The Origin of Mankind

Evolution vs. Creationism


Written July 1

   The debate between creationism and Darwinís natural selection has caused division in the scientific and religious communities as to the origin of the human species as it is known today. Many studies have been conducted in the field and current consensus states life evolved spontaneous out of the seas on a primitive earth. All of this based upon the universe from the dawn of creation had an organized plan.

   Mankind has not even comprehended the simplistic mechanisms of the atom, the basics of particle movement or gravity in the universe as shown in the Grant Chronicles, yet has a hypothesis on the complex origin of life and the next step, conscious thought.

   Here on Earth there is a battle beyond what is seen and this is the basis for the doubt. When this world was created out of the localized big bang, the basic ingredients, elements combining in a unique nature could combine. The problem is that all even when combined in the proper combinations are inert. In your labs, with the best scientific equipment, can you recreate the molecular structure of the simplest living organic compounds? No matter what type or quantity of energy applied, life in its simplest forms eludes your scientific minds. You are not God, but you try to be.

    Look at a this living planet balanced systems of renewing the air oxygen/carbon dioxide, water evaporating from the sea condensing and falling in solid and liquid form as pure water flowing back to the seas due to gravity. This same gravity keeps independent masses upon the surface. Rotation within the core determined by an endless sources for attraction then overshooting dragging the surface along bathed by light and heat from a star. Added to this living organisms adapted to recycle and maintain balances. All in place, as life spawned on earth. No plan here.

    The problem with evolution is that it explains the obvious. Species do change and adapt to new conditions, but the do not morph into a different creature. How do you explain complex combinations of atoms joined from inert sources now has the ability to add to it structure. The ability to breakdown other atomic structures as a source of energy and expel waste. The kicker here is a genetic code that allows itself to replicate by itself, then with others. No plan here.

  Anthropologists have searched for creature that links man to prehistoric versions of him, but found nothing. Many versions a million years old discovered, but no links in the just recent past why? All of you know the superstitions and fear of something different, any thing with another appearance would have been killed among primitive humans. A couple hundred years ago they killed people for different religious beliefs in this country. All of this you as scientists can not explain and still you think there is no plan here.

   This complex system where all when not tampered with thrives. In zones with no light, extreme pressure toxic waters, heat, cold in the air, water and on land where a balance is maintained. Random life even as plants could have evolved on Mars, but not there to be seen by our probes.

    Charles Darwin examined what he saw and assumed the subtle differences were due to species evolving. Look at the Alligator and croc species they existed a hundred million years ago how did they evolve? Do you see new species changing from others or fish attempting to leave the ocean and surviving, no? There is something greater here in control of this universe. So you say the big bang, ah, that theory that breaks your fundamental rule that matter cannot be created or destroyed, but Jesus created matter out of nothing when he fed 5000 in front of witnesses. He controlled gravity when He walked on water. All of this documented, all of this changed men to spread His Word. So many questions spin within a doubters mind and I told you who plants them, but lets address some.


What about the Garden of Eden? 

 Your first mistake was you assume it located on earth. It was not, that was a sacred place created for mankind with one test and they failed and where banished to earth to learn the lessons of the Father. 

What about the reference of days used in the creation of all things? 

All of you are familiar with density and their various levels and how there is a direct relationship to the vibrational rate of matter and the passage of time. The Almighty is at the highest density level in the universe, where time is not a factor in terms of human comprehension. 

What is behind the Alpha and the Omega? 

   The heavens hold many secrets, this is why they are divine, but I have granted a simple explanation. That which is composed of spirit, pure conscious that has existed always, as how could there be a beginning, if He the almighty created all?  The key here is that He creates so that all with their free will shall come to know Him freely or can destroy if rejected, the beginning of life or the end. 

If there is a creator why is so much suffering and death allowed to happen

   The master goal in any creation is to set up rules to protect all, and this was given to Moses as the Commandments. Second, when creation is done it is in the image of self, thus free will. It is here that mankind goes astray. Banished to earth, Satanís world, it is through the process of suggestion from both sides that of God and the dark one, influence on the human mind is excised. It is your choice what you do with information and on any world there are rewards given for aligning with a particular side. You have to choose. On this world, those who align with the dark one are told to destroy life and expand misery to where most think there cannot be a God; in return some cases wealth, fame and power are given to attract more. The new faith is that you control your destiny by loving yourself first. 

How do explain early man and the updated versions that followed? 

   The first thing you must realize is that mammals did not evolve from cold blooded reptiles. This is a foolish assumption and any way they would have been food. The apes and early species of man appeared (created) within a similar time frame. Mankind assumes early versions resembling humans branched off. How, they were physically inept compared to the apes and intelligence came millions of years later, survival of the fittest? The Reptiles were removed from this earth by the hand of God through cataclysmic event. It is here that new species was created for a new beginning. The complex systems of milking the young, warm blood, live birth, care for the young, hair, and skin instead of scales all appeared at once across many species. This was not evolution, too many changes within a span a few million years when reptiles moved little in hundreds of millions of years. With all of this, how come other species did not spark intelligence of life especially in the oceans where it all began? You just do not know?

   God created all the plants, animals and other early humanoid life on earth, but said only mankind of today was created in His image. Early man did not receive the Holy Commandments or the bible over their millions of years of existence. The bible discounts early man as just another creation, which did evolve after. Is not Godís purpose to allow improvement in all species as they adapt? This is what is behind the development of early man. Even with his intelligence, he was phased out for you, and only the past several thousand years when the origin of this human race, Adam and Eve was in place here, and this is where the timeline begins that is important to you. You have been told, this is a spiritual decision first, choose right and then all will be revealed. 

Academia professes there is no Divine Deity such God portrayed in the Bible? 

   In this dark world, most in power are influence as to maintain the status quo. In return for their positions and salaries, the weak succumb to their suggestions. Yes there is evidence of the past, but no genetic links. A singularity as the source of all matter and complex systems of order of a chaotic random set of events and all is in balance? Do you really believe that all you can see with your primitive optics and that which is beyond, not to mention the parallel universes all was contained in a single point of matter? Please letís not all laugh at the same time.

   So you would rather believe the universe and its order were spawned from an infinitesimal point of mass rather than have been created be the Almighty, the giver of life? How foolish. As scientist you are no more advance in the scale on time than those of the dark ages. It is time to change and discard the chains placed upon you by mankind. Open your mind, there is something greater, far beyond human comprehension and I am asking you to join us on this journey. This is a seed; I am planting, think about it. It is time to grow towards a new beginning, be part of it. 

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