The Plans of the Dark One: The Antichrist



Written Feb 21

Update Mar 5


   As the prophecies of Revelations have come to point, where many consider there may be some truth here. Lets give portions the plan of what once most still consider as fantasy, now starting taking shape quickly on earth.

   The resignation of the Pope, covertly forced out, this will lead the way to the rise of the false prophet in or near the month of March of 2013. The new world order, as they tighten the grip on the western world, through the wars escalating in the Middle East and crushing financial markets on the slightest turmoil will increase the fold of politicians squeezed under their thumb. Removing the rights of the people by representatives of the government aligned to the dark side, as these laws are no longer needed and all the while, the antichrist still stands in the shadows. So how you can discern the truth?

   All of you were caught by surprise with the resignation of the Pope. It is the plan of Jesus to protect all on earth and He wants all to know, the keys of Peter the first Pope, which has been in place at the Vatican for centuries has been removed, and now is in the hands of the Father. Now many of you have heard the rumors, the prophecies in Revelations, and the suppressed 3rd letter of Fatima all are true. What now?

   The 1st choice of the antichrist is to bring this world to its knees and anoint his dark angel reign on the seat of Peter. As his hate of God and His children dictates his path, and it is this weakness than can be exploited. With satan there are only his rules with no room for the minions to change on the fly when faced with something new. These plans have been in place for millenniums, although every move has been thoughtfully considered to bring the most pain to the children of God.

   The next pope will need certain skills as this dictates the choice. He needs to be a scholar of the Muslim religion as he will need to embrace all as one new faith, changing Catholicism under the guise of accepting all as tolerance. To you, it may bring forth a shell of what is familiar, the new world religion, and a smooth exterior for all to like with the new acceptance. One that was placed to reign as cardinal in a high profile diocese, where if elected he could rise to pope with little discussion. The purpose is to provide a foundation, if others rose from here, how can he be the prophesized as the false one? This is the plan as he will be seen as the only choice due to the influence of those already aligned with the Masonic forces hidden within the Vatican. His job is to first gain the confidence of the world, then slowly embrace a new change that will be seen the tolerance of others dictated by the antichrist.

   You will see same sex marriages performed by priests, but the sacrament will be empty, as the spirit of God will not be there to appease that change which comes from man. The Almighty destroyed a city for sexual filth and you expect this change to be accepted and bring it into His house? With free will you have a choice. Do you as same sex feel more wanted as they in Rome embrace what they see as flaws? Do you feel more passion for your forbidden mate, because now you feel the world sees a doctrine of Christ as wrong when explained by men? If this is, then a behavior same sex relationships that will now be considered normal among mankind, then what? No longer the relationship is seen as special, precious requiring a special care. Look at what you have become.

   The words you pray and recite at mass will be changed as modernization within the new church take form. The antichrist will then have the false prophet with the endorsement of leaders and the famous, embrace and see him as Christ on earth. Watch as this plan develops swiftly behind the scenes. The final blow removal of the images of our true Savior, Jesus Christ, who died for your sins as he now through the words of men, walks among you.

   Many shall be fooled. Many shall die with this choice. It is up to you to read the signs and not be part of this deception. You are being told, prepare for the end of the world and you look at survival sites, but this lesson is spiritual. Look beyond what you want see to here. There is no future for you if you are still here after the Second Coming. This earth will be destroyed by the shift and those children of God who remained to protect the weak will be rescued as those they stayed for, pass. If you choose to provide comfort, your responsibility is enlightenment, inform them there is a God who forgives, true remorse is all that is asked, but know there is atonement or sacrifice to make up for what you have done against others.

   In this nation as well as others, you were told the basic rights of this nation you take for granted, will be changed. You were told this was by design and now it is happening simultaneously and promoted by all. This is the clue as all are on the same page since Dec. 21 2012. Politicians and justices who are under the thumb of the new world order are being told to revoke landmark legislation. They know the law and you see them as wise, a flaw. It is this short window of opportunity they will use against you. A time line in the frame work of months is all that is needed to control all when in chaos as the rule in place is seen as stability.  It is here by acclaim by new politicians and the media a certain political party that can put up a façade to the Christian community that will now back same sex marriage. Do you feel betrayed; you should, as they never were in your pocket to begin with, but you believed the paid media outlets spewing a formatted doctrine. They just told you the words you needed to hear to get your vote and support. Really and you thought they would not lie to get something they want and then just walk away. I am sure some of you have learned that lesson, but you did not think it would occur here? What you need to notice is that now since the antichrist is here and all are falling in line. Look around, names supporting the unthinkable are now public.

