Our Lordís Day Christmas


Written: Dec. 10, 2005

    Christmas, a day which honors the birth of God's Son on Earth thru Mary has been dishonored in the name of an idol, money. What is sad, is that Christians in high places have removed Christ from His holiday to please a creation of the Father, mankind. Some are using the excuse that they do not want to offend other religions, but they have now offended the Almighty and now He has words for you. ďI, the Almighty who created all life on Earth am angry with all who have dishonored the day of My Sonís birth. For I am the God of the Jews and the Gentiles and no man shall put the money changers in front of Me. It was with great love that I sent my only Son, the Christ to guide my chosen people only to see that His body was killed by man, who could not understand, but His message lives on in the hearts of billions. For those who donít believe in my Son I will show you, for I am God your Almighty, the God of Abraham and will unleashed my raft on your planet near my Sonís Birthday in the form Earthquakes that has not been seen in recent history in numbers, intensity and misery since most did not heed my last warning in the form hurricanes so that all may know that Christ is your Lord and He will come soon to judge you for your deeds on Earth. There will be no mistake that this is not a normal event. I am gathering my children and I want all of you. I do not want to lose one and I am sending this message to let you know it is not about your idols of money, power, fame, and beauty. It is about I and your Savior, My Son Jesus, because I gave you the ability to make money, I gave knowledge so that you could rise to the top of your peers, and I gave you your beauty so that you would be admired by others. What I give I can take, remember my Son and His teachings, honor is birthday for what it is, the incarnation of God in the body of a man and be thankful He gave His life so that you could achieve true happiness.Ē

I want to wish a happy birthday to our Lord Jesus Christ 

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