People of Israel, I AM the God of Abraham shall now Speak to you My Chosen

The Book of Truth


Written Aug 5


   The Almighty speaks, “I your Father have chosen to break My silence to the Jewish race as I speak through My prophets, which are few. You have so many questions as to why over two thousand years has past without hearing My sweet voice, but this is not important now. Just know I have missed you like a mother who finally finds a lost child. The reasons for being lost are not important, but know I have found you and will treasure this time in history on your earth. You are My children. You are My chosen, a reflection of Me, created in My image. Do you remember? Know this; I have intervened at this particular point of history to embrace you, but also to warn you My children. These are the End Times, and you must know, that you My children have been betrayed. I as God Almighty you not stand by idly as the world will slaughter you the innocent. So heed My following warning.

   A darkness has descended upon some of the leaders of your nation, Israel, while others who fear reprisals just go along. I gave you a nation, but your government stole land from the weak to expand your nation under the guise of a protective buffer. Did you call for My help or did you go war which does not come from Me. Greed drove this, not fear from attack as they settled in the disputed land instead of an unoccupied buffer zone. I watched from the Heavens again as thousands of innocent children and women died for you, to present My children with a sense of safety as told by your leaders. You are not allowed to kill for any reason and this is why I Am angry. Cowards, as shelters of safety and hospitals were damaged or destroyed, crushing the will of the people, as the world who has no backbone stand up and pats your leaders on the back. In the US, if the Mafia was hiding in Little Italy do they level it? No. Not one innocent life is an excuse to get to a terrorist as you do not have right to kill. Only I your Almighty, the author of life have the right to end life as you know it.

   Oh you forgot the Laws I sent you with Moses. Do you remember how those who disobeyed were handled in his time? There are no conditions and with My warning will come My wrath. Choose another path oh nation of Israel. Listen to your hearts as I call out from the Heavens to stir your souls. Your leaders are bringing you to the brink of war and a far worst than when you suffered during the Holocaust shall occur. The nations of the West will turn their backs on your nation as the antichrist rises in the flesh. Again Hitler was a puppet of those who were evil. You will be persecuted as satan himself and he will almost destroy your nation, but those who believe in Me and My Son no matter the past will live. It is here your remnants shall rise and conquer the dark side in unison with your Christen brethren.

   War in its present form is a product of satan, no matter how you spin it. This is not the past. Nor did I command you to march and kill in My name as in the past. You were told to love your enemy, decent wages, a safe home, respect for another even if they have another way to praise Me. I did not guide them, but I guided you with My Laws and you have no excuse. I have sent My angels to gather the elect and destroy that which is evil. This will start now. Remember I will take your life before letting the dark one steal your soul. This is your warning and for many, your only until My Son come to collect the remnant army still left on earth when He comes for the Second Time.”

   This is the Word of God.

   As it becomes clear that the wrath of God befalls this earth to rid it of evil and filth, because your leaders have failed, many will come out as false prophets. Many will praise the rights of men and the need for charity to spread among all who are in need. Many will ignore what we were taught in the Bible and the Words of Jesus and accept what is now considered a sin. Soft, kind words of love shall be the façade, but look for what isn’t addressed. There will be no emphasis for repentance through prayer and fasting for actions that hurt others. Not one will check the rights of men, now in front of the Laws of God. There will be an absence of a track record. Many will claim to speak for God, but all who are new and praised by media and leaders are false. You were told Maria Divine was the last of Seven that is on earth presently. Some may have died, but the living, are known only to a few and all by God.

   The Almighty speaks, “My children, the Jews watch as all foretold unfolds and when you know these words are Mine your Father, God Almighty, fall to your knees and beg forgiveness for your sins to your Messiah who sits at My right Hand. He will forgive you as the lost child who has returned. Only when you come out from under the veil of deceit will you then be able to save your race, My Chosen ones from persecution soon to be enacted through the nations of this world following the will of the antichrist. I Am your God. My Son is your leader. The words of yours leaders are filled will lies. How many will die before you learn the Truth? It is written. It is now unfolding.”


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