of the abyss, you have a duty to your fellow mankind. It will be not about preaching, but your actions. You must live as an example for this speaks the Truth.

   As an unbeliever you are always seeking the Truth. This is all we expect. You have a choice over that which has been presented to you by mankind or a new path. As evidence gives you a choice where you can deny or make a choice with your free will. We hope it is one that now believes in God, your Father. For this is your destiny. And now a message delivered to you from your Savior, Jesus.

   ďI have gone to great lengths to bring you home. I have always hoped that you would find me on your own, through your free will. I Jesus am your God over all that is earth. I made the ultimate sacrifice by dying at the hands of your ancestors when Father had the power to destroy them all. It will seem like a myth, but Adam and Eve were the parents of the human race. This is why no genetic link to early man has been discovered by your scientists. Banished here several thousand years ago on an already populated planet, but the other early races of this planet not man as you presently know, died out by design. I have a plan where you who do not believe presently, shall believe in the short future. Do not let My life shed, be in vain. All I ask, is to let Me plant a seed and in time it will grow. Unbeliever, you have given many in your life, a chance, and many times some have destroyed your trust and others just do not care, I care. Just give Me, your Jesus one chance.Ē


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