The Plague of Sores Released Shall Bring Mankind Home

The Book of Truth



Written May 14


   You on this world are confused by knowledge withheld. Few have little faith as your belief for the many is in what you can touch, see and more important the opinions of others who are respected among your kind. They preach equality, self expression as a new modern religion and extend what they think are human rights to include same sex marriages as many are now on board in the media and now backed with political laws. Did you as the citizen have a voice or was your choice to be assumed? The Bible states that the same involved in unnatural acts was destroyed and so shall the Bible will be scarce to non existent especially in Europe as new laws to ban it in the near future, takes affect.

   If there is one thing that will not be repeated is the destruction of mankind again as they defied God and laughed at the warnings as in the days of Noah. As the waves swept them away, all were begging for a second chance. This warning is your second chance. The Bible has stated that only the 144,000 will be the chosen and this is still true. So where does that leave the billions of other souls? With free will this was the base, but through the Word of God, the Truth now given to humanity, billions more will be saved. This is the reason we, the Remnant Army from all parts of the world, all creeds, all religions, united in one cause, are fighting as we leave not one soul of the 7 billion presently behind. All shall be seeked out as the free will of men and woman can be and is in many cases infested by influence the dark one.

   Father has decided will be the first of the plagues to come until mankind changes. Let not the human race follow that of the Egyptians, who were subjected to ten. And still in the end they were destroyed. The time has come to save the human race, His children and with this, punishment for those destroying His children. Through injustices, abortion, murder and war or influence to accept that which is a sin by disgracing the Sacraments of Marriage and the Eucharist must be excised in order to save most. It is only when your lives are on the line do you call out to God. It is only when you lose a loved one to this physical life that you call out to God. It is now only when the plague destroys your face with sores as boils pop up and explode with a burning puss will you be identified as have being aligned with the beast in secret shall you call out the name of God in excruciating pain. Let no one touch your face or fluids as you shall know exile. The façade of a pretty face or handsome man will be seen for what is inside as the flesh on the outside will reflect what was hidden. Ask yourself with the promises of the dark one where was your protection? Now you realize the promise was false and you were lied too, welcome to the real world.

   The plague upon mankind is to turn those, the elite who would kill billions, starve millions in the coming famines to strike Europe for you as what they consider as common men or woman, are outside of the loop, that is power of the antichrist. It is he that can destroy a world. As for 3rd world countries already starving, millions will die at the hands of those in power who stockpile precious food for the black market.

   It has been decided by Father that the first plague will strike the face of those agents of the antichrist. The wounds about the face, first seen as discoloration of the skin, will morph as a deep lesion surrounded by a raised fleshy red ring, which intermittently fills with puss that smells to stop loss of liquids. No medicine or amount of money will provide a cure as this a plague due to your actions that are against God. Few of you truly believe in God, the Father Almighty and all shall know He is the Creator as you look in shame in the mirror. Tip, let your pride go and ask what you must do to change. This is the first of the warnings to be delivered as a plague to change at least a 100 million hearts of the hardened. It is here that you in fear that there is hope as the hand of forgiveness, is given for the asking and the sores will be temporary as your face becomes even more refined than before the sores at an appointed time. This is the promise of the Lord with true remorse. The days of hiding behind money and power have come to an end, but this will not affect the antichrist and false prophet. You are being told this in advance as you shall know the source of this plague for it was written and it shall be.

   Now for you in the media it is time you contemplate your future. You have been told many times abortion, unwarranted wars; same sex marriage is against that which is God. You may try to spin as humanism and a right. This is your mistake; no man or woman changes the Laws of God. No man or woman takes one who was given the breath of life to save another or your own life, for you do not control death or prevent it, if this is the will of the Almighty.

   You say if the Almighty is God, then how can they take someone I love, can He not stop evil? The Almighty speaks, ”You arrogant race, you have learned little since I created your parents, Adam and Eve. When I create life it is a gift and has a purpose that I only know. You as man or woman try to justify your actions as humanistic, but have only been tricked by the beast that knows your deepest wants, fools. Obedience to the Laws of God, the Commandments must be adhered to during the days of the beast and with this you will have everlasting life. As your Father, just like your earthly parents you are given rules, first not to hurt your brothers and sisters, but more important that you are not deceived by others who would take advantage of your kind heart by following a set of rules to protect you.

   Fret not over death for it is just a transition to something greater. Think of yourselves as caterpillars and death as the cocoon after the transition, you are the butterfly. So when someone passes they are with Me if in a state of grace. Life is eternal a gift of love given to you by the Death of My Son at the hands of your ancestors. Defy Me or My Son Jesus and you will perish as this is the time of polarization. All of you think your brief stay on earth is the most important times of your lives. Believe in My Son and then you believe in Me and know this, not tear will flow from your eyes, not one loved one will be missing when My Son comes for you. Trust Him or suffer the plagues for you have chosen the beast and he with his hatred of mankind will destroy you.”



All Rights Reserved: © Copyright 2013


All Rights Reserved: © Copyright 2013