There will be no Substitute for the Word of God

The Book of Truth





Written Jan 26


   All of you have been told; never accept false idols before your God, as this is a Commandment. There is only one God your Almighty, yet you are allowing this very concept to develop before your eyes. In the End Times, the focus of evil switches quickly from seducing mankind through wealth and power, the hook, to reeling in and harvesting souls under the guise of the rights of others justified by humanity and the elimination of sin. This is the plan. On this world, the elite are none the wiser as they see no down side.  If nuclear war destroys the world, the "common eater" will perish by the billions and the elite that do survive, will emerge from the bunkers to control a small population dependent upon food, shelter and protection. They are the tools to deliver the weak. Elite, yes you are strong and rule this earth, but there is a new sheriff in town, the Almighty as He will use His faithful now growing to counter the antichrist, which almost all of you believe does not exist (God). This will be the downfall of billions only in some cases to be saved by the prayers of the faithful. The same people you were sent to destroy.

   You have been told the new focus will be on charity and how those countries and individuals with wealth can and will help the world as this is the new agenda for the rich and powerful now pushed through the pope. With control of the media, the pope will be promoted in every avenue as you see now see in Rolling Stone following Time. You were told this as resistance of hate and anger against God's chosen comes from the dark one, but he does not go against his own. With unlimited money supplied by the Federal Reserve stolen from the people of this nation through the excise of the prime rate, this recirculated money will lift the physical well being of people and nations with little focus on the spiritual soul. This is by design to shape public opinion. But is there an underlying agenda when help is provided to nations to lift them out of poverty and disease? Help is being disguised as promoting the rights of mankind, where same sex, abortion and soon sin are dismissed. All of this will seem to bring together all religions under one roof controlled by the false prophet. Look at the various meetings arranged with world and religious leaders in a short span of time. Look beyond the pleasant façade presented as it will be by the Vatican, the pillar of faith that will turn about on mankind. It is here you will be fooled as if you think the rapid change in the Catholic Church to move into the modern world. Is this sanctioned by the Almighty or by a man just be because he is pope? He is a man and no man has the right or the power authorized by the seat of Peter to change or interpret differently any Law of God.

   Mankind was given a set of laws from the Almighty and delivered to you through Moses. This was reinforced by our Lord’s life on earth and sealed by His death on the cross to eliminate sin for all of mankind to be saved and now you want to discard this. The Church was warned the forces of evil would infiltrate the Church and the proof will be the new changes coming, which are not public knowledge. Do you not think, if satan's time to rule is a mere 42 months as told in Revelations the primary targets would be the Church and the faithful. Again you ask, God would never let evil take over the Church. Fools, mankind was given free will and they killed the Son of God and now in your short sited wisdom you think the Church can not be touched? This was told to you in Revelations as a warning, but of course mankind is still drinking the KoolAid. Evil will be allowed to spread as to cause division and then a true choice.

   The Scriptures have predicted these events and only now your minds are clouded. It is time to awaken mankind and take control of your salvation. Never let anyone take the Word of God away from you as this is throwing away all that you have been taught. Now your future rests on new human rights which do not align with the Laws of God. This is a test where you pass or fail and Revelations is your cheat sheet for the answers are in that passage of Scripture. It is your choice as the Word of God never changes for any man, priest, bishop, cardinal, pope, chosen soul or prophet. Heed it, or your choice may lead to the loss of your soul in this spiritual war.  


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