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Released March 23 2010

Anonymous Coward
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3/23/2010 2:14 AM
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An OFFER you may not want to Refuse

   The Crisis facing mankind is beyond just fear, but now is a reality. Many plans were put in place to protect interests and selected individuals. All in the primary know have amassed great wealth and are focused on keeping it, no matter what the human cost. There is an alternative choice where relative wealth is maintained. Protection from the inbound threat reduced and a reversal of public anger to those in the know.
I will offer key advancements in technology yielding protective field, energy, transportation, food production through cellular growth acceleration and nuclear weapons detection in exchange, a set of directives to be put into action that helps protect the public, when at present, there is none for the common citizen.
   You have no time line. There are no guarantees even with best protection mankind can buy. Can you depend upon your paid military staff staying loyal? Can you live with your own kind where all are covertly seeking to be in charge? Supplies can get compromised, events change and no one wants to get their hands dirty. Worst, as unexpectent events drag out as you now have come to realize, ultimately the policy of doing nothing places you in the path of public wrath. When death occurs, action and foresight would have reduced it as a best effort with no blame, but honor for those lives that were saved. You have the option where there was none.
   We will not allow fear to guide our future. We will not just roll over and say I can not protect or help my neighbor. But the few, the privileged, the wealthy are the future of the Earth. In this world we need to make hard choices and these changes need to made. As elected and corporate officials, it is your to represent the people and stockholders with your best effort. Protect the interests of those who voted you in or pays your corporate salary. Are you living up to this?
   What you need to realize is that events will progress where misery will demand action, but your restraint shall be a sign to all. When you do nothing to prepare and were hoping to hide in protection then emerge offering hope. This will not happen. If millions die due to little or no action all will look at you.
   You have heard the arguments behind closed doors, but few of you are prepared for the unexpected. You state, the public cannot handle the truth, but you and your friends can and have profited from it. The Earth is over populated, but it is not the 3rd world nations that use most of the Earth's resources. In this country, the land of the Brave, has fear driven your decisions? America has never backed down to a challenge. America has never moved in self interest at the expense of its citizens. America does stand for what is right and puts forth its best effort. Those in office not up to this task should consider retiring.
   Leadership in crisis is a test of preparedness, response in adversity, the ability to provide and coordinate efforts to assist those in need. The insight to anticipate the needs of its citizens instead of reacting to then in a crisis. This can be achieved with help. No public wrath displayed. So how do we move ahead?
This your set of directives and following what I will give in return.
   Congress, the governors, leaders in state legislatures and the mayors of the top 100 cities are to be told the truth of what will come officially, all held to no media leaks. Small talk among families members allowed with no direct confirmation. Everyone is to be on the same page.
Media suppression of fear tactics to incite a negative reaction putting many in harm's way for no reason, a violation is by removal.
An Astronomical conference of all major leaders with the purpose updating how the universe works. They will told the true information concerning astronomy, the atomic structure and basic sciences. The text books will be rewritten immediately and will have a solid base. This will first be introduce as a strong alternate, and phased in quickly over the coming year.
Shut down all the gravitational wave labs and retrain staff.
   You will prepare most inland Military bases within the US as safe havens for the soon to be refugees of devastated areas with housing, hospitals and foremost hope and safety. Active geological areas will not be considered. These are the Americans whop put you in office or buy your products and sweat for your corporations. You will prepare large areas for 100,000 per base to start. Work to be given to the Defense Industry, but at a fair bid employing the locally unemployed. The media is to see this as a jobs program only. Raising the anxiety of those who want to remain in denial should be respected, there will be no promotion of fear and doom with no hope through media or religion outside of what is seen today.
Hospitals and facilities prepped for extreme peak flows organized around disaster protocol where stabilization is the goal, long term care is not an option.
Secure bathroom facilities monitored by infrared emergency buttons and listening devices.
Instant removal for abuse, false testimony against or power manipulation by staff or refugees.
Family safe zone
Family abuse has zero tolerance, removal of the offender and the remaining family has a choice to stay.
Criminal Justice swift, severe, and then removal
The base is under military control, but the commander must offer the best options and care for those he or she protects. When this is not being provided, an assigned committee of 2 military personal and 1 civilian can vote to replace the next best for the position, rank holds no privilege.