   The goal of the antichrist that controls all power on the earth is backed by the wealth of the Rothschild. For under his guidance, they ascended all that life offers and transpires on earth, hidden, but still able to pull all strings at government and corporate levels. With the children of God divided by hate, control of governments and financial markets with a well placed diversion to be solved and austerity at the heart of riots to come, he will ascend to control the world as a free choice.

   The Middle East will explode in war and he will be seen as the peace keeper and with the EU faltering and the Rothschild’s wealth, a new world order will rise in the form of the ten horned beast. 10 countries in Europe who join together under his rule to solve the problems of the world, it will be then the persecution of the Christians and Jews that will go on as they did not conform to the world. It will be the use of the bear and dragon that will enforce the new law as you as leaders of your countries will sell out as cowards and your people who do not take the mark of the beast in many cases shall perish as they have no beliefs. How quickly you forget when Europe was last occupied and it is you the citizen who allows the hate of others to point the finger of blame when this was by designed. But you listened to who you thought had your best interests, judges you thought would enact the law fairly and when under siege, you state why didn’t someone speak up? I am speaking, but how many of you are listening?

   The antichrist will lower the bar to what is sin in the eyes of the Almighty. He will show you great wonders; raise what seems to be dead, all to fool. Pompous, splendor and gallantry exploiting all that is about the material and self. This is who most will worship. This is when the earth will shake. This is when the earth will flood. This is when the heavens will explode to let you know who the Son of God is most high. Make no mistake, if you live through the tribulations all of you in the end will know who is God.

   It is the job of many to educate all, but allow a free choice. It is about knowing all that is falling about you, is by the hands of man influenced by the dark one. Just how this is accomplished, shall be revealed at another time. Focus on the problem, make change that is meaningful and we will move on.

   Know this, you in the media and the famous are the key to make this deception work. Gifts given with conditions to only agree to when called. Not one of expected your words to sway millions hidden under a veil of deceit. If you don’t do it, he destroys you. If you conform many innocent lives will be sacrificed and it is you that will be held accountable by the Almighty as you influence the masses to accept them. Be careful on what you put support behind. It is better to walk away or say nothing than promote that which seems the best for the world, although it is a guise to destroy it.

   The goal is to move all of God’s children, the good and the converted bad to the next level, all left on earth after the pole shift will die, all.


Update Mar 5


   The antichrist has intensified the battle for control of this world and many world leaders are concerned with the rate of change to control the masses. With true evil, you do not question those in command as the College of Cardinals shall see during the Papal conclave to elect a new pope. Look into the eyes of the photos of candidates and your soul will reveal the false prophet.

   In order to solidify control of the EU before being seen as a leader, he is sending a message, all who are tepid shall, align or else. As the ground work for rapid ascension is laid. So he has chosen a target as he does not care that the world knows. Who will stop him in that which is prophesied?  You have been told of three assassinations, one that has its roots in a failed attempt of others. He has a wall of security as no ordinary threat would try twice at someone who is removed.

   Those aligned with the Masonic order are under the thumb of absolute control as satan rules and a leader on earth, a mere man who defied assassination has even become more popular to the eyes of the masses. He survived a direct assault as if protected by God. Was this event manipulated to allow events to make a greater impact, I will not say. I will say this much, he is at peace with God.

   His liberal party has been gaining strength and is considered a viable threat to the powers to be, even though he resigned in his own masked fear, as he inspires others in this nation within Europe and it is this that is the concern of the antichrist. No party shall rise against that which is the will of the antichrist and for this man even out of power, protected by an army of men, he shall fall.

   The antichrist is showing all even though he is not in power yet, he shapes the future of the EU through fear. The sacrifice will be Ahmed Dogan in the near future and God will have mercy on your soul. All leaders in the EU including Germany and France will know what is at stake through lack of “cooperation”. This is an act of man no matter what spirit resides within the soul. This is where your leaders will betray the will of the people.

   The antichrist will tighten bank lending under the guise of austerity measures and the people will revolt internally. What will be different is that some will support and die for austerity and others will seek to other throw these banking measures as their relatives suffer horribly around them; internal fighting will be seen as a new type of war, still destroying the country, but only now from within.

   You have been told, it will be Italy that succumbs first to internal disarray. As brother against brother, rich against poor, the elected officials fearing for their lives building until chaos erupts. It is here that former pope Benedict will flee Rome. It is here you know change must come, the warning. It is here the Almighty will send the two comets.


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