One Religion



Written July 31, 2012


   One of the primary goals besides the purification of mankind before the second coming is the unification of all religions to be gathered as one under our Lord Jesus, which He will lead after He descends upon earth. The theme is that there is one God, but 3 distinctive parts forming the Trinity. Where all on earth purpose shall be revealed to be, love one another, as their selves, unconditionally in order to move to the new world. This has been foretold. But many are not familiar with the prophecies recorded in the Bible.

   It is important you that you know by reading Revelations from old Bibles, during the end times a false region will emerge sculpted by the dark one and has now infested the seat of Rome. Pope Benjamin is the last pope that is trying to do Godís will, but those around him are censoring him. Does he stir the crowds like John Paul, move with freedom among the heads of states in full view of the faithful? Not only has his voice been suppressed, but the true essence of his spirit has not been allowed to flow fully to the faithful. All of you when you think about it, now can realize the truth.

   His quiet demeanor screams out that all is not right, but few care to listen. When he is chased away from Rome due to reasons planned for decades, the Catholic Church will align with a new master as they were warned by our Blessed Mother of Salvation through the innocent children of Fatima in the third secret. Fear prevented the message from being spread to the sacred servants, but this was sealed and enforced with the death of popes. Look back and see the ones that died shortly after rising to pope. These deaths were no accident or due to natural causes. The Almighty would not inspire a group of his sacred servants to elect a pope with no future and He calls you home in your assigned time, unless cut short by the actions of men. He cannot stop the free will of mankind and the act of murder inspired by satan himself.

   Shortly after the Galactic alignment as satan incarnates in a specific man located in the east aligned with the family that owns the bank of England with all his powers before he was cast into of hell, and his dark angel will fuse his spirit with a cardinal and ascend to the seat of Peter, the prophesied black pope. All shall change. Most will be fooled as a calling for all religions to merge as one. Love will used to lure you as the twist, love yourself then you can love others. This is not a message from God. This is not His way as He states love another as your self. There are no preconditions; just kindness towards your neighbors, where all live in peace.

   Your trigger point will be when that which has been written in the Holy Book, The Bible, is changed and in some places, banned. They will challenge the existence of the Trinity, the transformation of the host into the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Experts will be called to speculate on the past and who was Jesus Christ to the point that He even existed. That which was divinely inspired and written, which stood the test of time for 2000 years shall be challenged. Many may be fooled, and you will faced with a challenge, stand by your faith etched in stone or follow a new leader praised by many who know not the truth. One who cheats death as he is satan himself immortal. You are mere mortals impressed easily with power and now you are faced with the ultimate. The forces of good trying to save your asses when you know no better and the forces of satan presenting a facade.  You told this day would come, but most are in a fog and so it shall be. He will be the one who pushes the button for nuclear destruction as his goal is to destroy mankind. The concept presently is beyond the comprehension of the leaders of earth. If you know there is an afterlife and the goal is to create despair to recruit new souls, then you push the button. The fools are the human leaders of earth who thought they could bargain.

   I with the sanction of the Almighty will change the earth starting at the end of the December magnetic trimester; your world will never be the same. Disasters will overwhelm countries to turn the human race back towards Him, intensity determined by your conversion. Since life as in the spirit lives on and just the body dies. I would rather save your spirit from the dark one and you live with us as promised. The change is just temporary, in death a flicker, in earth years less than a decade for almost all mankind. You as humans know little about the other side, passing over the veil, but the guardian angels that guides do; just maybe you should listen to that calming quiet voice.

   Death as you were taught in this universe does not exist. Look about does not all renew? Does life start over from scratch or build upon the basics? Ask yourselves this simple question and then many of you will arrive at the truth. I am here to lead you from faith to where it is a fact. It is all in the details and for now letís just plant a seed.


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