The Nuclear Option



Written April 5 2011

   With events in Japan, the world has seen just how fragile our energy system is. Almost all leaders in the energy industry is still trying to write this accident off as a freak set of events instead of the warning it was meant to send. Still hidden from the Japanese people are the series of 9 to 10 Richter quakes due as the Pacific Basin compresses from the equator first, them moving towards the poles. Many of you are watching the flooding and sinking of land in South East Asia. You have contacts, you have seen the pictures, and no matter the lack of press, it is a fact. Shortly in the Americas late 2011 to early 2012, there will be plenty of lessons from watching earthquakes wreak havoc in Chile, Ecuador, Panama, and Columbia along the eastern rim of fire. If the spent fuel ponds are not cleaned up and the radioactive rods moved geological safe burial spot  in conjunction with many mock shut down practices rehearsed. Japan will find it is a nation where few citizens will be allowed to leave, shunned by the world due to health concerns. Most will face extreme shortages of food with most electrical generation crippled and self sustaining farms will cease. Radiation will render food produced and stored there useless. 100 million people in need within a radioactive zone where few from the outside world will enter for it will be their death sentence. This is what your nation faces, no matter how you try and spin it. Technology that the arrogant say is advanced, has failed. Like children trying to grasp the secrets of the Universe with no concern of its repercussions and affects on others. Help from other nations, always there, but your nation is rich and most feel, help your self as many needy nations must focus inward. Cleanup, just talk, as you hope the ocean hides and dilutes the truth, but this will not be so. You were already granted that favor as your inept efforts to control this disaster fell far short of predicted scenarios and suppressed what you could not do for the benefit of all mankind. Was the benefit of mankind your goal?

   Mankind is now playing a game of musical chairs after each major disaster, and the group that is still unaffected continues to shrink. Everyone keeps their mouth shut, few prepare except the elite. There is only 1 winner in this game and a world of losers. The population without any explanation is given little options, help and words of promises instead of the truth. Workers sacrifice all to save the people as those in charge worry how to minimize financial losses and liability. Where is the loyalty, only in the workers who stand by their convictions? Europe what will you do as you will face this same scenario also. The difference, the Netherlands will soon to be a salt water radioactive swamp, crippled mainly from the runoff of French and British reactors flooded. Those in charge still put money before the safety of their own people and will write them off as an acceptable loss.  

   New energy sources were presented to the world behind the scenes and just vague concepts has been released to the general public as promising mixed in inferior choice based on profit and control. Although some in the US and other laboratories are pursuing the new knowledge, as to be prepared when change comes. It could have replaced oil and gas if taken seriously, but it is all about the money. With the Earth changes rapidly escalating, geothermal is dangerous. Storms will destroy solar panels. Bio fuels will be stopped as the land now is needed for food production. Nuclear with earthquakes everywhere, no one will want an active plant near their home. Your leaders have rolled the dice and you lost. This is what those in power in Japan face now. Yes they are considering shutting down the nuclear infrastructure, but are hoping this decision will be made for them by Earth changes. You will not get that change as there will always be an element of doubt, where you must make a choice that you will live with.

   All of you in power know change is here as Indonesia continues to sink. What shall seal it for many, will be the events in South America and Africa. It is time for to stop the hate, for the elite has divided nation against each other. Japan is the stone and Europe will be the brick for humanity to change. Why do you listen to the spin on TV and media? You call this a Christian country with morals, yet one of you own pastors burned a book that represented the faith of millions. The result, to instill hate in others, is this God' way? Would those working for the UN still be alive if this event was not done, yes. There is nothing righteous about this man as he has taken upon his self to judge a group of hundreds of millions and their motives as one. There will always be extremists in all groups. This is why they are called extremists for they do not represent the whole.

   As a nation, all need to awaken. The world is changing. In order to facilitate this change, America, we need to change our attitude towards our brethren. All we need help when the disasters come and embrace a caring will. Our differences will fade in the time of need. Are you going to turn down a blanket or a warm meal because the source of help is a minority? On the other side are you going to blame a unit composed of whites entering in your neighborhood for what the elites did to decimate your community? All of mankind needs to get over the abuse of the few and accept the compassion of the many, and move forward. We will need everyone to help if this world is to ascend. Change this with your vote from the heart that burns in your soul. As we must choose wisely. In need will this politician help you or provide an opportunity for his friend or financial backer to exploit you, the status quo? These are the choices you were given to change your destiny, the question will you use it or follow the path of media to lead you astray?

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