Privilege acceptance under military and civilian populations is to be no more than 5% of the total average population of the base. Deliberate manipulation of these numbers will be subject to removal of all participants in the know.
Anyone is free to leave, for families children under 24 remains the families' responsibility. If both parents agree or 1 if separated control is terminated at 21.
Hydroponics facilities for supplemental food supplies
Emergency water sources and purification plants
Septic system backup in case Earth movements disable sewers
Crematories for disposal of the dead or reduction of body mass
Wind Generators for self sufficient power
Everyone works no exceptions, false disabilities is subject to immediate removal and placement with like minds.
If you all come here for help, you are all equal no matter what your background.
In the time of need, this Government will be there, prepared, a safe haven, medical treatment, food, a help in hand in the times of dire needs of its people. A leader who anticipated the needs of its citizens, thus hope replaces anger. Best efforts replace demands. There will still be those who demand to be taken care of above all, they are to be ignored, placed together, or better put to work.
Few will venture away from a source of supplies to seek out the rich and their encampments, thus for the majority there will be few encounters with the public and even fewer with hostiles.
The nuclear option is to be closed. You know the Earth changes are here, so why would you propose to build a nuclear plant. Are you willing to except the consequences? Solar is prone to dust and wind damage, not a short term option. Coal pollutes and the mines will be dangerous. Transportation will halt as rail lines are disrupted. There is a true carbon problem on Earth and the current band aid approach will not change the present outcome overtime.
The numbers and quotas are subject to cheating and falsifying of numbers. You will be offered an alternative, a leap beyond present day technology, clean and portable. In return an immediate phasing out of present energy technologies.
The oil & gas industry will be a major part of this transition. They will divide the percentage of receipts from the new technology by market share at the time of release. Where 51% remains in the US and the rest divided about the world. Profit sharing will be corporate self controlled and agreed upon. Resale profit to the public will not exceed 15% of the cost of direct production of power, compensation limited and overseen.
Energy technology net profits are to be shared 30% US Government 70% divided among Big Oil at above rates.
Research and Development is to be shared, conducted in the US National Laboratories within the lower 48 states assisted by oil & gas industry investments for deployment. Technology development will not be outsourced to other countries. Removal of anyone or group and those behind it trying to move this technology to any nation, corporation, group outside of the US. Any established treaties concerning technology sharing to perceived allies or friendly nations are void. All patents belong the US Government and are leased to the oil & gas industry at no fee as long as oil is phased out as replacement energy is brought online.
The reactor-generators in whole will be operated, built and controlled by the US, a violation will render the technology useless and the people attempt to covet the technology, removed.
No profiting from short selling, put options, short futures and commodities or similar financial derivatives on the disasters. Naked short selling prohibited, but strictly enforced confiscation of all profits and investment base, removal and fines to the estate. Consumer owned stock and funds are to only allowed to be borrowed if approved by the consumer and approval of the risk statement short selling is understood and read.
East Coast
Tsunami warning system place in major seaboard coast or tidal basin cities with over 100,000 people. Organization in place to move willing people out within 2 hours or best effort.
In Return from Me
Protective field technology:
This will allow surface installations and structures protection from wind, rain, incoming debris and other dangers dependent upon level of development. Research conducted in US national Laboratories only and this technology will not be shared, but may be used on remote sites under US control and operation as long as US needs are covered first and cost is covered by the nation protected.
Complete development of a reactor that pushes electron flow through slicing technology. Development will be in US National Laboratories only. Technology leased and controlled by US overseas revenue shared according to agreements.
Field technology will revolutionize air and land transportation systems. Conditions manned flight restricted to the Earth-Moon spatial area violation is removal. Prime contractors are to be Martin Marietta Lockheed & Boeing for air, Ford for land.
In rescue missions this will be vital on land as the roads and bridges become impassable.
Accelerated Cellular Growth:
This process will shorten the growth period to maturity of plants to under 20 days. Hydroponics facilities will be built to replace production lost to storm and insect damage.
Nuclear Safety:
The subatomic particle detector will be introduced to reduce levels of tension worldwide due to black market nukes, thus location detection will lead to elimination. All will play by the same rules, the choice all nuclear nations will work together for once.
This is a best effort by direction, the foundation is set and it is up to you if I progress from theories and laws to applications.
