Originally Written Summer 2004

Released June 2006


   As we move into the days of great turmoil ahead, the good and bad exposed around the world will separate all citizens of Earth due to the agendas of each leader. First God is not destroying the Earth, but renewing it as each will be given a choice. He has given mankind his chance and with all the guidance and for some, we have yet to enlighten. God blessed the world with medical knowledge and cures to many diseases for all mankind to benefit, but did his work spread to the people? No, the knowledge was used for financial gain within some corporations, but not by all, some have concentrated on marginally improving symptoms instead of a cure and totally ignoring the poor countries unless called upon. Are these blessed countries looking for new discoveries from everyday chemical combinations, no again on the contrary, as this approach would not support a high stock price, its all about the profit. However, the worst atrocity to God was the misuse of his gifts to kill others. Specifically, if a certain group took it upon itself to cure over population in the world by creating the AIDS virus in a laboratory with advanced help, then released it in strategic locations. Several communities of commonly linked people at first would take the blame and also head the list of most undesirables to be eliminated. The travesty is that mankind cannot take upon himself the work of God, for only He decides what living being lives or dies and for him all life is to be valued. Funded studies point to a choice group of chimpanzees as the cause, but who funded the study and why? How did transference between chimp and human take place? If this was Godís actions, so be it, but if not there is a problem, this elitist group underestimated their own secret lust between humans and covert sexual interactions with the groups unknown to be infected, resulting in the spreading of the disease among all classes. With the discovery that the human race could not be culled in specific population groups as planned, the experiment was put on hold and someoneís tax dollars paid for this. Yet random infection continues to spread dampen only in the communities that can afford treatment.

   Athletes preach to its youth fair about play and sportsmanship is its way, yet in the Olympic 2004 spirit, one individual refused to share or give back what is not theirs due to an error. Judging is subjective and cannot be changed, but a scoring error can be. Are some all about the gold and the money in endorsements? I would never buy a product endorsed by someone so arrogant and selfish who is all about himself, what about the other person who sacrificed 4 years of is life, but who had a victory taken from him by not 1 judge, but three in an unofficial collaboration bound only by common backgrounds and agendas.

   Now worst of all, certain heads of state, itís allies and the Church, with its supporting body that oversees all parts of the world live in immense wealth with the gifts from the extreme poor, was given information to save the human race, but did they release this information, or did they used it to prepare safe havens for themselves?

   There is lesson to be learned from history. It is those who control the resources that control the Earth. So wars are started for many reasons where victory and control of disputed resources would be relatively easy secure during a time of turmoil or so it may seem. With the information given to all in control, they moved early, from a reliable source for the good in the long run. If anything is too easy they should have been suspect, especially if it would give an edge to those in control. The worldís people were shown a behavior unbecoming of countries who were expecting to make a quick get away in the confusion of whatís coming and you thought they are for the people.

   In life there are choices to be made, some serve there country risking all, while others stay stateside, who is the true hero? In the war on terror there is a choice, liberate an oppress society from its dictator and free its people in the spirit of democracy or provide help in return for rights to a strategic resource with the option to expand outward?  Again there is a choice, in war the mind snaps, the line of protocol is blurred when abuses are committed. Should we look at those in control and giving orders or single out the one who may be following orders or acting on his or her own? We may never solve this debate.

   With the weather getting worse, the coordinated attacks on a certain forums towards those voicing an opinion for concern is now viewed as deliberate deception and it is, there comes a time for when you must stand for something. Apathy is not the way, because it will affect you. I am not talking about revenge or punishment towards those who perpetrated the cover-up; leave that in Godís hand. I am talking about working together as a unit for the good of all mankind in the future. The a unit that can trust each other, a unit that care about the other as it is him or herself so more can make it through the disasters if chosen by God. A unit most of all that does not abandon God or listen to false ones when faced with terrible turmoil. You do not need empty promise, for those who give them are truly lost, but they will need you as slave workers, words of safety and preferential treatment, or promises of wealth. This will not exist anymore except as memories in the new world as segments of the world are affected where doubt replaces guarantees. It is time for you to form friendships based on trust and caring instead of a strategic move for improving your life with those when in a crunch will not or cannot deliver. It is time to leave behind those who talk the talk, but walk a way of life that goes against your soul. It is time for you to associate with people who think like you, because in turmoil they will be the only ones to have your back. Exercise this change first with your family, then your friends and in the United States, but with the little time left, exercise it with your vote. Polarization is moving off the fence and believing in a position that comes from your soul and that will affect yours and the lives of others around you, but it is about making a choice.


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