The Power of Prayer II


Written July 1


   Many of you have answered the call and we are thankful, but there is much to do and little time. Think of children through no fault of their own exploited, and the defenses of the abusers are relaxed. Are you happy because some were saved, when goal is to save all? Your goal is to save all including the abusers as this is no ordinary mission.

   You have seen some successes as one member of the Supreme Court had influence impeded from the dark one so that a clear personal decision for constitutional could be made. I hope you Obama were saying your Rosary, if not you need to start and make time as this answered one of your prayers. Make no mistake as the chief justice who enforced adherence with the other judges broke from what is a partisan group backing an agenda. Does this mean Roberts has loosen the grip of the antichrist on the court? Unknown, but it is a start and still dependant upon your prayers as the battle with Roberts will intensify.

   The advice for Roberts would be to make a decision for now you are considered a turn coat with those in power as they counted on you and may make you an example. Choose the Almighty and you and your family will be protected, waver and we can count you as lost.

   What about recent gains in student loans and infrastructure agreed by both sides and the dropped pipeline?  With the elections coming student loans are now not part of the equation, but the shrew part is agreeing for infrastructure jobs. This was done to disarm the Obama Administration with an agreement for jobs, but will not affect the unemployment rate until after the election. The pipeline was dropped due to the increased earth movements, it was just common sense.

   What is being overlooked, is what’s happening in Europe. The financial settlement forced upon many countries is almost a reality and you have told one currency may be introduced to provide financial stability. The bankers told all to buy while placing calls before announcement and just after to cover their exit. A ruse to convince the public this was a correct decision. This move was prophesied and happening before your very eyes as welcome by the populations, despite all the warnings.

   Chastisement has started as the fires are starting destroy the refuge of the elite in Colorado. So what about those who are innocent, they being moved to be among their own kind, insurance will cover most loses? Had they stayed, they would have been subjected to the many abuses and threats of those who were wealthy to save their families.  

   For the many of you that are in power, you have little insight of what is to come.  That which will be fully incarnate at the galactic alignment has influenced the all evil within who ever lived on earth. It was his ideas they acted upon and which now that was ideas now will become flesh with all powers of healing, matter manipulation and the wisdom to fool the world honed since the creation of this universe. This is what you are up against. This is why humanity will be put to the test. This is why a decision has to be made.

   Let not the storms bring you prayer when you have a choice to change now without chastisement. Remember, the storms are to break to grip of evil for what they have planned for you is worse. When you start, no one needs to know, but the Heavens.


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