A Message for Pope Benedict

For the World to See


Written: Dec. 31 2011

Update: Jan. 3 2012

   As the leader of the Catholic Church, you are now being given a task to fulfill. You say your close to God more so than any one on this Earth, because of your elected position. Jesus' representative here on Earth, so why have you not recognized His words? Why do send investigators to examine His prophets as if man can sense who the Almighty sends in His name and you read many examples in the Bible, those picked sometimes are not what man expects? You have my respect, but I am delivering this stern message. Change things now, while you still have that chance.

   The Almighty speaks, " I have guided you, My holy servants for the past 2000 years, yet few know My words when spoken. So much emphasis spent on the past while My children presently wander under your guidance. Are you in control or has the dark one taken free reign of My Earth? As God Almighty, I expect you to enter the following prayer in all Masses said on Earth to protect those who do not know Me. This is not up for debate in the Vatican, you as My Pope will Honor this. Do not let Me down, as I see all excuses and threats in my Church. Carry out My request immediately for time is short, as My Son comes to claim that which has been in your and previous Popes' care for 21 centuries. Are you proud of what He has left in your hands when you face Him? Benedict, He will judge you on the results in the times prophesied in Revelations as you are well aware of the signs. Your Father All Merciful, God the Almighty"

Instructions for the faithful: Before saying, think of 10 people every person knows and dedicate the prayer to them rotating names as needed

“Oh Heavenly Father through the love of your beloved Son Jesus Christ whose passion on the cross saved us from sin
please save all those who still reject His hand of Mercy.
Flood their souls, dear Father, with your token of love. I plead with you Heavenly Father, hear my prayer and save these souls from eternal damnation. Through your mercy allow them to be the first to enter the New Era of Peace on Earth. Amen.”


I do not care where or how you insert this in the mass or the push back received, get it done as millions of souls are on the line.


   You have so little faith, have you not learned the same lessons presented to you in the the Bible. Did Jesus come as expected by the Jews? Did the prophets fit the Pharisees mold? And you are willing to make the same mistake twice? Do you even realize the lessons being presented today or are you caught in your self righteousness analyzing the past? When I took this mission, I figured, the least of the problem would be the Almighty's sacred servants, but maybe I put to much faith in the established ways. Word has it, that envy has cropped up and I thought we were all on the same team. Please tell me, this is not so or have you listened to the cowards in our faith. There is the team I am on representing our Lord and the other, make a choice.

   We have seen when Mary has sent the meek at Fatima, children who would not lie with a message. You at the highest levels buried it and still do. Thus your hierarchy insured the infiltration of the Church by the other. As those with the courage to take on the task were never called. We have seen the hierarchy cover up the abuses in the church again, against children, it has cost you millions and more important a loss of the faithful and respect. Corrupted lives forever, do you remember what Jesus said about bringing harm to children? How many injustices would have been prevented with proper supervision instead of denial? And these are your references to change the world, fear of change and lack of courage.

   This is why many were passed over, but some still can step up to the plate. Will it be you, Benedict? Add the prayers to the Mass or you will be stepped over and the decision will go to the individual parishes. This is up you signed up for. This is what you believe in. This is about bringing everyone home. Do it for Jesus, but more important, do it for yourself and help save mankind.


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