Pope Francis

Interference with Gays and the Moral Structure of the World



Written Sept 22


   Francis, I am speaking to you as a messenger from God for you are not listening and have little time. Why have you tuned out Jesus and listened to the voices in your head? Do you not think the world does not know of Masonic past, black pope? Are you that diluted to turn against the Father who created all? On earth in this battle of souls you really think your plan will succeed as already some of the faithful have “concerns” with your spiritual course. Are the winds of the revelations ruffling your sails? This is a battle you will not win, in its wake, billions may die dependant upon prayers as I have the Almighty that is behind me as His servant and you think the Creator of all life including your master will defeat us? All will see you rise up as the world cowers with trepidation, but I will be there when you fall looking into your eyes as you quiver in fear as the fate I may see. This is a promise as Mary crushes the head of your leader in the end. I hope, this changes. For I want you on our side, the side of our Lord and Savior Jesus, remember Him.

   You know who I am and I know who you are, so enough of the formalities. Explain to me how your mind is clouded and you try to lead the Catholic Church on a “new path”. All of your life you have excelled, but you asked to be Pope. Not from true humility or to help others, but the power to lead a billion and eventually the world and it is not the Lord who answered your prayers. You may fool many, but with intercession that number is falling.

   The world will hear words from you, pontiff that inspires as someone who is courageous and willing to move the Church forward into modern times. You have been versed in the spiritual realm, but have underestimated the dark side which masks your reality and mind by suggestion. In your mind you are expanding the Church as how can this be wrong. You have excluded yourself from the flow of change by stating all have basic rights to care about the wants of another and you cannot judge. Children have rights, but you as an adult maintain laws. I seem to feel, there is a disconnect with your policy. Respect for all life by standing firm against abortion and euthanasia, a man with a woman as the only sacred marriage, as these are the Laws of the Almighty. Your words are so carefully crafted to entice the vulnerable with goodwill of mankind, but in your excitement you do not see.

   You as the head of church, no matter how you ascended false one, is to guide God’s children, but you have defaulted on this task. Yes, it is not you job to judge, but it is your job to maintain the Laws of the Almighty as this never changes with time only man does, but you answer to another. No pope or sacred servant is authorized to change the Word of God, but I guess you did not get the memo.

   Francis even though your mind is clouded there a small, very small spark that is loyal to Jesus. Know this; there is no power greater than the Almighty. So why are you confused? You are familiar with Revelations, but you have been told, you will unify the world against Christ for it has been foretold. You fool no one false prophet and many are “concerned” with your behavior. I know you are laying a platform for change in the Catholic Church and you, who sits on the seat of Peter falsely will be seen for what you are. You false prophet when you change the Laws of God, removed the Eucharist from mass you blaspheme against God and He will destroy you. This is a promise.

   I ask all sacred servants to see your pope for what he is. If he changes the Mass, removes sacraments you know the Truth. Do not believe the changes for they are not sanctioned by Jesus and serve another. Do not allow the Crucifixion to be removed for this is how death shall be conquered and sins erased. Do not be deceived for it is written. They will speak of heresy, but all that I say is in Revelations as a warning by John inspired by the Lord over 2000 years old. Who are you going to trust, the Word of God, the Bible or the word of a man to the world who seems to represent God?

   Let not the words of the weak sway you with indecisiveness, as the word of our Lord never changes for any reason. No matter what you see. No matter what turmoil befalls the world. Never betray the Lord as many did in the First Coming and you know this. Faithful you have been warned of these times, but never thought it would occur in your lifetime. Are you going to be fooled twice and betray the Lord or stand up with courage and prepare for what is coming?

   What we do not need during the End Times are traitors. Are you a traitor like Judas was? Every soul that is lost to lies falls on you and when you face your master, our Lord weeping at his feet prostrated you cannot say you did not know. You chose to ignore these words. You chose not to reflect in prayer and ask for guidance from Jesus. You were so sure. As you cower in fear during the Warning you will know your mistake. Let the Lord be merciful on your soul. Remember you have been told the Lord will come as a thief in the night. And that time is now. You have ?years? not a decade, but no man knows the exact time.


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