All patents on this technology will belong to the US Government and its citizens. and that related to energy shared 50% with the oil and gas industry. There will be removal of any corporation, entity or members of government using this technology for any offensive military component used to oppress another or population of people. Defensive applications will be monitored for exploitation, providing a covert advantage to any group or part of government for power or wealth. If violated the technology will be rendered useless for the offenders and they will be removed.
Projected death rates that have been floating around are based on Mankind's current path. All of this can change for this is in your hands, as new technologies, but more important cooperation are introduced, death rate will moderate and vary upon areas adapting this mindset. What about the ulterior motive of allowing this natural population decrease to occur for some group definition of an optimum amount of people on Earth? Again it the west that uses the lion's share of resources.
Even the advancements in science coupled with cooperation can go so far. For many marginal societies, they will cease or be severely reduced as they are already on the cusp of survival.
Less casualties will be a sign of hope for survivors and those not affected. For once you will have a real edge to make a difference. Best of all, when seen as prepared no to, little action will be taken against those in the know. They will be more concerned how you save their families. For some the knowledge that has been withheld, a source of stress, now has a chance of relief.
No action taken will accelerate fear and confusion as the string of disasters increase on home soil and all fingers point to those in the know. For no reason offered will justify actions taken. People react different than predicted and no man can assume he is right with certainty that jeopardizes another life, would you allow another to choose for you?
What will not Happen
Continued hoarding to make slaves of men and women in exchange for life giving supplies.
Use of false flag events to maintain control or sell products through fear will be stopped. Anyone or group behind this action against the people of the United States will be remove from this point, with no media coverage to promote a political advantage.
Polarizing the political arena to be in a place of power to remain there permanently because of the shift at the expense of the American people with the policy of no action. The American people put you there to work for them, not to play a calculated game by some to see who is on top when it happens. The time line will leave most in some other line of work or hiding in their encampments.
What will happen
This technology will be given freely, but will not be brokered to other nations as a favor or debt due to a past agreement.
Those trying to profit outside of agreements will be removed.
All research personal shall be on the same page, no egos, past education and credential hold little value, establishes a base for all will be learning including myself.
No one will dictate the path of research. It will be determined by human needs. No agenda besides the immediate needs of the population you are suppose to serve, shall be met. Those blocking this for selfish reasons shall be removed.
If you do nothing you lose, for all shall see your actions as unprepared and still make demands.
If you retreat to the bunkers ahead of time, which will definitely happen as fear overcomes the decision making process, you will face the wrath of the people and those you promised protection.
If you stay hidden, can you trust those are suppose to protect you?
Who will do the dirty work if all are chiefs?
How will you work together if the mindset of most is to be ruthless at all costs? Isn't this how you are here in the bunkers when the time comes.
When loved ones get caught in unexpected disasters your inside knowledge will not bring rescue to those caught, thus collateral damage from your silence hits home.
You do not want to be seen as an official that backed genocide of the human race by keeping a secret or doing nothing about the incoming disasters.
We shall not stand by as millions die that were never given a chance. You have an opportunity here to change the fate of the world. As leaders you earn the trust of people will you?
The World is going to have to work together in public for the first time in modern times against a common threat. Many have been asking for help in this dire situation. This new technology will give you a chance where there was none except for the plans of the rich. But without the human element of caring, hope, cooperation it is all in vain. This challenge that is coming will bring out the best of us and separate the worst.
As nothing or little is done, our present policy disaster after disaster will leave only the cold and harden in your protective bunkers. Worse those inside will have to emerge to an angry public. We are better than this and you have been given an option where the rewards benefit you and the public.
Your decision will be judged by your actions, by enacting the directives not words. Only then is there cooperation.
Anonymous Coward
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3/23/2010 2:27 AM
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Re: [b]An OFFER you may not want to Refuse[/b] Quote

Who are you that you claim to make such an offer?
Anonymous Coward
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3/23/2010 2:28 AM
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Re: [b]An OFFER you may not want to Refuse[/b] Quote

Anonymous Coward
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3/23/2010 2:30 AM
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Re: [b]An OFFER you may not want to Refuse[/b] Quote

My gosh man say the secret password and <ENTER>