The Power of Prayer


Written April 28

   Human society on a whole has little faith. Some see the world falling into a dark abyss, but are unwilling to take the proper steps for change, apathy. First, we need to start at home then expand outwards, as all of mankind comprises God's children. You do not get to choose who you help by if they agree with your version of the truth. As the problems today created in the faithful, is based on mankindís interpretation of Godís will. He gave simple instructions, where there was no need for change. Why is it that you spend more time to scrutinize a new member of your church in some cases, more than the criminals around you? Have got things backwards? Christ welcomed the scum of the earth to join him, do you, if they truly want a fresh start? You have been told not to judge, but you do? You have been told to turn the other cheek, but you can't, when a person has committed an offense and seeks forgiveness. Do you have the power to see into their hearts when they come to you in their time of need? When confronted, are you there to heal or judge? Make your choice. Jesus forgives, but you can't or have reservations. Are we missing something here?

    You were told that your test was how you treat others as Jesus shares his spirit with every man, woman and child on this earth. Look around, it seems events are not going in the way of Christ, but this can change and more important has recently. This is due to prayers, which most of mankind discounts through lack of knowledge.

   Prayer, in this high tech world compared to our history has little meaning in the eyes of the average human. Too many, have discounted a repetitive sequence of Holy words from thousands of years ago, with few results and even fewer that can be proven. What needs to be considered is, only when they come from the true heart does it count and it is answered when it fits with God's Plan.

   Humans have little understanding of the supernatural world as they only related to what is physical. This needs to change. So lets give some insight.

   Prayer is one of the mysteries of God, the supernatural. What is funny, is that many of you believe in wizards, ghosts, witches, even leprechauns, but the Almighty. The Almighty allows simple words taught to us by Jesus, Mary and the ancient prophets to make sharing the human soul unbearable for dark spirits when spoken from the heart, only the worst needs to excised by a Catholic priest. It is then, when the afflicted human soul without its judgment clouded by dark spirits that has vacated temporally in most cases, change can occur. These are spirits and cannot be affected by the physical. This is what you need to know. This what is primarily, is going to save this world. Use your Rosary at 3pm, for many it will be your only hope.

   For the faithful, you who are now Christians and descended from one of the 12 tribes, you know who you are. Many of your bloodline is in purgatory (A place were the soul that is not condemned. is washed clean.) being purged for their sins on earth, only you can help them. Dedicate a simple sacrifice or prayer in their honor and cut their suffering short. Teach this to all, if you pass before the warning, you will know someone one earth is cutting short your suffering. They have been crying out for thousands of years in some cases, and no one is listening. Do the right thing for them, listen to this request now, but more important act on it.

   To others any help is requested and needed, think of those who committed crimes that are unspeakable. Change the criminal mind, the gang member or death squad member, not only do you turn around a soul, but more important, someone innocent will not have to suffer in the future as the crime will be averted. Think of your sacrifice as a gain for the meek. Do this for your Lord, Jesus Christ.

   To those on the dark side, your energy will drain at the same specific time of day, a weakness in your stomach, jittery legs, you will know something is different. This is when you will seek guidance and look for strength. You will feel the power of the Almighty, embrace it as you now feel glow from within as it dissipates from your face and then it will be gone. This is how you will know there is a difference, there is a future, and for some, there must be a change. You may fail many times, but it will come back. Follow your gut, ignore what you see around you. You will never look back. Yes, I am speaking to you the leaders of the free and communist world, the bankers, the Illuminati and the secret sect of the masons in the Vatican. For you are the true pawns of the dark one and his fallen angels and it is you that I am concentrating on. This is better than battle and sure losses. It is time to change an d make a firm choice, for this world is the dark one's best, the jewel. It goes down from here.

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